Autumn blogger box swap collab with Jenny in Neverland


As you may have noticed, I’ve been enjoying some lovely blogger collaborations recently.  Two with Hello Bexa (here and here), Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl (here), and Lydia from Mademoiselle Women (here).  And this month I’m beyond thrilled to be having an Autumn blogger box swap with the amazing Jenny in Neverland, who’s been one of my blogging heroes for ages!

Autumn blogger box swap

Jenny is one of the hardest working, most supportive, and kindest bloggers I know.  Her blog is a fantastic mix of lifestyle, blogging advice, reviews, and soooo many other things.  Honestly, I defy anyone not to find something they’ll want to read here.  She’s also just released her first e-book, a Blogging Guide for BeginnersEven if you’re not a beginner and you’ve been blogging for a while, her tips and advice will surely be invaluable.  If you don’t already know of Jenny (is this even possible?), then you can keep up to date via her Twitter, her Instagram and her Pinterest feeds.


Anyway, on with the box.  We set a budget of £17.50 and Jenny sent me some intriguing instructions:

“Just… be careful opening it… like, don’t open it at an angle…
extra careful would be good and preferably not over a carpet!”

Of course, I only read this after Flora had given it a little shake, “Oh, Mummy, it’s making a noise,” – GLITTER ALERT!



The first gold package I opened revealed this absolutely beautiful necklace.  It’s exactly the type of style I love, a simple chain and a statement piece on it.  I’m not a fan of huge chunky pieces of jewellery, they just don’t suit me.


Look at the detailing on that acorn, it’s stunning.  And although you can’t see it very well in this photo, when the light shines through the amber glass, it positively glows.  (Please try to ignore my reflection though).


I absolutely love it, it’s so delicate and so Autumnal.  Of course, Flora has asked to borrow it (what a surprise) so I’ve had to say yes, but only on special occasions – I hope that’s OK, Jenny!


How pretty is this lovely keyring?  The bronze and gold leaves are indeed Autumn’s Essence, as well as the glitter inside.  Flora is under strict instructions NOT to take the cork out, haha. 


I’ve hung it up next to my desk where, when the sunlight catches it, the light is reflected back on the wall.  I only wish a photo could capture this in action but my camera isn’t up to that, sadly.


Wax melts

Well, it wouldn’t be Autumn without some lovely scented wax candles and melts, would it?  And these two Yankee Candle melts smell gorgeous.


My favourite is the Spiced Orange one, but only just, and they’re both giving me all the Autumn feels.  Which is no mean feat, considering I’m the original Grinch where Autumn’s concerned 🙂

Hello Autumn Print

Last but not least, my fab Hello Autumn print which will be going next to all the pumpkin candle holders this weekend, as soon as we get the Hallowe’en decorations out.  I know I can sound a tad unenthusiastic about Autumn, as I’m such a Summer lover, but I can’t help get a little excited about Hallowe’en.


Final thoughts on my Autumn box

Despite the warnings, I did get glitter ALL over the carpet 😉  But I absolutely love everything Jenny found for me.  Especially as most of my box items came from independent Etsy sellers, so not only has she treated me, she’s also supporting small businesses too.  And special mention for the cute kitten card and the lovely message inside, thank you.

Jenny, you’ve really spoiled me with some uniquely lovely pieces, I really hope you like what I chose for you as well.  And on that note, please don’t forget to go and check out what Jenny thought of my box for her!


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Oh my! What a lovely selection of thoughtful treats! Jenny did so well! I love the beautiful gold wrapping and the star paper and yay for glitter! The necklace is absolutely stunning, perfect for this time of year too. I can see why Flora wants to borrow it as well, it’s so nice. The keying is really unique and pretty. The Hello Autumn print is so cool, loving the fancy font and cute illustrations. Ooh and there is nothing better than Autumnal smells to give you all those cosy October vibes. Awww and the cat card is ADORABLE and perfect… Read more »

Cora @ Tea Party Princess

Aww so much thought’s gone into this! What a lovely box, just the pictures are giving me such cosy autumn vibes.
That necklace is S T U N N I N G and the wax melts sound lovely.
Cora |


What a great selection of goodies! I love that acorn necklace – it’s definitely my style but I have to be very careful with what metals I swear due to allergies. :-/ You can never go wrong with Yankee candle was melts and I adore the sound of those scents.

