Reaching for the stars with July’s TreatBox: collab with Hello Bexa


This month sees the first of my two blogger collaborations with the gorgeous Hello Bexa.  Bexa is a fantastically thoughtful and supportive blogger and I’m so pleased that she wanted to collaborate with me.  Her creative lifestyle blog is one of those I always check because there’s something for everyone, be it baking, photography, reviews, travel, or her incredibly helpful and useful blogger help posts.  So I couldn’t be more thrilled that she chose to send me the July subscription box from TreatBox to review alongside her.  I knew it would be amazing because, you know, Bexa picked it (!) and I couldn’t wait to dive in and see if it had me reaching for the stars!

TreatBox July box

TreatBox curate monthly subscription boxes with the aim of sending, “A hug in the post… to make you feel loved and uplifted.”

You can sign up for an ongoing service, buy a one off, send a gift, or make up your own box, so it’s a hugely flexible service.  And it’s quick too, they ship the next working day and mine arrived very speedily.


July’s box, if you haven’t already picked this up from the first couple of pictures, has a French theme, which seems rather apposite, given their recent victory in a certain football tournament 🙂  Before I get started on my review, just a reminder, don’t forget to head over to Bexa’s blog to see what she thought of her July box too!


First up, how cute is this A4 print?  I’m actually going to regift it to Flora as she already has a Joie de Vivre banner in her bedroom.  And a luminous solar system on her ceiling which lights up at night.  So this Reaching for the Stars print will be perfect for her room.


I said I was regifting the print to Flora but the little minx has also decided to appropriate this lovely coin purse and both of the button badges.  To be fair, the badges are more her than me, but I might have to sneakily borrow back the purse from time to time.  Given how small it is, I was surprised at what good quality the purse is, and it’s lined too.


I adore Sass & Belle products and you can never have too many photo frames, can you?  This Hello Beautiful picture frame is especially lovely, I’m going to put a recent holiday photo in it and keep it in our bedroom.


My go to lip balm for ages has been my Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing stick which I adore.  But I’m always up for trying new products and I have to say I’m hugely impressed with this BubbleT Lemongrass and Green Tea lip balm.  It smells gorgeous, tastes lovely, and makes my lips feel beautifully soft and smooth.  No mean feat considering the recent hot weather.


When I spoke to Bexa to let her know my TreatBox had arrived, she said she’d already taken all her photos because she couldn’t wait to eat the La Vie Est Belle iced ginger biscuit, haha.  Having finally taken all my photos while Flora was at school, I can confirm that the biscuit was DELICIOUS.  And, even better, I got to eat it all myself instead of having to share it!


The last item in my July TreatBox was this lovely pair of supersoft comfy cotton rich socks featuring the Eiffel Tower, hot air balloons, and the French flag.  They’re far too pretty to be hidden away in shoes so, as soon as it’s sock wearing weather again (probably on the first day of the school summer holidays) I’m going to be wearing them around the house instead.

Final thoughts on my July TreatBox

All the products combined have a RRP of over £31 so for £12.95 including shipping I think this month’s TreatBox is excellent value with a fantastic range of goodies.  My favourite treat was the lip balm but what I particularly love about this box is that I could share it with Flora too.  Even if I didn’t get to choose everything I wanted to share…

Thank you so much for sending me this fabulous box, Bexa, I loved it!


Have you ever tried TreatBox before? What do you think of their July box? And don’t forget to read Bexa’s review too 🙂


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Aww yay!! I’m so glad you loved the July Treatbox Lisa! I agree, that biscuit was very tasty he he! The lip balm is such a great product, I’ve been using it a lot in this warm weather too. That’s lovely that Flora is enjoying the goodies too, the print seems perfect for her bedroom! Your photography is gorgeous too, I’m loving the red petals, very French! Really enjoyed our first collab together and looking forward to our next one <3 xx

Bexa |


Great review, lovely! You and Bexa have got me itching to get my hands on one of these boxes. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your next collab together.

Ellie Phillips

All of those little treats look amazing!


Such a lovely collab! Love both of your blogs ☺️I absolutely love the look of this months box, the photo frame is beautiful! And I love those socks ?A good price too for what’s included! Fab review xx

Tiffany x

what corinne did

This is such a lovely concept! I love the box! Everything looks amazing inside! Such a nice review! I need to get my hands on one of these boxes!


I’ve never heard of TreatBox but it’s such a sweet idea, will definitely have to check them out inf future!


You and bexa collaborating together is so amazing! Love the goodie box, it is such a varied array of items! Love the lip balm and coin purse


This looks like such a great box, it also looks like it’s filled with things that you would actually use like the socks and the lip balm. I really like photofame it’s its really pretty design. Loving the theme as well xx


This box looks lovely, so many cute items! I know if I had anything like this my daughter would pinch most of it too haha!


Such a great review and your pictures look beautiful. I love those socks they are so cute! Definitely very versatile giving that you were able to share it. I think my favourite product in that treat box was the print I love it with such a positive message. Thank you for sharing lovely xxxx

Megan Harrison

Oooh I’ve never heard of Treatbox, but I’m very tempted to get my hands on one now, especially this July box! It would be perfect for when I go on my year abroad to France in September! Plus you get food in this box so that’s a bonus! It’s nice to see such a variety of things in one box, the money is definitely worth it. I’ve recently come across Hello Bexa on Twitter and I’m loving her content. A wise collaboration!
Megan xx

Cynthia Coleman

These are so cute, whether you keep them yourself or give them away. I love the socks and the lip balm. I’d never heard of TreatBox before. One thing I like is the small size of the products since I live in an apartment .

Victoria Austin

Just found your post via Bexa’s post and thought I’d leave you a comment too! 🙂 I haven’t bought a Treatbox before but it looks fab, I love the flower petals you’ve put in your photos too. xx

Jordanne | Bloggerstribe

Fabulous post! I have to say, I’ve never heard of this box until now but I’m glad I have now, it seems like such a cute idea and perfect for just taking some “me” time, brilliant little pick me up. What an awesome idea for a collaboration! I love reading blogger collaborations, I need to start connecting more with bloggers to do stuff like this!

Jordanne @


Your photography is so stunning! I always love them when I read your posts ?
This sounds like an amazing box, and all the products look brilliant. I especially like the socks and badges!
Amy x

Ms Via

Everything in the box looked cute and pretty totally Bexa style. I loved the coin purse and the socks are too pretty to be hidden in the shoes. Glad you both collaborated Lisa. Will be checking Bexa’s post asap. Lovely photos too. I was travelling and missed out so much, trying to catch up slowly. Take care lovely. 🙂

Via |