REN Clean Skincare review – are they my Holy Grail products?

REN Clean Skincare review – are they my Holy Grail products?

Finding your ideal skincare products can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail.  As a trained Beauty Specialist (albeit one that doesn’t practice any more) I’ve always been interested in skincare.  Technically, I’m more of a skincare blogger than a beauty blogger, but that tag isn’t as SEO friendly.  So, when one of the most exciting PR boxes ever from the cult REN Clean Skincare * brand dropped through my letterbox, I couldn’t believe my luck.

REN Clean Skincare

REN have been on my radar for some time.  I’ve read so many good things about the brand and some of my favourite bloggers, including Sophie from GlowSteady, swear by their products.  The Clean Skincare tag comes from their commitment to using natural bio-actives, that help skin help itself.  And saying no to harsh chemicals and waste.  All of their elegant and stylish packaging is 100% recyclable and uses reclaimed ocean plastic where possible.  I was very kindly sent three products to try, which I’ve been using over the last few weeks.  How have I get on?

Rosa Centifolia™ No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm

“A rich cleansing balm for all skin types that leaves skin purified, calm and glowing.”  When you warm a little of the balm in your hands it turns into an oil that you massage over your face and neck for a few minutes.  Then you add water to turn it into a milky lather that rinses away.


I’ve not used a cleansing balm or oil before but I was very surprised by this one.  It took off all my make up easily, with the exception of my eye make up.  I had to remove that separately, but in fairness, I do wear a LOT of mascara and liner.  And my skin positively glowed after the very first use, it didn’t feel stripped or tight at all.  The main ingredients are nourishing almond oil and Rosa Centifolia flower water, which must be what makes this balm smell so gorgeous.  After a few weeks’ use, I can see an improvement in my skin tone and fewer blackheads around my nose as well.

Rose water is often used as a toner so you’re effectively getting both cleansing and toning uses from this product.  It also came with a muslin cloth that you can use to remove the balm, although I didn’t because I didn’t want to get it dirty (even though that’s what it’s for!)  This is the loveliest cleanser I’ve ever used, well deserving of all the kudos it’s garnered, and I’m not at all surprised it’s a bestseller.  It’s certainly a fixture in my skincare routine now.

Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream

“An anti-ageing moisturiser for pre- or post-menopausal skin, designed to recharge and replenish.”  This is one of REN’s newer products, which helps to promote longevity in the cells and strengthen the skin’s natural barriers.  The cream is meant to be used both day and night, over your face and neck.


After using the cream both night and day for a few days, I stopped using it in the morning because my skin simply didn’t need it.  I was getting too much of an oily glow by around 11.00am.  Now I just apply it at night, after cleansing and using my exfoliating toner.  And I smooth it over my décolletage as well (taking my mother’s advice.)  The main ingredients are rice protein extract and wild West African yam for stronger, more supple skin.  In case you’re wondering about those phytohormones, here’s how Wikipedia defines them.  “Plant hormones that control all aspects of growth and development, pathogen defence, stress tolerance and reproductive development.”  Pretty powerful stuff, and I can confirm they work!


My oily T-zone was the bane of my teenage years and early twenties.  Strangely enough, it was my father who told me I’d be grateful for it when I was older and he’s right.  I don’t really have many wrinkles on my face except for a gazillion crows feet around my eyes, which I prefer to call laughter lines 😉  Although I’m definitely in the right age bracket for an anti-ageing cream, I think this formula would be the perfect moisturiser for someone with drier skin than mine.  That said, I’m loving how much more plumped up and radiant my face looks even first thing in the morning.

Perfect Canvas Primer Serum

“A perfecting serum for all skin types, designed to sit over moisturiser to smooth fine lines and prime skin for make-up.”  You smooth a couple of drops over your face after moisturising (or add it to your moisturiser if you’re pushed for time) and before make-up.  I haven’t yet found a primer that can reduce the shine for more than a couple of hours, but I live in hope.


This primer feels very lightweight and gives my skin a soft matte look rather than a chalky one.  My skin looks like skin, only better, like you see in the magazines.  My make-up goes on like a dream and although my oily T-zone wins out again by mid-morning, my skin doesn’t feel clogged.  The main ingredients are blue agave, probiotics and alpha-glucans, with no silicones, so skin can breathe.  It’s so good that it’s given me the confidence to go make-up free at weekends (bar a little eye make-up).  I love it.


REN are celebrating Perfect Canvas’ first anniversary with a Limited Edition bottle that comes with some illustrated art transfers, so you can customise your bottle, how you like it.  I was very lucky to get one of these and as a lipstick lover, of course I decorated mine with lipstick transfers!