Louise Nettleton

Such a cute selection of gifts. My friend Christina put together a selection of gifts for my birthday. The thought that went into it was like the nicest gift of all. She really took time to pick for *me*. I love your idea of swapping themed boxes. 🙂 A lovely, uplifting post.


You received some really great items form Jenny! Love the wax melts the spiced orange one sounds amazing, The print is probably my favourite it’s just really cute. I also love the summer but I’m also really loving the autumn and wearing jumpers! Great post x

Eve Morgan

This is such a lovely idea! The ‘Hello Autumn’ print is very pretty, I love the little pumpkins on it. Those Yankee candles sound amazing too.

Eve x


This is such a great autumnal post that has got me back into the autumn mood so thanks for that. I loved the necklace and the Yankee candle melts.

Bee |


This is such a gorgeous box! It give sme all the cosy vibes too!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan


Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore that keychain! It’s so fantastic and seasonal! My kids would almost certainly take out the cork and glitter would have definitely gotten all over my carpet too haha! I love the items in your box! This is such a fun swap! I love it!


Aww no way this box is SO cute! I literally love it all. Autumnal orange colours are my absolute favourite and all of these hit the nail on the head! I definitely cannot decide my favourite but that print would be going straight up on the wall. SO cute that she put a load of glitter in, too! Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter.
Great post and I’m excited to go see what Jennys box contained! 🙂
Alice Xx


That necklace is beautiful! She sent you some amazing things, and I did have a little giggle at the glitter. But I have one question, HOW was this £17.50 or less?! x



Oh wow I love how Autumnal everything is, Jenny certainly did well to keep with the theme so well! That acorn necklace is gorgeous and I’m sure she won’t mind Flora borrowing it (as long as you don’t want to wear it at the same time! haha). I’ve had a nosy at what you got Jenny too and you’re both very lucky girls- some wonderful gifts!

Soph – x

Jenny in Neverland

Everything looks so much better in your photos than they did in real life hahaha! I’m so glad you liked your bits, I absolutely loved mine and have loved doing this box swap with you! 🙂 Flora’s more than welcome to wear the necklace, it’s super cute! I was just about to say “OH MY GOD WE USE THE SAME CONFETTI IN OUR PHOTOS” when I remembered it’s all the stuff I put in the parcel hahaha! Sorry for causing a mess too! 😉 xxx

Ms Via

Oooh! Such gorgeous pieces. I absolutely loved the necklace and the keychain. Jenny picked some beautiful items for this autumn box. Enjoy. 🙂

Via |


I loved the Autumn Gift box that you sent Jenny, so I just had to head over here to see what she had sent you.
Her selections are lovely, especially the keychain which is so original.
Of course the amber acorn pendant is to die for and in my mind’s eye, I can see you wearing it over turtle necks as well as button downs.
As I said to Jenny, Little Presents are sometimes much more fun than one big one.


This is soo adorable! What a lovely collection of goodies from Jenny. I’ve just read her post and you’ve both done really well. You’ve definitely both made one another’s day. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous! It’s soo pretty and just screams this time of year. Also, I’m a big fan of adding glitter to any parcel and card! It’s an amazing surprise.

Gemma |


You are right! That necklace is very Autumnal and so pretty. This is a very Autumnal box, Jenny has done a fab job, good on her for picking gifts from etsy sellers too, you can find some fab stuff on there! Spiced Orange sounds amazing I bet it smells so good!! Bless Flora too! xx


Safe to say, Jenny nailed it! The acorn necklace is absolutely gorgeous, and you can never have too many candles in autumn. The print is really pretty and let’s face it – you know the quickest way to my heart is cats ? Great post. I’ll need to head over to her blog and see what you got for her – I’m sure you made equally perfect choices.


This blogger box swap is so cute! The colours are so autumnal too! The acorn necklace is so cute! Gold is definitely a great colour for autumn xx