Me Time for Mums: collab with The Life of a Glasgow Girl

Following my two wonderful blogger collaborations last month with Hello Bexa, which I absolutely LOVED, I really wanted to team up again with another blogger.  So I’m beyond thrilled that the lovely Jordanne from The Life of a Glasgow Girl agreed to collaborate with me, yay!  After some thought, as we’re both mums to young children, we decided to treat ourselves to a box swap with a self-care theme of Me Time for Mums.

Me Time for Mums

There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of Jordanne.  Her lifestyle blog is one I’ve been following for ages because there’s so much to love in it – beauty, parenting experiences, mental health, reviews, and blogger help posts – not to mention her incredible photography.  And, of course, she set up and runs the phenomenally successful Bloggers Tribe blog, Twitter retweet account, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, helped by Katie and Claire too.  If you don’t already follow Jordanne on Twitter and Instagram then I strongly suggest you do, she’s super supportive and her photography is #goals.

When I opened my box I was wowed by how much care Jordanne had taken to wrap and package the contents.  And I loved the thoughtful little notes she left on some of the products too, that was such a sweet touch.  I’m hugely embarrassed to admit that I didn’t do the same with her goodies – so sorry, Jordanne – but please do go and check out what she thought of her box as well.

For when you need to relax and have some TLC

I absolutely ADORE Garnier Sheet Masks and the lavender one is my favourite.  In fact, I love anything with lavender in because it’s so calming and relaxing.  And I was so pleased to see the SOS Hair Repair treatment mask because my hair is completely sun-fried at the moment but I really don’t want to cut it off (yet anyway…)

Bath confetti is one of those little luxury treats that you always buy for other people instead of yourself and I’m really happy to have the chance to try some strawberry-scented confetti myself now.  Unfortunately, Flora has already claimed the cherry-scented bath fizzer but that’s daughters for you 🙂

For when you want to put your feet up

CHOCOLATE!!! And not just plain chocolate, Lindt orange chocolate, which is my absolute favourite, how do you know this, Jordanne?  I always fill Flora’s Christmas Advent calender with Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments and my perk is gobbling the spares, haha.

Alan and I drink gallons of tea and I’ve been making a real effort to cut down on my caffeine intake and drink herbal teas instead.  So the Twinings Camomile & Honey tea is absolutely perfect, tastes delicious, and will be all for me.

It’s slightly spooky how spot on Jordanne has got my tastes: Margaritas are my cocktail of choice and she’s given me… a Margarita Yankee Candle, which smells divine!

For when you don’t want to think too much

You can never have too many notebooks, can you?  Predictably, Flora wants one of the two mermaid notebooks now, so we’ll be sharing those.  But the fabulous colouring book is staying all mine.  Colouring is something I don’t do enough of but I do find it very relaxing so I will be making more time for this in future.  Starting with this gorgeous fox.

I want to mention the lovely card Jordanne sent with all my goodies and the heartfelt message inside.  I’m not going to repeat it here because it’s private, but as far as the PS goes, right back at you, Jordanne <3

For when you want to feel a little glam

It hasn’t photographed too well here but the Models Own nail polish is the most gorgeous burnished copper which looks amazing on.  And I’m always losing my lip balms (usually to Flora) so this lovely Nivea lip balm with a hint of pearly shine is wonderful to have.

Flora and I both use Burts Bees products so I’m going to have a hard time keeping her sticky little paws away from this lovely perfect-size-for-travelling milk and honey body lotion (which smells fabulous).  And the Impulse body spray is so uplifting, I’m keeping it in my handbag for when I need a quick spritz to cool down and as a pick-me-up.

Last, but by no means least, is this brilliant Seaweed and Aloe eye gel from AA Skincare.  I haven’t come across the brand before but this product is fab – it’s not just an eye make up remover, it’s a soothing and cooling gel too.  How perfect is that?

