A letter to my mother


Darling Mummy,

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to write you a letter sharing some of my favourite memories.  Walking through Bath yesterday I caught a waft of your perfume, Ysatis, and for a moment I thought you were somewhere up ahead of us.  There are so many things I’m so grateful to you for, and I’m still in awe of all you achieved, and how you brought me up at the same time.


Do you remember snuggling up on the sofa together to watch Dallas, Dynasty and The Colbys?  Today’s soap queens can’t hold a candle to Alexis.  Although we could never understand why she fought so often with Krystle for Blake’s attentions!

Jewellery and make-up

Do you remember how I used to love playing with your make-up, costume jewellery, and drawer full of scarves?  Funny how the wheel has come full circle as your grand-daughter plays the exact same games with mine.  Except I don’t have any spit black cake mascara or orange lipstick


Do you remember phoning my father at work one day from our new house, to ask him how to turn on the oven?  After he’d stopped laughing and told you, you made the yummiest pavlova ever – I’ve never tasted another one anywhere near as good as yours.

Interest free credit

Do you remember how all your major purchases were governed by whether or not you could get them on interest-free credit?  And how you always paid off all purchases in good time so you never incurred any interest?  It’s a lesson I learned well and I have no credit card debt today, thanks to you.

Garden centres

Do you remember how I used to complain bitterly at being dragged around garden centres?  I got so bored and could never understand why you loved looking at plants all the time – or buying them for that matter.  I can see you smiling now as I inflict the same torture on your grand-daughter.



Do you remember how you always gave me unconditional love and support?  And tried to give me advice that I rarely listened to?  You can laugh to yourself as this is happening right now with me and your grand-daughter.


Mummy, it’s been 28 years since I last saw you, spoke with you, held you.  Cancer is a bitch.  I hope your grand-daughter never has to lose her mother the way I lost you.  It’s so unfair you never had the chance to meet each other, enjoy that special grandmother/grand-daughter bond, and gang up on me.

I hope you know how much I love you.  I’m so thankful I had you to love me for as long as I did, and to teach me what I needed to learn.  I am who I am today because of you and I hope you are proud of me.  I still miss you, more than I can ever put into words.  But I try so hard to believe that you’re watching over me, just as you always did when I was a child.

All my love, always, Lisa xxx

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Mary in Bath
Mary in Bath

Lisa, This is lovely. I find it especially touching, as my mother too died when I was young (suddenly, from a brain haemorrhage). Such a pity they are not around to know, enjoy and be proud of their grandchildren.

Mary x


That was such a beautiful post ? I am so sorry you had to lose your mum. But reading this you have some amazing fond memories to always think of. This was such a beautiful letter for your mum! I am sure reading this she would be extremely proud of how you learned from her!

Lauren xx

Jenny in Neverland

God dammit Lisa…. This is such a beautiful post. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your mum and to such a cruel disease. It sounds like you have a lot of precious memories to hold on to from her and she clearly did something very right – it’s obvious in the way you are with your own daughter. And I’m just a person on the internet and even I can tell how much of a wonderful mum you are! I’m sure Mother’s Day is always fairly difficult for you but I hope you can have a nice day… Read more »


This was a lovely post, Lisa. It brought a tear to my eye – I am glad that you have all those wonderful memories of your mum. She sounds like an absolute delight, and I am positive that she definitely watching over you and your daughter, smiling at the wonderful human she raised.


Beautiful post! Sounds like you have some amazing memories of your mother! x


This is so beautiful Lisa. So sorry that you lost your mum before she could bond with your daughter ?
Amy xx

what corinne did

This is such a sweet post! And so perfect for mother’s day! I find it so touching. I still have my mum but hers died when she was 5 years old. Such a beautiful post! xx corinne


Beautifully written Lisa xxx


So beautifully written Lisa. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mum but I am so happy that you shared so many incredible memories together. xx


A Cup Of Wonderland

This made me cry, completely touching and I’m sorry you had to lose your Mum. You’re right cancer is a bitch but I bet she is watching over you and your family and is completely proud of you.

Kymberlee Faye

What a beautiful post. It’s clear that you had such a loving relationship with your mom. I’m glad that you can look back and think of beautiful memories.


Aww Lisa this is a truly amazing post I have tears in my eyes reading it. I’m sure your Mum would be super proud of you ❤️ Thank you for sharing something so personal with all of us.

Melanie | http://www.frasersfunhouse.com


This post actually just made me tear up, its so brave of you to share this with us! I totally relate to the garden centre comment! I used to hate going there with my parents but I love them now! – – https://sophhearts.com x

Lisa Dimaline

Such a beautiful post and a wonderful tribute to your Mum ? x

Ms Via

Oh Lisa! This is such a beautiful and emotional post. I am so sorry to know about your mum. But the memories you shared are so real and beautiful and filled with love. Your mum is definitely there with you always. You are so similar to your mum in everything 🙂


Lisa, this is such a beautiful post ?. You & your mum have such lovely memories you can cherish forever. From your posts, I can see you are a fabulous mum to Flora, your mum would be extremely proud. Thank you for sharing this special heartfelt letter and Happy Mothers Day for Sunday xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

Jim boyer

Beautiful my friend???


This is such a beautiful letter, and I hope one day that I can honour my mother in the same way, and with such eloquence x

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

What an absolutely beautiful and touching post. I love remembering back to everything I done with my mum, especially when it’s mother’s day. I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s definitely not easy but all those touching memories will always be with you as will she.

Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk