Self-care blogger box swap collab with Mademoiselle Women


I’ve had so much fun with blogger collaborations recently – two with with Hello Bexa (here and here) and one with Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl (here).  So when Lydia from Mademoiselle Women asked if I’d like to do one with her, of course I said yes, please.  Because we’re both busy girls, and because looking after ourselves comes bottom of our lists, if at all, we decided to go for a self-care themed box swap.

Self-care blogger box swap

I’m not sure when I first became friends with Lydia but we’ve known each other for a while.  She’s an Autism Advocate and her blog is a mix of reviews, articles, interviews, and events.  I’ve guest posted for her a couple of times (My Top Ten Childhood Books and a Blogmas post) and she’s also my penpal.  Most excitingly, she recently qualified as a journalist, whoop, whoop!  And I’ve loved reading her engaging pieces for various magazines and publications.  If you don’t already follow Lydia, then you can keep abreast of what she’s investigating and working on via her Twitter.


Lydia and I set a budget of £10 because we like a challenge, haha!  When I opened my box, I was intrigued by an envelope marked “Instructions”.  Not only had Lydia chosen some lovely items, she’d also given me some ideas on why, and how to use them too.

Notebook and pen

I still remember the thrill of being told my handwriting was neat enough to graduate from pencil to ink pen at school.  So imagine how excited I was to see a real fountain pen in my box.  And with purple ink too, my favourite colour, which matches the BLOC London pocket-sized little notebook (because you can never have too many of these, can you?)


Here are Lydia’s instructions to me:

Words are powerful; more often than not they have a negative impact, ie, we are more likely to remember something critical, it’s just how our brain works.  But we can reclaim our power over them!  Here’s a challenge to improve your self-care: for a month, write down a daily gratitude list.

Isn’t this the loveliest instruction to receive? So, here’s the first page in my gratitude journal:


Bath time

I’m aware this is an unpopular opinion but I don’t like Lush products (or the hassle the staff are made to give any unsuspecting individual who enters their shops).  Flora and I much prefer Bomb Cosmetics, and this little She Sells Seashells bath melt smells gorgeous.  My daughter shares many of my things but this is one gift she certainly won’t be getting her hot little paws on.


Lydia gave me some instructions again:

Shut yourself off once in a while, draw a bath, use the melt, and read a book.”  I promise I will do this – maybe when Flora’s at a sleepover…

Nail time

As a gardener, I don’t tend to wear much nail polish because it rarely lasts.  That said, Kiko nail polishes are some of the best I’ve tried and purple is my favourite colour.  I’ve not worn blue before but Flora has, so I imagine she’ll be “sharing” that bottle with me 🙂

Lydia’s instructions for these treats prove just how well she knows me:

Your blog talks a lot about gardening. I worry about your hands! These polishes from Kiko are so chip resistant, just remember to take care of your hands.”

Final thoughts on my self-care box

Bearing in mind our budget of just £10, I’m completely bowled over by what Lydia has collated for me.  I love everything, and most especially her reasons for choosing what she did and her instructions for my self-care.  Honestly, it just goes to prove that self-care isn’t about money, it’s the little things and the thoughts behind them.  Thank you so much, Lydia, I’ve absolutely loved collaborating with you this month, I really hope you like what I chose for you as well.  And on that note, please do go and check out what Lydia thought of my box for her too!


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Mary White
Mary White

How lovely!
(I’d write this with my own fountain pen (purple, and filled with Tender Purple Watermans ink) if I could!)


This is wonderful. I love the fact Lydia included instructions, it’s such a sweet and simple touch. Also, the nail polish addict in me is lusting after those colours right now – they are GORGEOUS! I’m intrigued to see what you got for her, so I’m off to have a look. ? Great collab!

Cordelia Moor

This is so lovely! I love the care and attention that’s gone into the box, and that it’s really personalised to you and what you might want to do for self care. This has given me that jolt of inspiration to make these for friends for Christmas – useful, and really can be done on a budget!

Cordelia ||


This is such a lovely box of self-care treats! Everything is so thoughtfully chosen and I really love the instructions for each item, so sweet! The gratitude journal is a fab idea and a nice way to focus on the positives everyday. A blank notebook can be daunting so I really like how Lydia has suggested how to use it plus the purple pen is beautiful too. I hope you enjoy your much deserved pamper time. I’m off to check out Lydia’s post now. Wonderful post Lisa! <3 xx

Bexa |

Jessica & James

This looks like such a fun blogger collab and so thoughtful too! Such a great thing to receive!

