Turning back time with Soul Tree Kajals – review

Turning back time with Soul Tree Kajals – review

Can you remember your first ever item of make up?  Mine was a black Rimmel kajal eyeliner in a bullet-shaped magenta case.  Oh, how I loved it, it went on like a dream, was super comfortable, and I wore it endlessly.  Well, at weekends anyway as, strangely, my school wasn’t a fan of the Goth look.  I’ve never found another like it so when I was offered the chance to try some Soul Tree Kajals * I couldn’t wait to relive my teenage years.

Soul Tree Kajals

Soul Tree Kajals are handmade to an Ayurvedic recipe that uses purely natural and organic ingredients.  The black carbon is collected from vegetable oil lamps and then mixed with organic ghee, organic almond oil and natural colour pigments.


There are 12 shades to choose from, and they’re great for sensitive eyes as they’re preservative free, lead free, and paraben free.  As a further bonus, they’re cruelty free too.  I love the idea of using make up that’s inspired by Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.  

Kajal application

I was very lucky to be allowed to choose three kajals but before I go into the colours, let’s look at the application.  And try to clear up a common misconception about kajals vs. eyeliners.


Silky smooth kajals are usually applied on the upper and lower waterlines.  Of course, they can be used for colour and drama on the outer edges too, but they may not be as precise as an eyeliner.  So, if you’re looking for perfect flicks or cat eyes, then kajals may not always be the best choice.  That said, if you head over to Soul Tree’s Instagram, you’ll find some AMAZING looks created by the beautiful and uber-talented Alice of Black Tulip Beauty, among others.


First impressions

These kajals are soft, smooth, and highly pigmented.  They don’t drag on my waterlines in the same way many eyeliners do, they feel very comfortable on and don’t irritate my eyes.   As they’re not waterproof, I did experience some smudging over the course of the day but I like that effect – and if you don’t, these kajals are easy to clean up with a moist cotton bud or tissue.  Also, please can we admire the gorgeous lipstick-like packaging?  Simple, elegant, and so easy to pop in your bag or clutch for touch ups.


I did try them on my outer edges as well and I found they worked well both as a liner and when blended out as a paler eyeshadow.  Depending on how intense you like your colour, you can go for an all over wash, or build it up for a more defined line.  And if you have oily lids (like me) and you want the colour to last for longer, you could use a primer first and/or apply a translucent setting powder on top of the colour.

Purple Haze

A medium to dark purple with a hint of maroon great for a dramatic evening look or blend it to make a more subtle day look.”


As some of you may know, purple is my favourite colour and I wear it most days.   It wasn’t too dramatic on my waterlines and I actually preferred using it as a wash over my lids or just as a top lid liner.  Once I’d applied a primer, the staying power was pretty impressive.

Copper Tint

“A dark brown with a hint of gold and shimmer.”


The hint of gold is very subtle and, again, I preferred it as a subtle wash of colour over my lids and to line my top lid.  But I think it would look fantastic on a suntanned face so it’s one I’m definitely taking away with me next time we go on holiday.

Moss Velvet

A vibrant grassy green with a slight shimmer effect.”


Of the three kajals I tried, I was most pleasantly surprised by this one.  I chose it because I used to have a dark green NARS eyeshadow (Night Porter, anyone?) that I adored and wore all the time.  Until I lost it in a night club in London 🙁  This was a brighter green than I was expecting but on the waterline it made my eyes pop a deeper brown.  I wasn’t as keen using it as a liner or eyeshadow but as a kajal, it’s my stand out favourite, I love it.


Final thoughts

I wasn’t aware that kajals came in different colours, I always assumed they were just black.  These twist up Soul Tree Kajals have really opened my eyes (pun very much intended).  They’re not pencils so once the point wears down, you can’t really sharpen them, but that’s not how they’re supposed to work.


Each kajal costs £13.90 with free delivery over £15, which I don’t think is at all expensive for an item of make up these days.  Especially not one that’s Ayurvedic, natural, organic, and sustainable.  Big thank you to Soul Tree for sending me such lovely kajals to play with.  I very much enjoyed my trip down kajal memory lane, although I like to think my make up skills have improved a little in the intervening years!

Have you ever used a kajal before?  Which is your favourite shade out of these three here?

* I was gifted these products in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.



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Jenny in Neverland

Great review, Lisa! I was so impressed with these, I still use mine 🙂 Although I’ve not had a chance to really wear the blue that I chose yet. I LOVE that green so much. I’ve recently acquired a green eye shadow palette from an advent calendar I reviewed and this eyeliner would look amazing with that. Your photos are great by the way, sorry you had such a mare with them! xxx

Alice v

I have never used anything like this before. I’ll have to keep a lookout for it


I’ve seen these a few times now and they look brilliant! I quite like it when my eyeliner smudges a little so I think I’d like how these look on, and the colours are so pretty. I’m so used to just using black eyeliner but you can definitely get a little creative with colours like these. Fab review Lisa! xx

Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk


Firstly, wow! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Lisa, the flowers and makeup look so pretty together! I’m not much of an expert when it comes to makeup, but I have read a bit about Ayurveda and love that this brand is so natural, organic and cruelty free. I also had a Gothic black eye liner phase at school and remember using something very similar to these. The packaging is so stylish and they look very smooth and easy to apply. I love the colours you have chosen, the green is so vibrant and yay for cute little hearts and a… Read more »

Quirky Writes

Hi! Wow. I didn’t know that kajal came in different colour as well. Traditionally a kajal is black, but good to see a company adding more colours. I’ve never tried a colour eye liner. I wonder how they’d look on me. Thanks for sharing!

Cora @ Tea Party Princess

These sound excellent! The green is gorgeously vibrant.
Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

Alisha Valerie

Love this brand – I’ve worked with them in the past and they’re so wonderful. Awesome review lovely! ?✨

With love, Alisha Valerie x



I love the different shades they come in! That green shade is absolutely stunning!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

Michelle Blackadar

love those colors! I have never tried this brand but I love putting liners in the upper water line to make it look like my lashes are thicker then they actually are. cooper tint would probably be my favorite, your swatches are so cute, great review lisa! xxx

mich / simplymich.com

Sophie Wentworth

Purple haze looks like such a gorgeous colour to blend out under the lower lash line. My first makeup item was a Rimmel eyeshadow quad and it wasn’t actually a terrible choice for a first item, it was soft browns and bronzey shades. When it comes to pencils, I much prefer kajals to regular liners as they’re so much more versatile. I love the look of these! x



These look great – I’ve always struggled to find anything easy to apply so may try this!