Going Green with Feel Good Contacts

Going Green with Feel Good Contacts

Eyes are the windows to your soul, so the saying goes.  Have you ever yearned for different coloured eyes to the ones you were born with?  I’ve always loved green eyes so when Feel Good Contacts * offered me the chance to try some of their coloured lenses, you can imagine my excitement. You can probably also guess which colour I chose as well (!) so how did I get on?

Feel Good Contacts

Feel Good Contacts are an online contact lenses retailer. They stock 96% of all lenses and offer a Price Match Guarantee on your standard and prescription contact lenses, colour contacts, contact lens solutions, eye drops, and eye care products.

They sell only branded contacts and the branded equivalent of many high street opticians’ own brand lenses, including Specsavers’ Easyvision, Boots Premium and Vision Express lenses. And in most cases, if you order before 8pm you’ll get your products through your letterbox the next day – how’s that for service?

My contact lenses

Having been a confirmed glasses wearer for most of my life, I realised I needed to look into contact lenses after having Flora.  Toddlers and glasses do not mix well and I spent far too much time removing my glasses from her or from being embedded painfully in my face. To be fair, I only really need them for driving or (rare) trips to the cinema as I have astigmatisms in both eyes. Unfortunately, the colour contacts don’t come with a toric prescription so I opted for plain colour lenses.


As you can see, inside the box were the branded coloured monthly lenses from Fresh Look, some lens solution, a lens holder, and the loveliest of touches, a packet of Haribo Starmix!

Going Green

The FreshLook Colorblends range comes in 12 colours. Grey, Green or Brown offer enhancement for lighter colour eyes, and Blue, Pure Hazel and Honey add a richer shade to darker eyes. Or you could go for Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, True Sapphire or even Amethyst for a more striking change update. Each colour blends three different shades together, creating a look to enhance your natural eye colour.


I opted for Green as I wasn’t sure how “green” they would be, and because it was my first time with coloured lenses. As you can see, they’re quite a subtle shade of green.  And they are the softest lenses I’ve ever tried, which makes them slightly tricky to insert as they keep flopping over (!)  But once in, they are incredibly comfortable.


My eyes are mid-brown so here’s my David Bowie shot with just one lens in, so you can see the difference between my natural colour and the lens colour.


And here I am with both lenses in. If we could all please focus on the stunning lenses and not my eyebags or wrinkles that would be amazing, thank you 🙂

Would I buy them?

In hindsight, this Green shade is more subtle than I was expecting but I actually really like it.  The colour is billed as an enhancement rather than a complete change and that’s exactly what I got.  I’m very much looking forward to getting my month’s use out of them.  Because much as I love my make up, I tend to play it safe and stick with the same colours rather than experiment. So this is a far easier way for me to ring some changes. And next time (because there will definitely be a next time) I’m very tempted to try Honey (for some leopard eyes), Amethyst (channelling my inner Elizabeth Taylor) and, of course, Gemstone Green for some spectacularly emerald eyes.

If you’ve ever been curious about how you’d look with blue, green, grey, brown or violet eyes, then I’d highly recommend giving Feel Good Contacts a go. The online ordering process is really simple and the delivery is superfast.  And if you use the code ‘FEELGOODTIME’ you can get 10% off your first order too.  I’m so pleased with my Green lenses and I can’t wait to try my next new shade in a month’s time.

Which shade would you like to try? Let me know!

* This is a sponsored post meaning I received items and/or payment in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.


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Mary White
Mary White

Lovely green eyes Lisa!

Just to make you jealous, they look exactly the same shade as my late husband Bill’s and our daughter Vicky’s natural eye colour! None of the grandchildren or great grandchildren have inherited them though.

When I was at the theatre a couple of weeks ago, the woman sitting next to me had the most amazing blue eyes. Now I think I know why!


You look lovely with green eyes! I’ve never tried colour contacts before as I’m not a glasses wearer! I love that they included a little pack of Haribo and the customer service looks really great too!

Lots of love,
Molly xo

Ms Via

The green color of the lens is looking so pretty. I wear glasses but wanted to try contact lenses and recently did. However I am trying to get used to it hehe. I tried to find the colored as well as prescription lens here but very difficult. 🙂 Trying out colored lenses would be so much fun though haha! 🙂

Via | http://glossnglitter.com


Ooh these are very cool Lisa! I can see the difference between your eyes and it is a really nice shade of green (although your natural eye colour is pretty too!) I’ve got green eyes but I’d love to try violet, that sounds awesome. Wow, I’m so impressed with their super fast service and the bag of Haribo Starmix is such a sweet added touch. Thanks for the great review lovely! xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


Ooh you look beautiful with green eyes Lisa! I’ve never had to wear glasses or contact lenses but this is such a good idea for those who do. I love the little pack of haribos they included too, such a nice extra! Fab review xx

Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

Ellis Woolley

I love your David Bowie comment! I tried some purple ones a couple of years back and as a blue eyed person, they didn’t make much difference to my eyes either, just a subtle change in colour. The green tint suits you though, looks gorgeous against your hair colour! x x
Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

Sarah Dickinson

Really loved this post as I also saw this opportunity but declined because I am really scared of contact lenses!! ?
You look incredible in these green lenses though such a subtle change which is just what you want!
Pleased you got on with these though ??
Sarah xoxo


I wear glasses and I’ve always thought about switching over to contact lenses! The coloured ones looked lovely on you! My eyes are just brown and I’d love to try coloured ones! Great informative post x


Oh wow I’ve never tried coloured contacts but it would be so cool to see what different colours look like! You definitely suit green and they were more subtle than I thought they would be too but I think thats a good thing because they look so natural!
Sophie – https://sophhearts.com x


You lucky thing! I can’t wear contact lenses-again, glasses wearer-due to the shape of my eyes. (At the grand age of nineteen, I can’t see an inch in front of my face!) But they look lovely-and I like the David Bowie shot 😀