How to have the perfect cosy night in

How to have the perfect cosy night in

Going out has become so expensive these days (babysitter, taxi, dinner and/or movie) so we don’t do it that often.  But it’s really important to make the most of our time together so I thought I’d share our tips on how to have the perfect cosy night in.

#1. Make it a movie night

Because going to an Odeon costs roughly the same as two weeks airport parking, we love to have movie nights at home. And the first requirement is obviously a fabulous tv to watch your movie on, like one of these HD OLED 4KTV Panasonic ones for that Hollywood experience with colour and sound. Our current tv is sadly unable to offer this so a Panasonic * upgrade is on our list…

#2. Choose a good film

As there’s three of us, it does mean our film choices are more child-friendly than before. After taking Flora to see the two recent Star Wars film in the local cinema, which she LOVED, we’ve treated ourselves to a box set of the original Star Wars trilogy (parts IV, V, VI in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know about George Lucas’ slightly odd film making order). Now Alan and I can relive our childhoods too.

#3. Comfy sofa and squashy cushions

I don’t think I need to say any more here? Apart from needing a big enough sofa to all cuddle up together on, of course.

#4. Snuggly blankets

This is where staying in trumps going to the cinema – because nothing beats snuggling up under some soft fleecy blankets or throws.

#5. Chocolate and popcorn

I bought a popcorn maker about 20 years ago, which was used a couple of times before I realised it was far easier to buy the stuff! And although it comes in a huge variety of flavours, a mix of salt and sweet is still our favourite. And chocolate. Always chocolate.

#6. Wine and hot chocolate

So wine for me and Alan, hot chocolate for Flora and sometimes me too. But only with marshmallows and squirty cream because, y’know, it has to be done properly 🙂

#7. Candles

Again, this is where staying in has the advantage over the cinema. I love burning fragranced candles in the evenings, especially my favourite White Company ones, White Lavender or Vervaine. And everything just looks better by candlelight, doesn’t it? While we’re on the subject of lighting, why not drape a few fairy lights around too?

#8. Fluffy socks or slippers

There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet when you’re out and not being able to do anything about it. Not a problem at home, where you can dig out your warmest and fluffiest footwear to snuggle up in.

#9. As many cats as possible

If you follow me on here, you’ll know we have three gorgeous cats: Jester, my old boy, Spooky, Flora’s cat, and Ginger, Alan’s cat. The perfect company on movie nights, even if they do snore rather loudly at times!

Well, these are my must-haves when we’re planning our perfect cosy night in. Are any of these on your list too? Have I missed anything off? I’m sure you’ll have your favourites, so please let me know what you like to do for your staying in at home nights!

* This is a sponsored post.

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YES YES YES. Especially to the last bit – the more cats, the merrier and perfect the night is! If the movies in the picture is what you picked, then yes! I’ve just become a Star Wars fan and I’m really trying to get through all the movies. Really stoked for the Solo movie coming out next month!

cabin twenty-four

Ms Via

This is the PERFECT cosy night set up for me and my family. Even though we go out occasionally to watch movies as well as dinner. But we enjoy the most at home. Ordering food, watching some movie or Netflix is the best. The choice of Star Wars is wonderful 🙂 Loved reading this post Lisa.

Via |


He he, your comment about Odeon being as expensive as two weeks airport parking is so funny cos it’s true! I loveee this post Lisa, cosy evenings in are the best. Snuggly blankets, fluffy socks, a good film and chocolate sounds absolutely perfect. And I totally agree with as many cats as possible – the more the merrier in my opinion and that’s such an adorable pic btw. Fab post lovely! xx

Bexa |


Great post Lisa! I actually prefer a cosy night in nowadays and agree it’s so expensive to go to the cinema nowadays, we have Vue locally to us and it’s nearky £11 for an adult crazy when the DVD is £10 ish to buy on release. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream would be my choice- can’t handle the hangover anymore and I def wish my cats were still here to snuggle with.

Melanie |

andthenzen ✨

You’re going to hate me in the same way that everyone does when I say this but, I’ve never actually seen Star Wars?! I do love a good movie night though, with all the snuggly blankets and lots of delicious snacks – that’s probably my perfect night actually! ?


Great post Lisa! It’s lovely to make the most of what you have at home to create a cosy night in. Plus when you’re saving money it’s even better! Wine and hot chocolate is ALWAYS a must, as is candles! xx


You are so right! The cinema is crazy expensive these days, cosy nights in are where it’s at! I love sinking into my sofa with a blanket and watching a movie or catching up on our fav tv shows, I need one of those huge TVs though!
PaleGirlRambling xo

Jessica & James

Going out is so expensive these days and you can’t beat a cosy night in. I’ve never all the pillows and fluffy socks, I am living for it! A old film is always a must!

Jessica & James | /

Lena Dee

Yes! Yes! Yes! 1000 times YES! Now you have me wanting a very special cozy night this weekend with my pillows and one of my series I’m behind in. I love that Star Wars is your pic tehe. Fluffy socks, wine and chocolates are are guaranteed happiness and assurance that it will be a great night! 😀 <3
Great post Lis!

xx Lena |

Jenny in Neverland

One of my most recent posts was a sponsored post with the same brand. They have excellent blogger outreach! Totally agree with all of these but I’d personally go with Flora on the hot chocolate as I don’t drink. Star Wars is a great choice of movie.

Bethany Jane

Completely agree with all of this! Nights in are definitely better than nights out. The cinema is unbelievably expensive these days – since when did it cost close to 30 quid for two tickets!? I’m now dreaming of the perfect night in, with all the snacks and kitty-cats I can get! Sounds dreamy…
Beth x


These are definitely the essentials of having a cosy night in, I really wish I had a pet – I would love to be able to care for and look after a little friend, haha! 🙂 I have actually never seen star wars and I think I need to rectify that ASAP!

Great post!

Kate |

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

Love these! A cosy night in is always my choice over going out. I love to stick on movies, get pampered and fully relax. Chocolate & popcorn is a MUST! Gotta have a good munch with it.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

The snuggly blanket is a must. I’m hoping to have a movie night this weekend.

Jennifer |