June 2017 goals

June 2017 goals

I set myself quite an easy list of goals to achieve for May so I thought I’d up the ante with my June goals.  In no particular order, here’s my wish list for June.

Social media

I’d like to spend some time properly organising and engaging with my social media. I’ve been using Canva and Buffer recently to schedule some Tweets and Instagram posts and I’ve been finding them really helpful. My plan is to get super-organised and then have time to read, retweet and/or like other peoples’ content. And to respond to any comments. I’d also like to join more Twitter chats – it’s a case of diarising the ones that I’ve enjoyed and remembering when they are so I can join them again! I love hearing what other people think and it’s a great way to pick up tips, exchange ideas, and (virtually) meet new bloggers.


I did actually – finally – get a date organised with a friend but then the monsoon week happened so we had to postpone it.  But, I’ve now dug out my hat and boots so hopefully we’ll manage it this month.  Sunny weather means drier ground so a gallop across the fields might be in order as well as a hack around the lanes.  Riding is one of those treats that I rarely get to indulge in but when I do the feeling of well-being and relaxation stays with me for days afterwards.  As does the stiffness and soreness but c’est la vie!

More PTA time

I joined Flora’s PTA a year or so ago but due to the time required by a local village initiative to save a meadow, I had to come off again.  Now the Village Green Inquiry is over and we just have to wait for the Inspector’s report into the future of the meadow.  So, that means I can finally get back to spending some time helping to fundraise so Flora’s school can continue to fund the iPads, school trips, whiteboards etc that make such a difference to all the children.  Time to get my rather dusty and cobwebby baking hat on again …

June goals 2017

More garden time

By which I mean more time spent just pottering and not worrying about digging, planting, mulching, weeding, or sowing. So, basically, enjoying the fruits of the intensive labour earlier in the year. This year I also want to take photos of our garden throughout the summer, so I can remember what bloomed where and what was a success. This so I know what to repeat next year and, almost as importantly, what not to bother with again.

More me time

I need to schedule some more me time and not feel guilty about it!  More time to read, write, paint my nails, use my face masks, go shopping (the weekly food shop doesn’t count), catch up with friends and family.  Most of all I need to get off the treadmill of always feeling I should be doing something instead of just taking time to sit and enjoy what I have.  And that starts now, on holiday in Cyprus.  As I’m typing this post, I’m watching Flora and Alan enjoying themselves in the pool.  Time to pour a glass of Mateus Rose, switch off the iPad, and join them!

What are your June goals? I’d love to hear what you’d like to achieve this month!  Do you need to give yourself permission to get off the treadmill too?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below, thank you!



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