Nine health and beauty tips my mother taught me

Nine health and beauty tips my mother taught me

How often did you listen to your mother when you were a teenager? These days I find myself remembering more and more of my mother’s wisdom and common sense and especially her health and beauty tips. Obviously I ignored her completely back then but now I think she was a pool of knowledge that I’d love to tap again if I only could. Sadly, she’s no longer with me, but I’d like to share some of her best tips – I wonder if you’ll recognise any of them?

#1. Skin care

I know this goes without saying but we only get one skin which we wear every day. We all know how important it is to cleanse and moisturise our faces and some of us may have a more intensive regime with toners, exfoliators, masks, etc. But skincare also extends to our whole body. My mother swore by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter but I’m more of an essential oils girl and I love the L’Occitane * body care range for their gorgeous feel-good products. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen how thrilled I was to get their Easter egg from my friend, full of my absolute favourite Almond products. This stuff smells so good and works so well that even my husband has been known to pinch it!

#2. Neck and décolletage

When I watched my mother moisturise her face, she always extended her routine to include her neck and chest as well. So simple, so easy, so important. So that’s why she never had a turkey neck or crepey décolletage.

#3. Hair

Like skin, we wear our hair every day so it makes sense to invest in it. Shampoos and treatments aside, once you find a hairdresser that listens to you, understands your hair, cuts it to suit you, and does what you ask, keep them. Follow them wherever they go if you have to. This is particularly poignant for me because in the latter stages of chemotherapy my mother lost most of her gorgeous black hair and had to have a wig. Her hairdresser was wonderful, and if you didn’t know it was a wig, you wouldn’t know, if that makes sense?

#4. Hands

Most of us may be good about moisturising our faces and necks but in fact it’s the hands that are the biggest giveaway of age. Her tip was to use hand cream at least once a day. As a keen if clueless gardener, I now do the same and then some. I have hand cream by the kitchen sink, on my bedside table, in the bathroom, in my handbag, even in the car, so if I’m stuck in traffic I can quickly apply some while I’m waiting. Every little really does help!

#5. Nails

My mother had the most beautifully manicured nails and wore polish every day. How she managed this when she was a gardener too I have no idea, and this is one of the (many) things I would love to ask her. My nails are dreadful but my cuticles are not so bad. Her tip was to push her cuticles back every time she sat down to watch the news headlines. Doing it every day means they don’t get a chance to become too thick and overgrown.

#6. Make up

I used to love watching my mother apply her make up. She used foundation (a very light coverage), mascara, and lipstick. That was it. And she always looked elegant, groomed, and stylish.  I need a lot more than that (or I think I do) but she was always an advocate of finding what works for you and sticking to it. Not being swayed by the latest trends, just keeping it simple. It’s something I aspire to – although my current make up bag certainly doesn’t reflect that!

#7. Cod liver oil

She swore by this stuff. Every morning, without fail, she would swallow a tablespoon of liquid cod liver oil – bleurgh – full of Vitamin A, D and omega-3 fatty acids. But clearly, she was on to something because her skin was always glowing. I’m just grateful they manufacture it in cute little one-a-day tablets now, which I take every day.

#8. Breasts

Check. Your. Breasts. Regularly. Seriously, check them at least once a week. There are lots of articles written about going for cervical smears but I haven’t seen so much about encouraging women and girls to check their breasts.  My mother’s tip was to do it in the shower and put some conditioner on her hands to help them glide over her skin and underarms. That’s how she found her lump.

#9. Smile

I don’t know how she managed it, but even in the later stages of chemotherapy, she never lost her ability to smile. She always told me to forget about laughter lines and enjoy living. It’s something I try very hard to do. Kindness is free, as the saying goes, but I do find that when I smile I feel better. Even if I sometimes get startled looks from strangers.

Passing them on

So these nine tips are, I think, among the best pieces of health and beauty advice that my beloved mother gave me. They’re all ones that I try to follow every day and will certainly be passing on to Flora, who sadly never got the chance to meet her grandmother.  How many of them do you recognise? And what’s your favourite health and beauty tip that your mother taught you?

