Finding your signature scent with Secret Scent Box – review

Perfume is such a personal thing but finding your signature scent can be an elusive task – my perfume journey has been going on for over 30 years!  So when Secret Scent Box * offered to send me one of their monthly subscription boxes of designer perfumes to try, of course I said yes, please!

Secret Scent Box

…is a monthly UK fragrance subscription box that sends you three new designer and branded perfumes or colognes through your letterbox every month. Each 3ml fragrance has an accompanying fragrance note card and, assuming 3-4 sprays a day, there’s enough to last around 30 days. The subscription boxes are available for women, for men, or, if you’re feeling kind (!) as a gift.  Free UK & Europe delivery is included in the price, which costs as little as £13 for an ongoing subscription.  Past boxes have included many high end fragrances such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Givenchy, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

My perfume journey

…started before I was 13, with Lentheric‘s Rebel and its distinctive red cap. Then I progressed through Charlie, LouLou, Opium (every teenage Goth’s favourite), onto the Body Shop’s White Musk, then to Armani, Gio, and Giorgio Beverley Hills when I went to Italy. College saw me faithful to Chanel via No. 5, Cristalle, No. 16, and Coco. Then I went off piste to Antonia’s Flowers before returning to Clinique’s Happy for a while.  Enter Origins, (if you follow me on here you’ll know of my love for this brand’s skincare) and a quick flirtation with the now (sadly) discontinued Frolic, and Spring Fever, before settling down with their Ginger Essence, to which I’ve stayed fairly loyal for some years now.

This isn’t to say that I’ve not been tempted by other fragrances though. Stella McCartney‘s signature scent with its central rose notes, for example, and Lancome’s O de Lancome with its honeysuckle and bergamot. And I’ve been known to pinch a few sprays of my husband’s L’Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette once in a while too. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m always up for trying a new scent, so let’s see what I thought of the three fragrances I received.

Burberry Brit

Top notes: Green Almond, Lemon Grass, Pear, Lime.
Middle notes: Sugar, Peony, Almond.
Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Mahogany.

As I’ve gone for citrusy scents in the past I was sure I’d like Brit. At first I thought it was too sweet but over time the almond and “green” fragrances came through much more strongly. This really is a light, fresh and easy to wear scent, and one that I enjoyed sniffing on myself through the day (ignoring all the strange looks from passers-by). A keeper.

Stella McCartney Peony

Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Lotus.
Middle notes: Geranium, Pink Peony, Pepper.
Base notes: Amber, Cedar, Patchouli.

I had high hopes for Peony, as I’d really liked Stella’s previous scent. First impressions were very floral but I love (and grow) freesias and geraniums so that was fine. Over time though, the cedar and patchouli became much more evident and reminded me of a 1970’s or early 1980’s vibe. Not really for me then but I know a friend who would probably love it so I’ll be regifting this one.

DKNY Delicious Night

Top notes: Pomelo, Blackberry. Ginger.
Middle notes: Orchid, Jasmine, Iris.
Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver.

I didn’t know what to expect from Delicious Night but I was curious because pomelo (grapefruit) and ginger are in my Origins’ Ginger Essence too.  In fact, the first spray and sniff made my husband sneeze!  Things settled down after a while but, oddly, this scent reminded me very much of a teenage favourite, the Body Shop’s White Musk. Which is strange as musk isn’t listed as one of the notes. Perhaps it’s the patchouli at work again – like Stella McCartney’s Peony? Another one that’s not really for me but was still fun to try.

Final thoughts

There are lots of make up and skin care subscription boxes out there but this is the first perfume box I’ve come across. Whether you’re still looking for your signature scent, or just want to ring the changes, I think Secret Scent Box’s monthly subscription boxes are a fun and inexpensive way of trying some new high-end fragrances. Although you don’t get to choose your samples (it’s a surprise!) they’re generous enough to last a good while and they’re ideally sized to keep in your handbag too.

When you spray a tester in a department store you don’t always get the full fragrance effect, which might smell very different, say, first thing in morning after a shower. Or, horrors, might react badly on your skin after a few sprays. Plus you don’t know how long the tester bottles have been in use – and perfume does deteriorate after a while.

If you’re looking to try some new fragrances, or even gift your OH, Secret Scent Box have kindly given me a discount code for you: enter LISASNOTEBOOK15 on checkout and you’ll get 15% off your first month’s box.  As I said, I think this is such a good way of properly trying and enjoying some designer and branded perfumes and colognes, rather than a series of sprays on every available inch of bare arm while out shopping.  BIg thank you again to Secret Scent Box for sending me this lovely box to try, and, for me, proving the adage that good things sometimes really do come in small packages!

