The Anti-Autumn post – what I don’t like about Autumn!


I’ve read so many lovely Autumn blog posts recently that I thought it was high time I wrote one of my own. But this is a post with a difference, I’m going to list out what I don’t like about Autumn (spoiler alert: there will be pumpkins…)

  1. The constantly changing weather. Do I dress up like a husky or go out in a t-shirt? Should I even take a change of outfit?
  2. The mizzle (mist + drizzle) plays absolute havoc with my hair. I can go out in the morning with some nicely defined curls and by lunch time it will be a ball of frizz. And a hat with no coat is not a cool mummy look I aspire to.
  3. Slippery leaves. Leaf piles are all very well but I seem to spend a lot of time navigating compacted piles of wet leaves and slipping frequently on those I don’t see. Leaf piles = black ice for me.
  4. Demisting the inside of the car before I can drive anywhere. Peering through a small hole in the mist on a sunny morning is not an experience I enjoy or recommend, even though needs must on the school run.
  5. Spiders’ webs. I seem to walk into far more than my fair share of spiders’ webs in Autumn, most of which are at head height so I end up frantically wiping my face, neck and hair for fear of being bitten. Because spiders do bite, OK? I’m a gardener, I have the scars.
  6. Pumpkins. There, I said it. I don’t like pumpkins. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, pumpkin toiletries, #sorrynotsorry
  7. Darker mornings. Getting up in the morning is hard enough, getting up in the dark just compounds the felony.
  8. Central heating. I actually don’t like having the heating on. My skin and hair react badly and I wake up with a blocked nose and slight headache in the mornings.
  9. No room in bed. We have three cats and when it gets colder they all pile onto our bed. So my husband and I end up perched on the extreme edges. And, no, we can’t shut our door because the little sods would wail and scratch the door all night.

However, to counterbalance my humbugging, Flora, my beautiful, poetic daughter, has asked me to list what she loves about Autumn:


  1. The changing colour of the leaves.
  2. Kicking the leaf piles.
  3. Harvest festival.
  4. The silk inside the chestnut/conker shell.
  5. Collecting conkers.
  6. Seeing her reflection in water droplets.
  7. The flying patterns of migrating birds.
  8. Hallowe’en.
  9. Bonfire Night.

So, now that she’s redressed the balance in the most beautiful way (OK, I’m biased), what do you like, or not like, about Autumn? Are you a fan like Flora, or a Grinch like me? 🙂



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andthenzen ✨

I loved this post! I’m definitely going to sit on the fence, and say as much as I hate the changing weather and the mizzle – basically, I just constantly look a mess throughout this time of year – I love the changing colours of the leaves, and Bonfire Night is my favourite night of the year! ?

    I absolutely despise the dark mornings too!

LISA! You’re such a traitor how dare you hate anything about Autumn! 😉 I joke, I feel you with some of these. The heating in particular. Because as soon as the weather hits below 15 degrees, my dad cranks the heating up to like a bajillion degrees. Whilst everyone else in the house is sweltering. It’s not fun xxx


OMG this post is so me!! When it starts being Autumn I get excited for the Christmassy feels- then it turns in to – going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and the rubbish weather and cold!!!! I struggle more with Jan and Feb though! Not looking forward to those at all!! xxx

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Great post! I’m not a fan of the changing weather either. I do like pumpkins tough. 🙂 I also hate that fall means winter is soon here.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


I’m definitely not keen, I am still mourning the demise of summer! But I suppose I quite like how autumn brings the run up to Christmas with shopping for presents and all of that sort of excitement. I’m still a big kid at heart! I do like Percy cat wanting to snuggle at night more too. Even if it’s cupboard love and he only wants me for my warmth. ?


This was a really great post! I couldn’t agree more, although I love how pretty the trees look this time of year, it’s a nightmare when they’re everywhere on the ground and so slippery! I’m also not a fan of the temperature at the moment, can’t make it’s mind up! xo

Hanney |

Emma Langlands

I adore Autumn, however, I completely agree with the dark mornings! It gets harder and harder especially when the clocks go back! I also hate dark nights, hate walking in the dark.
I agree though, with Flora, kicking leaves are the best!! xox

Rachael Stray
Rachael Stray

I agree with you. You don’t know what to wear. One minute it’s like spring the next it’s freezing. You can’t tell by looking out the window either.


Hi, I love admit to loving this time of year. I am not keen on the muzzle or dark mornings though


As much as I love Autumn I definitely agree with some of your points against Autumn, especially the darker mornings!


I love Autumn, but I gotta agree with some of these. I hate having the heating on, but I do like the cold. My housemates all insist on having the heating on though 🙁 and I love having my cat on my bed! But yeah, the weather can suck.

Tegan carr

I love this post! I’m happy to see someone else who doesn’t like pumpkin things, I thought I was the only one ? x


I LOVE autumn but you’re so right about ‘mizzle’ (great name btw). It’s fine if it’s proper, full on rain- you know where you stand with that! However, I hate that annoying veil of rain that gets all up in your hair even with a hood!


I love this post! I love everything about Autumn, except the spider webs…on that I’m with you.


#1 is relatable. I wore a thin white shirt yesterday and it felt so cold so today I wear a jumper only to feel hot and sweating instead.

#6 Never like pumpkins before and pumpkin lattes? Sounds undrinkable.

I prefer spring more but autumn is second on the list. The colourful shades of fallen leaves are so pretty!

Bethany Jane

This is an excellent post! I personally love Autumn, but you’re so right about so many of these. I keep going out wearing woolly scarves and promptly boiling to death. Also, my cats have started sleeping UNDERNEATH my duvet, probably cause, like you, I hate having the heating on!
Beth x