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Jenny in Neverland

These are all great tips and great things to pass on to your own daughter. My mum’s offered me a lot of sound advice over the years but none beauty related, as far as I can remember. Apart from “YOU DON’T NEED THAT MANY HAIR EXTENSIONS IN” which she was right about because my hair fell out from it (literally, fell out). The main piece of advice my mum has given me, which I still use even in my blog posts today is “don’t use 15 words when 1 will do”. When I feel like I’m rambling in a post,… Read more »

Eve Morgan

This is a really helpful post. I always forget about taking care of my neck. I think this is a great piece of advice as Turkey necks are nor a good look haha. I will definitely be taking these tips on board. Thank you x


These are fantastic tips from your mum Lisa. I’ve only recently started moisturising my face before I go to sleep so will remember to include my neck and chest now too! I’ve heard so many great things about cod liver oil (my nan used to take it and she lived well into her 90s). I think I should consider taking it too! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful tips, your mum sounded like a very wise lady xx

Bexa |


Absolutely love these tips! I always saw my mum cleansing her neck too and never used to understand why! The L’occitane products look lovely and I imagine they have the most gorgeous scent! x

Tiffany x


That’s really great advice Lisa. It’s funny, I use to see my dad moisturize every day after he took a shower, so I carry that routine with me. When I first got into makeup my mom helped me, and now my older sister helps me with my skincare routine. Everyone in my family has helped me keep my body as soft and healthy as they can


My mum has always said it’s important to look after your skin, and rightly so your entire skin. Sadly I didn’t listen until recently as I thought I’d always have perfect, youthful skin. Obviously I was wrong and wish I’d listened sooner and I’m totally with her on the turkey neck look, it’s certainly important to expand right the way down!

what corinne did

These are great tips! I have to be honest, my mum never was big on skincare and makeup, hence I am not either. but my skin is surprisingly without any problem!

Creative Nails

What a lovely post. Your mum sounds like an incredible person, what a role model! I’ll definitely have to remember some of these tips! I’m trying to think of any beauty tips my mum has shared with me over the time but it’s tough to think on the spot!



These are fantastic tips from your Mum and certainly ones that you can pass on to Flora. I’m a massive advocate of breast checking as a number of friends and family have not only had breast cancer but also stopped it in its tracks through early detection.
Great post Lisa
Melanie |


Love these tips, as much as I’d love to say I follow them all, I don’t – but I’d like to in time as they’re very inspirational for people of any age 🙂
My mum has never been very big on makeup or skincare so she hasn’t offered me much advice except ‘sometimes less is more’ which I try to abide by when I do my face and will only proper cake myself up if I’m going out out!
Thanks for sharing, very interesting read xx

Jessica |


My mother always gave me advice about my hands and regularly put on hand cream and lotion throughout the day saying that it keeps her hands young. As a child, I didn’t really know what she meant. But now, as a 30 year old woman, I do.

Great list! x



A lovely post. My mum is very big on beauty products and passed a lot of her routines onto me. Strangely I’m not a big makeup person, only for nights out. I definitely need to start wearing hand cream more x


I love all of these tips, defintiely some wisdom passed down here, especially all of the skincare tips, they’re defintiely must know!- – x

Bethany Jane

This is such a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a wonderful woman. I think she taught you some very wise lessons, and now she’s teaching me too which is so cool! Although I already have a crepey décolletage hahah! I definitely agree with you on the smiling thing – 100% the most beautiful thing a person can do!


Such a lovely post idea! And amazing tips too. I was nodding away vigorously reading some of them. Hands are a big one for me too. Especially remembering to use a hand cream with SPF in during the day. I don’t think my mum ever actually gave me any beauty tips as I was growing up, in my family it usually goes the other way! x


Ms Via

My mum is not much into makeup or skincare but she always advises me to use Aloevera (which she has planted in a pot in our balcony) and oils. Using different oils for face, hair and body. She always used to oil my hair which I used to hate. But now I see how thick and lovely my hair was in comparison to today. 🙂 I have been taking cod liver oil for a really long time. I try to use cream on my neck and chest as well, hand creams and btw the L’Occitaine Almond range smells heavenly. I… Read more »

Cora @ Tea Party Princess

Honestly some fantastic tips here. My mum always told me the same about treating my neck/decolletage the same as my face.
Cora |


Ahhh I just loved this post! I absolutely love the skincare that L’Occitane have on offer. Your mum sounds like a very wise lady indeed 🙂 I always forget about cleansing and adding moisturiser to my neck too!

Kate |

andthenzen ✨

I love this post – my mum has such gorgeous skin and she’s nearly 60! I only hope that I still look like her when I reach her age.. ? She’s always taught me to moisturise, which I think it’s super important, and number eight on your list is the most important part of every lady every where’s routine! ?

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

Fab tips! It’s amazing what our parents can teach us, my gran always said to moisturise, even if I don’t do anything else I should do that. The tip on hand care is such an important one for sure, it’s something I always make sure to do.

Leann Kelly

Through the years I recall lots of things my mum showed me & they really do stick. They tend to come out the older we get. Really good tips and advice in this post and I enjoyed reading it. Leann x