Final thoughts on my Me Time for Mums box

Jordanne and I set a budget of £20.  Let me repeat that, £20.  I have no idea how on earth she managed to get ALL OF THIS for £20.  I’m truly blown away by what she’s sent me, I can’t thank her enough for all her care and thoughtfulness.  Just saying “Thank you,” doesn’t even come close to covering it, Jordanne, I’m so thrilled.  As you can probably gather, I absolutely love everything in my box, I’m truly a very lucky mummy – even if I’ve had to give a few bits away to Flora – again…  I’ve absolutely loved collaborating with Jordanne this month, it’s been amazing.  And please do go and check out what Jordanne thought of her box too!

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Oh my! This is the cutest collab ever! What fantastic goodies! I absolutely love it, everything is so sweet & thoughtful. I especially love the colouring book, notebook (stationery addict here) and orange Lindt chocolate. Yum! It looks like Jordanne took so much time & care over this package and specially handpicked the perfect treats! Thank you for sharing Lisa, I’m excited to read Jordanne’s post now. Enjoy your goodies lovely! <3 xx

Bexa |

Lauren Clark

I love the idea of this collab, I said over on Jordanne’s post that I look after my niece and nephew for a couple of days and I am exhausted and need me time. Not too sure how you and my mum did/do it! Definitely me time is a great idea! My favourite item in the swap box would have to be the colouring book! I love colouring and the first patterned you showed will look so pretty when it’s finished. Great post both of you! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your me time xxxx

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Great collab! I’ve been wanting to try the Burts Bees line. Enjoy all your new products.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


What a lovely box. I wouldn’t mind all of these and I’m not even a mum! I love the fact that you got a sheet mask, colouring book, nail polish and chocolate in your box.. I love all of those things. The nail polish looks a nice shade too.. I don’t think I’ve ever used any Models Own products before.. I should get on that! Thanks for sharing what you got and these are fantastic photos you took too. ♥

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

I have absolutely LOVED collaborating with you! It’s been such a pleasure. I’m so glad you loved your box, really just wanted to send you goodies so you can properly relax 🙂 I always love a good colouring book so thought it would be a fab idea to send one <3 Thank you so much for doing a collab with me, it's been super fun!!

Jordanne ||

what corinne did

Love love love Jordan’s blog too! This collab is so cute! Loving the honey & camomille tea! and that orange flavored chocolate! god, i’d say yes to that! the notebook is so pretty too!


Ah this sounds like a perfect collaboration! Me-time for us mums is definitely an essential haha. I could do with some myself!

lots of love, Jasmin


Oh my gosh I want to do this!!! This is such a lovely idea, and as the mum of a toddler I would love things like this! I’m so impressed at how much she managed to get for £20! Gorgeous photos, and this honestly is the loveliest collaboration!
Hels xx

Kerry Thomas

This looks amazing. What a great idea. Certainly looks like a lovely evening in for mum time.
? Thanks for sharing. May even treat myself. ? Xx


Hey Lisa, this is a lovely idea. Even though I am not a Mum myself, all of these items look fabulous for a day of relaxation x Great photography as well! (enjoy the chocolate and other goodies!)

Sophie Wentworth

The way she wrapped them up honestly blew me away! It all looks so pretty that I don’t think I would have even wanted to open them. I can’t believe how much she managed to get within that budget! It’s such a great theme for the boxes too x



Oh my gosh, Lisa! This is the cutest collab I’ve seen in the blogosphere! I’m not a mum yet but I do love stationery so definitely eyeing that notebook really well right now hehe

cabin twenty-four

Abi Howard

This is such an idea and it’s great to see two of my favourite bloggers collaborating like this! You’ve got some wonderful goodies there!


I just read Jordanne’s post and I really love the idea! You both gave each other such great gifts – especially the nail varnish (one can never have enough of those). I love the way Jordanne have packaged the little items – truly fab! xxx


Oh wow, I love this. You got some really great items from Jordanne and I love the idea of a self care box swap / collaboration.