Jessica & James | /


How wonderful is this box! It sounds absolutely incredible and such a lovely idea!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

Bethany Jane

This is such a lovely box! I can’t believe she managed to get all that for a tenner, what a lovely gift to receive. I hope you take her advice and have a bit of time to yourself – you deserve it. Plus that nail polish is so beautiful!
Beth x

Sophie Wentworth

HOW was all of this less than £10?! That’s an incredible challenge! I love that she included instructions too, it’s a really nice touch. I need to try the Kiko polishes. My nails take about 30 seconds to chip x


what corinne did

This blogger box swap is such a cute idea! I love Kiko and their nail polish are amazing! Those two colors are so perfect!

Charlene McElhinney
Charlene McElhinney

I absolutely love Lydia, she’s also a pen friend of mine, and we exchange things sometimes too and I have to agree – she always pours so much thought in to everything. I loved everything that she picked for you and I think that she did excellent with the set budget! Great write up too!

Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

Gem Fletcher

What a lovely thing to do, bloggers really are the best for supporting one another and when you make real friends that know you so well to do this it’s magic. I love Bomb cosmetics but haven’t seen that bath melt but it looks lovely going to hunt one down! I too love stationery it’s full of possibilities x


Ooh I’m doing a collab with Bexa next month and am so excited! I love reading other peoples! Lydia got some gorgeous bits for £10, and I love the idea of the gratitude journal, I must start one of my own!

Soph – x

Eve Morgan

This is such a lovely idea! Lydia has clearly put a lot of thought into the gifts. I love that it is focused on self-care too as looking after yourself is so important.

Misa Buckley
Misa Buckley

This is a really lovely idea, and I particularly like the instructions for the journal.


This is such a great collab! I love any excuse to show myself some self-care! I love how she gave you instructions – shows a lot of thought went into the box for you! The nail colours are lovely and you know me, notebooks and pens I would love too! I have been loving reading your collab posts! Thank you for sharing lovely ❤️X


ohhhh I LOVE this! You’ve inspired me to do one of these, I love the £10 budget and it seems like your penpal really got creative with what she put in the box – the instructions are a great idea! I definitely agree that you can never have too many notebooks :-). I totally agree – self-care is all about the little things! I’m off to check out what you got Lydia, too!
Kate x

Jenny in Neverland

Your day 1 gratitude is so lovely! 🙂 I tried to keep a gratitude journal once but it didn’t really work for me in the end. I always say what i’m grateful for every day though 🙂 I’m super excited for our collab! xxx


This is lovely! 🙂 I like how Lydia included instructions with your self care box. Purple is my favourite colour too and I now need that fountain pen in my life!

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

Self care is just so important and you’ve both sent each other lovely things 🙂 those nail polishes look so beaut, love the purple colour! Can’t beat a fresh set of nails to feel a little better. That bath melt is also sooo good! Smells amazing and works a treat in the bath! Fab post hun 🙂

Jordanne ||


This is such a lovely box, and I can hardly believe everything only cost £10; Lydia managed to get you so many fab things with it. Purple is my favourite colour too, so I’m making major heart eyes at it all!
Amy xx

Melissa Kacar

This was such a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Ms Via

How sweet Lisa! Love everything included in this box. I like that you and Flora share everything but when it comes to something fav! I am laughing so much. I really wish I had a daughter to do this. But I try to compete with my niece whenever I get the chance haha! Love the nail polishes. The purple one is very pretty. It’s been a long time that I have used a fountain pen though. 🙂

Via |


What a fabulous idea – both as a collaboration and perhaps even for Christmas. It’s a very thoughtful and personal gift. I want one!

Tracy xxx


Such a cute idea for a swap. Self care is so important.

I’m intrigued by the nail polishes you received. Chip resistant sounds too good to be true!

£10 really doesn’t get you a lot these days, so I’m surprised how much you received.

Really love this idea and I hope you get some time soon to use the bath bomb and have a pampering evening or something. ♥


A self care blog swap sounds like such a nice idea! I love bomb cosmetics too! Lush do some amazing products but they are very expensive! I love the blue nail varnish colour too! The instructions are so sweet. You can tell she has put a lot of effort and thought into it! xx


I’m so, so glad that you liked the box in the end! Purple was a lucky guess… I must admit I had no idea what your favourite colour was! (Sorry this comment is so, so late; I’m slowly getting back to writing, blogging, freelancing, etc.) Lydia xx