Final thoughts

I’ve been wanting to try some REN Clean Skincare products for a long time as I’m a big fan of brands that use natural ingredients which are closer to our skin.  Skin is the biggest organ on our body so it makes sense to only apply products that you’d be happy (in theory at least) to put in your body too.  And I have to say I’m extremely impressed with all the skincare products I’ve been testing, my skin looks and feels clean, fresh and rejuvenated.  Huge thanks to REN for sending me all these products, I can honestly say that they’ve bumped some of my previous skincare favourites off their longtime undisputed top spots now.

Have you tried any REN Clean Skincare products before?  Are you tempted to try any of these products?

* I was gifted these products in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.



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My skin has been in terrible condition lately, and I’ve been trying to take much better care of it, so this immediately caught my eye! I’m so glad you are happy with the products – they sound amazing, especially the cleansing balm. I love the fact it’s given you the confidence to go make up free, too, I really feel like that goes to show what the right products can do.

Cordelia Moor

I love REN skincare products oh so much – I swear by the AHA Tonic to keep my skin looking clear and bright, and their global defence day cream is gorgeous for those days when I don’t want to think about my routine and just want my skin to look nice! I’ve been curious about the cleanser for a while, and I think I might have to make a sneaky purchase…

Cordelia ||

Cora @ Tea Party Princess

I haven’t tried any before, but the cleanser sounds lovely! I use a budget cleanser at the moment but I’d definitely pay more for something nicer.
Cora |


I’ve always wanted to try some skincare products from REN! I keep hearing such good things about them all but the cleanser especially! My skin has been awful lately so maybe now is the time to treat myself to a few bits. I always love the packaging and design of REN, your photos are so beautiful too xx

Tiffany x


Wow Lisa, these products sound amazing! The primer serum sounds so good, especially as it has given you the confidence to go make-up free at the weekends. I’m loving the sound of all the natural and healthy ingredients, I never knew probiotics could be added to beauty products, that’s gotta be so good for the skin. At the moment, my sister is staying with me, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to use all her beauty creams ha ha, but when I have to buy my own again I’ll definitely consider REN products. Also, ever since I read your beauty… Read more »

Jenny in Neverland

I didn’t know you were a trained beauty specialist! I’ve seen these products EVERYWHERE but never tried them. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Great review and lovely photos! 🙂 xxx

Sophie Wentworth

I’m so happy you liked them! I love oily, balmy cleansers. I can’t believe you’d never used one before. I’m glad you got on well with Perfect Canvas, that’s the one I had my eye on. Amazing that it’s given you more confidence too! Great review and thank you for the mention!! x



I really need to try more from Ren! Their products are always so fab!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

what corinne did

I have heard so much about Ren Skincare in the past and everyone seems so pleased with them indeed! My skincare routine is quite minimal but I am always interested to find out about new products!

Creative Nails

Wow, these products sound amazing! I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but will definitely have to check out a few of these products. The cleansing balm you mentioned first really does sounds incredible. My skincare products are getting a bit low now and soon will need to be replaced, so I’ll definitely be looking into these! That primer also sounds amazing. I haven’t got a new one yet, but this one sounds like it’s worth trying! The art transfers are so cute too for this, haha. Thank you for sharing, great review 🙂


Rums the Reader

I’m on the hunt for a good primer at the moment and I’ve not heard of this brand or primer before so this post came at the perfect time! Loving your write up and photos – I love a brand which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean! Thanks for sharing xx


I’m not huge into skin care but I do love that this is natural!

Kelly Diane

My skin is not at its best at the moment but after reading your post, I’ll definitely be giving Ren a go. Perfect Canvas is something that sounds like I will love


Not tried this one before but the cleansing balm sounds lush!


This has inspired me to do a skin care routine post, mine inst with ren though but now im inspired to look into there line more
thank you sm <3
K A R E N //


Oooh I’ve been looking into more planet friendly beauty products so it’s great to hear that their packaging is recyclable and that they’re responsible! I’ve never tried any REN but absolutely must after this review, I’m a bit of a skincare addict as you know so the brand has been added to the list!

Soph – x


All of these products sound amazing! ☺️

Jenny •

Lauren Clark

This is such an interesting post, I always like to read up on other skincare products. I like companies that use natural ingredients! Thank you for sharing xx


These sound really nice. I don’t do enough to help my skin out, so I’m always interested in what people think of different products. I have been hearing good things about REN, so maybe it is time I joined the club too!
Thanks for sharing ♥


This brand Is on my radar too! I’ve been eyeing it up in M&S for a while now. Very inspired to go ahead and try it, especially as it’s given you confidence to go without makeup at weekends! Definitely need that kind of product in my life!

Samantha x