Is a boho wedding right for you? *

Is a boho wedding right for you? *

When I was a little girl, I imagined my wedding day would feature my arrival at the church in a horse-drawn carriage.  The white dress, the scenic location, the romantic first dance.  Nowadays, just one in four people opt for the traditional church wedding and boho weddings are becoming increasingly popular.  So what does this involve, why have they become so popular, and is one right for you?

What is a boho wedding?

Simply put, it’s a ceremony which has a carefree and relaxed atmosphere.  No matter where it’s held, the theme of nature and being natural is prominent throughout.

Our wedding was very much in this style as neither Alan nor I are church goers.  We didn’t want to spend several thousands of pounds on one day, nor feel constrained by having to invite people we didn’t really want.  So, after choosing our rings, we eloped to Florida and got married in Key West, with just the registrar and bar manager as our witnesses.  (She also took our photos on a non-digital camera, hence the rather grainy cover pic in this post).

After the ceremony, we had a few beers in the bar, followed by some Philly Cheese Steak pizzas and ice cream.  And partied the night away with some lovely Harley Davidson motorbike riders who were also staying in our resort!  Then we had another party to celebrate with our closest friends and family in our favourite Bath restaurant a month later.

Theme and location

According to a recent survey, 16% of weddings in the UK involved rustic or woodland ceremonies.  We seem to be moving away from the traditional weddings and functions as people want to inject their personality into their big day.

For many planning a boho wedding, Country House weddings are very appealing, as they can provide a space for both the traditional and alternative categories.  If you just want to tweak a few aspects, they often have outdoor space available where you can add a tent, tipi or such like for those looking for an individual touch.


If you’re in the 5% who plan to get married abroad, a beach location can be ideal for the big day.  Unfortunately, the unpredictable weather in the UK doesn’t make it the best ‘beach wedding’ destination, despite our 2018 summer heatwave.


Many couples are opting to add a personal touch to their wedding décor – with the bonus that it can also save money.  Designing your own wedding invitations and seating plans (using Canva or PhotoShop, for example) will give your wedding that unique touch.  I didn’t know about Canva when we got married but I did manage to cobble some party invitations together in PhotoShop, which I was very proud of 🙂

Flower power is also huge for that personal feel to your wedding day – you can never have too many flowers!  Alongside your bouquet and buttonholes, you could have a floral archway under which to exchange your vows, floral chair décor, or even a flower swing.


One of easiest ways to get that boho vibe is with your choice of outfit.  While nearly three-quarters of us ladies still choose white or ivory as our wedding colours, touches of pink, blue and purple are becoming more prominent.  Or even all over red, like Paula Yates wore some years ago.  With an overall ‘organic’ feel, gossamer meshes, delicate laces and floral motifs are a great alternative.  My wedding dress was a beaded and embroidered cream evening one from Coast and I wore gold flipflops.  Oh, and I did my own make up and hair too.


For some men, it’s the little aspects that make all the difference.  Brightly coloured socks or a stylish cravat can really set off an outfit.  The casual look is also an option and open-neck shirts with no tie can work well.  As you can see from the cover pic, Alan went for this style, which suited our relaxed beachside ceremony and the heat, and he looked gorgeous.


For a more personalised take on wedding vows, why not write your own, to give your day an extra unique touch?  We all hope to be there ‘for better, or for worse’, but putting this into your own words can really define what your marriage means to you. Think back to Phoebe and Mike’s wedding in Friends, for example.


Whilst it can be stressful to organise and plan your wedding day, it’s important to remember that it’s only one day (unless you’re a celebrity, in which case time means nothing…)  And it’s your day so you need to try and relax and have some fun too.  Our boho wedding was the ideal way for us to celebrate our commitment to each other.  We only had each other to focus on and that, for us, is what a marriage ceremony should be all about.

What do you think about the rise in boho weddings?  If you’re married, what type of ceremony did you have?  Or if you’re not married, what type of ceremony would you choose?

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Cordelia Moor

It’s so cool that you did what YOU wanted to do for your wedding day, I know so many people conform to the wishes of their family. You also look utterly gorgeous in that photograph, no wonder he married you! Marriage is a long way off for me right now, but I often consider what the day would look like especially in regards to my family, but I think you made the best out of both worlds.

Cordelia ||


Wow Lisa, getting married in Florida and celebrating with pizza and ice cream sounds like the absolute dream!! This is exactly the kind of thing I would choose as I’m not really into the big fancy weddings and yay for holidays! I’ve always liked the idea of a beach wedding in some beautiful exotic location (a girl can dream, right… ha ha). I love the idea of gold flip flops and keeping things simple. It sounds like you had a really special day and I love how you took care of all the little details yourself too – the party… Read more »

Cora @ Tea Party Princess

I love that you did what you wanted for your wedding 🙂 I feel like there’s so much pressure to do what other people expect.
Mine will definitely be boho when we tie the knot, it’s just much more us. And I want to wear comfy shoes haha.
Cora |


Love the pink converse!! Such a great post, the photographs are lovely xx


I loved reading about your wedding day, Lisa! You look beautiful! I have lots of ideas about my own wedding, but the main thing is that I know I want it to be small, with little splashes on my personality in there. Neal’s, too, if he wants to contribute anything. I despise the idea of having a lot of eyes on me and the idea of a big wedding is definitely not for me – it never has been.. Luckily, I don’t know many people (and neither does Neal) so the odds are in my favour!

Ms Via

Loved reading about your wedding Lisa. Both of you are looking so beautiful together. Mine was the typical big fat Indian Wedding Lisa. My outfit was a maroon and golden heavily embroidered with all the heavy golden jewelry. That is what most weddings back in India are. They go on for 3-4 days following all the rituals, customs and traditions. SO many guests are invited. Besides mine was the first wedding in our house. haha! But I love the idea of Boho style wedding too. 🙂 Your post brought back beautiful memories.

Via |