Ginger – the cat who came to stay

Ginger – the cat who came to stay

As previously mentioned, I am the concierge for three cats.  Jester, my cat (white, 13 years old), Spooky, Flora’s cat (black, 2 years old) and Ginger, Alan’s cat (no prizes for guessing his colour, approximately 6 years old).

Jester and Spooky

… we acquired them through normal routes, via friends and the local Cats Protection League.  Both came to us as kittens so we know all about them.


… is different.  He rocked up in our garden three summers ago and at first we assumed he was a stray.  After a few weeks we took him to our vet who told us he was originally from France (!) but now lived in our village.  He was returned to his owner the same day and by the following morning he was back in our garden.

His owner came round to find him snoozing in our greenhouse.  We offered to take him on as he was no trouble, and Jester and Buzz (Spooky’s predecessor) took great pride in showing him where the food was served.  She refused so he continued hanging around.  Next stop, the purchase of two SureFlap Microchip Pet Feeders to stop him snarfing our cats’ food.

Year two

I took to leaving our greenhouse door open so he could shelter from bad weather (killing off most of my seedlings in the process).  His owner still wanted to keep him, even though she never saw him (!)

Year three

As cold weather approached, and I couldn’t bear seeing him outside in the rain, I tried his owner again.  This time, however, the vet said he was marked down as deceased on the microchip register with an invalid contact number.

Cue multiple phone calls to microchip companies and our vet.  Eventually, following a long and convoluted transfer process, his ownership was legally transferred to us.  At long last, his persistence had paid off and he’d achieved his aim of moving in!


As I write, he’s snoring loudly on the back of the sofa.  Yes, he’s greedy, yes, he’s ripped all hell out of our sofas, no, I didn’t want three cats (three lots of vets bills, insurance, cattery fees) but he’s just such a lovely boy.  To this day we still have no idea why he chose our house over any other in our village but we’re very glad he did.

Do you have any stories about your cats? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below, thank you!



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Ginger sounds very tenacious! Would love to see Jester’s story too one day ?
Amy xx