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Are you tempted to try some new scents?

* I was gifted this subscription box in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.

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This box looks like a real treat! Like you, I can vividly remember when my perfume journey started, I think I was also about 13! I was gifted a Kylie Minogue fragrance for Christmas one year and I remember wearing it to my grandparents house for a New Year’s Eve party and feeling very sophisticated! Nowadays I don’t tend to wear that many fragrances, just because I always forget to put them on in the morning! However, with a handy subscription box like this, I might be a convert! It sounds like an ideal way of testing out potential perfumes… Read more »

Jenny in Neverland

This sounds like a fabulous subscription box – I’ve never heard of it before though! You’re right, it would make a great gift. I like the sound of the DKNY one best. The bottle colours and general “theme” reminds me of Ghost: Dark Night which my old best friend used to wear ALL the time. It’s a lovely scent but I get very nostalgic if I smell it!


I love perfume! My favourites are Orange by Hugo Boss, the red/gold Be Delicious and Marc Jacobs’s Dot.
Amy xx

andthenzen ✨

Oh wow, I’ve never heard of this before but I love the idea of it! I tend to go for Marc Jacobs when I wear perfume – I love all the scents, and I also adore the bottles as well. I think the Stella McCartney scent would appeal to me the most for that exact reason.. ?


Oh wow. I love this idea. Sophie 5 years ago would have been all over this. Since then I think I have my signature scent down. I have a small cluster of base notes and top notes that I love and don’t really stray too far from. I’m sooo fussy with fragrance these days but this would be an amazing gift for someone still figuring it out/ who likes just about everything x


Zara McIntosh

My favourite scent is Lancôme La Vie, I sprayed it in Debenhams once and completely fell in love with the scent! I love the idea of this subscription box, I see so many makeup ones but I’ve never seen a fragrance one before! My sister’s birthday is coming up next month so I’ll need to try and order a subscription for her,
Thank you for sharing,
Zara xx


Great review Lisa. I have tried Secret Scent Box myself before and I think it’s a great way of sampling perfumes without taking the chance on buying a huge bottle only to find it’s not for you. Glad you found one that you liked ?

Melanie |


I had a rock princess perfume by Vera wang that I really liked, the bottle was beautiful and it smelled so good. Since then, I’ve realized that perfumes all kind of smell the same to me so I’m not picky on which I use


Why have I never heard of this subscription box before? I used to love subscription boxes but I feel like they have become really stingy recently but this one looks like it’s definitely worth the money!


Emma Rollason

This seems like such a fun subscription box. I don’t own too many perfume’s but I do want to branch out and try more and this seems like the perfect way to do it. Thank you for sharing.

Emma x


I’ve never heard of this subscription but I think it’s such a good idea. Full sized perfumes can be so expensive so it’s fab that this lets you try our new ones and you could then go on to purchase more of it if you like it! Thanks for sharing! Xx

Ms Via

This box looks like an interesting subscription. I love wearing perfumes always with that I just can’t function haha! But really this box looks cool beside these samples do last a long time. My favorites these days are my J’adore, Valentino Donna and a few others. 🙂

Via |

Lena Dee

For $13 I think that’s a pretty sweet deal considering the brands that are provided. I love perfumes, I’ve always have but my sinuses or allergies wont let me be great so I can only love them in moderation lol. I remember as a kid obsessing over my gran’s collection ( she has a HUGE collection of fragrances from top designers on a dresser by themselves) I never so so many scents in one place yet and I use to sneak test them. Lol but her senses were so keen she’d always notice tehe. I think the Burberry sounds gentle… Read more »


Hmmmm… I’ve recently started to get right into perfumes. I love the idea of this box; it’s the perfect gift for birthdays!


Absolutly love secret scent box, I think they are so handy to pop in your bag for on the go too. Loved reading through your review, that Burberry scent sounds lovley:)

Kate |


Ohhh I’ve heard of scent box, but never actually tried it! This makes me want to!



This is a really good idea, I always buy perfume use it a few times, and then go buy another – I have a drawer overflowing with half used perfumes. I’d save so much money/space with this box!

Bethany Jane

I absolutely love sniffing out new perfumes, but I never know where to start. This sounds like an ideal subscription box! I love the sound of the Burberry – green almonds sounds like such an interesting addition to a scent. I’m not a huge fan of floral scents so I think I’d be with you in not being a huge fan of the Stella McCartney though!
Beth x