Feeling good: October Birchbox review

Feeling good: October Birchbox review

October’s Birchbox has the theme “Feeling good” and I had high hopes as my last couple of boxes have been spot on.  My star product from September (review here) is one I’m still in love with, and use every day. Who would have thought a lip balm could be so fantastic? Is Birchbox on a roll, can we make it three fab boxes in a row?

October’s box

Birchbox have teamed up with CoppaFeel in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause very dear to my heart. The box itself is beautiful, with a gorgeous pink and violet marble effect, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

anatomicals grab your melons shower gel: October Birchbox review

Anatomicals Grab Your Melons Shower Gel

The name of this shower gel made me smile and I love that anatomicals created the zesty body wash especially for CoppaFeel, to help spread breast cancer awareness. It’s a great travel size, ideal for the gym bag and retails at £1.50. Accompanying the shower gel is a sticker explaining exactly what to look out for while you wash your melons! It’s a great idea, but the melon fragrance isn’t for me, unfortunately, so it’s not a product I’m going to use.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

I’ve had other Balance Me products in previous Birchboxes and they’ve managed to irritate my skin. This face wash is packed full of essential oils including: grapefruit, petitgrain, frankincense, and spruce knot to decongest the skin. Plus it has moisturising and antioxidant rich moringa and rice bran oils, and it’s sulphate and petroleum free. The full size version retails at £16.00, which isn’t a bad price. But, as I’m not sure what it is about Balance Me products that upsets my skin so much, I’m not willing to risk it again with this sample.

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips 6 pack

I love the idea of charcoal-infused sticky tape that naturally purifies and yanks out all the yuck collected in your pores to prevent blackheads. But … I’ve tried these before and OMG they hurt so much when you have to remove them. Seriously, I’d rather have my bikini line waxed than use one of these strips ever again. At least with a wax you can stop when it gets too much and no-one is any the wiser. But you can’t go out with one of these strips stuck to your face! Another product I won’t be using, or paying £8.99 for the privilege of full price pain.

ModelCo® Mega Lash Mascara

I’ve had a ModelCo eyeliner before and it’s still going strong so I know the brand is a good one. The brush looks like it would do a great job of adding lift and volume but I’ve got so many mascaras in my make up drawer already that my heart sank when I saw yet another one. It will probably be Easter by the time I might get round to trying this product! Full size retails at £16.00, which isn’t too expensive, I guess.

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

What to say about this product? I’ve said it before, as have many other Birchbox subscribers, DRY SHAMPOO IS NOT A TREAT. Please stop putting dry shampoo in our boxes. In any case, I’ve only found one dry shampoo that doesn’t leave white powder in my dark(ish) brown hair and that’s a Batiste one, which I’m sticking with. Perhaps this sample that claims to clean, moisturise, strengthen, repair split ends, and enhance shine, might be suited to someone with lighter hair though. Full size retails at £20.00, which seems steep to me when compared to my trusty Batiste.

anatomicals, balance me, model co, biore, amika: October Birchbox review

Did I like October’s box?

Sadly, no, this month’s Birchbox was a disappointment and I won’t be using any of the items. I’m so sad about this because I really wanted to love everything, especially as it’s all about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I realise that not everyone will feel this way, but this is my review and I want to be honest, there’s no point in me enthusing about products I’m not happy with. I’m just hoping that November’s box redeems itself – apparently it’s going to be curated by Vogue Beauty Editors so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Did your October box leave you feeling good or not?


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Jenny in Neverland

It’s great that they’ve teamed up with coppafeel- a fantastic charity – for this box to help raise awareness maybe to an age group which need more education. I really like the sound of the Melon body wash, maybe it’ll smell different when used in the shower? And have you tried the dry shampoo? I agree I wouldn’t really consider it a treat either as it’s kinda a necessity xx


Oh no what a shame it wasn’t great! I must say it is an odd selection so I can see your point. As for the balance me products irritating your skin – there are a few essential oils that these natural skincare brands fill their products with that can actually be quite drying and irritating. So those ingredients may be your culprit!


I’ve always wanted to purchase a birchbox but was always too afraid to do so. I love how they have teamed up with breast cancer awareness this month. I might end up purchasing a box myself x


That’s too bad you didn’t like it ! ? hard with the subscription boxes, you can’t always find everything you love but at least you give it a try! My hopes would of been on the charcoal nose strips since I haven’t tried them yet !

Girl In Gamba

Sounds like you got an interesting box, but I think the only product I would like is the Biore strips. I’m a sucker for peel-off face masks and things like that.

corinne & kirsty
corinne & kirsty

I have seen reviews of this box. That’s a shame you were disappointed. I am always a bit wary of beauty boxes as I have never been 100% satisfied with what I got

andthenzen ✨

The packaging is gorgeous, and I’m so glad they’ve teamed up with CoppaFeel! I’ve wanted to try Anatomicals for absolutely forever, it’s just a shame you didn’t like the smell! Do you think you’ll try any of their other range? ☺️


Very thorough review, thanks for that. I was always wondering what this Birch box thing is about, because I’m a little behind on all this beauty stuff, so your post was quite helpful.

Hannah Slack

Love this month’s theme! So wonderful ?
Is this box a drawer box or back to the original design with the lid?

Bethany Jane

Ahh! My Birchbox is currently sitting at the post office for me to collect, and I’m not sure I want to now haha! That’s so disappointing that you’ve had such bad experiences with the Balance Me products as I really like them 🙁 I agree with you that dry shampoo isn’t a treat, although I’d happily take that over the millions of multipurpose balms I get sent haha. Birchbox is so hit and miss, hopefully next month will be more to your taste!
Beth x http://www.adventureandanxiety.com


It’s so great that they partnered with coppafeel! It’s a shame you didn’t like the box. Who is paying £20 for dry shampoo?!
Imogen’s Typewriter. <3


that shower gel is suuuuch a freakin’ great idea!!! that’s really, really put a smile on my face. the main thing with copping a feel is remembering to do it often, so creating a shower gel that reminds you to is such an incredible idea. love it! ♥

i’ve not got the birchbox before but have seen sooo many positive reviews of the last few months…it’s making me want to get back on board!

katie. xx lacoconoire.com


I love how they’ve teamed up with Coppafeel, it’s such a fantastic charity! It’s such a shame you weren’t a massive fan of this box though! Hopefully next month will be better! X

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

I always here good things about birch box, Well, until a few months ago when I seen more people saying they weren’t getting products that suited them or weren’t worth it which is such a shame as it was one of the best. It’s a shame you didn’t like this month’s but hopefully novembers box does redeem itself for you!! Not going to lie, there are a few products there I would love haha but when it’s not something you like then its true, you shouldn’t be enthusiastic about it.

Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk