March Birchbox beauty review

March Birchbox beauty review

I recently took out a subscription to Birchbox, the beauty box retailer. For those who don’t know, beauty subscription boxes are a fun and economical way of trying samples of branded beauty products.  Having been impressed with my first box in February, I thought I’d share my thoughts on March’s delivery.

Recap on February’s box

I’d give this box a 4/5 as the only item I wasn’t keen on was the water spray – um, what?  But the leave in conditioner, eyeshadows, brush, and mask were all lovely.  The box they came in was gorgeous too, far too pretty to recycle.  It’s now gracing my desk as a repository for stationery odds and sods.

March’s box

First off, the box was a bit of a let-down, as was the net cotton drawstring bag (why not just use tissue paper?) with “best day ever” embroidered on it.  But you shouldn’t judge anything by its cover so what did I think of the treats inside?

Benefit lipstick in Lusty Rose

A combination of liner and lipstick in a nice, neutral pinky-beige, it’s very easy to apply and feels creamy on my lips.  Once on there’s no visible distinction between liner and lip colour, which is good, although I don’t notice any lip plumping effect.  It claims to give “8 hours of beyond belief colour” but after two hours it had worn off completely so I don’t think this longevity claim holds true.  Quite fun as a sample but I won’t be buying the full size version.

Caudalie Glow Activating serum

I know Caudalie is a well-respected French brand so I was really excited to try this serum with hyaluronic acid, polyphenols, and Vitamin C.  It has a lovely light texture and a distinctly botanical scent.  It goes on smoothly, disappearing into my skin quickly before I apply my moisturiser.  After only a couple of days I think I can see a difference, my skin really does seem to have more of a glow.  Although it’s probably too early to see any reduction in wrinkles (!) this might be a full size purchase when the sample runs out.

Balance Me primer

I’ve tried quite a few primers because my combination skin seems to get wise to them after a month or so and they stop working.  This one contains hyaluronic acid and acacia gum (!) is nicely scented, and goes on easily after my moisturiser.  First impressions are good, it seems to magically blur my pores so my make-up looks much better.  It doesn’t stop the shine but then nothing seems to do that so this isn’t an issue for me.  I’ll see if it’s still working after the sample runs out and if so this might be a full-size purchase too.

Rituals Sakura shower gel

Apparently this is a gel that turns to foam in the shower.  Unfortunately I can’t verify that as the cherry blossom fragrance is too sweetly scented for me so I won’t be using it.  Similarly, I can’t comment on its hydrating properties although I’m sure they are very good.  So, not for me, but it will make a lovely re-gift for a friend in due course.

Batiste Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

I already use Batiste’s Brunette Dark and Deep dry shampoo which smells lovely, has a hint of colour, and works brilliantly for me.  I’ve tried Batiste’s other dry shampoos in the past and could never get the white powder to disappear properly.  So although the orange and pomegranate smells nice, this is not one I shall be using or buying.  And I don’t feel that dry shampoo qualifies as a beauty treat so I’m not sure why it was in the March box.

Did I like March’s box?

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with this March box.  My favourite samples are the Caudalie serum and Balance Me primer but this is after only a few days use so time will tell. As for the other three products, I won’t be buying any of them again.  But this is only my second box so I’ll wait and see what April brings before deciding whether to continue with Birchbox or to cancel my subscription and try another service.  So, not the “best day ever” then, decidedly more of a mixed bag.

Do you use Birchbox or any other beauty subscription service? What do you think of your monthly samples?  If I do cancel Birchbox, whom would you recommend I could try next?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below, thank you!



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