From hobbit to baby feet with Oh K!’s Korean peeling foot mask


If you’re anything like me, then your feet are definitely not a top priority during winter.  And when I was given an Oh K! peeling foot mask for my birthday, my first instinct was to keep it in my bottom drawer.  But, during a massive sort out (I LOVE sort outs, they are so therapeutic, but let’s save that for another blog post), I found it again and thought I’d give it a try.  So, did it live up to its promise?

Oh K! peeling foot mask

Oh K! are a Korean beauty brand who specialise in masks (face, hands, feet). Inside the peeling foot mask box were two plastic fabric-lined socks and two sachets of fruit enriched serum/liquid. Squinting at the ingredients list for the serum, I noted glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lemon, lime, orange, apple, grape extracts, as well as some other additions that I couldn’t pronounce.


Although I had a Korean face mask in my very first Birchbox, I haven’t used anything like this before for my feet. TBH my footcare routine consists of a scrub with a foot file before attempting to trim and paint my toenails before my holiday.  Hobbit feet are the order of the day for me up until about early May.  But I thought it looked like fun and I was all set to try it until I read the back of the packet. “… the feet will start to peel within 4-6 days…” EEEK!  For some reason I’d assumed it was the mask that would peel off, not my skin.  Anyway, after canvassing opinions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, a nail technician friend reassured me that she’d used one, it would be fine, and my feet would not disintegrate.

Freezing feet and soggy socks

You pour a sachet of serum into each sock, tie them on your feet, and leave your feet to soak in the liquid for between 1 and 1.5 hours.


Basically, you’re pouring cold liquid into plastic bags and then sitting upright in case the liquid trickles up/down your legs.  They are EXTREMELY difficult to walk in, I felt like Bambi on ice and I was terrified the bags would burst all over my carpets.  Snuggling up (carefully) with my book, I suddenly realised my feet had been soaking in cold dissolving fluid for over 2 hours.

A speedy hobble into the bathroom to rinse everything off was followed by the bliss of putting radiator warm socks on my frozen feet.  I used the peeling foot mask on Sunday and by Friday morning, the dead skin was coming off in sheets.  You’re not supposed to help it along, but I defy anyone not to pick and pull loose, peeling skin.  It’s a bit like a scab, you know you’re not supposed to, but it feels so damn good.

WARNING: the next photo isn’t pleasant but I wanted to show you just how much skin this simple little mask removed from my shamefully neglected feet. Apologies to those of you who are squeamish, but in the interests of an honest review…


Quite impressive / horrifying / disgusting, no?  Despite using a foot file to get rid of the last few bits of dead skin, and leaving my feet to soak for longer than I was supposed to, I’ve had no adverse reactions.  And my feet are certainly a lot smoother now, even baby soft in places.

Would I use an Oh K! peeling foot mask again?

Yes, I think I probably would.  The mask doesn’t deliver an instant result but it’s still a very easy way to get your feet flip-flop ready.  BUT you need to use it at least 2-3 weeks before you go on holiday, because your feet look terrible while the skin peeling is in progress. Another tip is to wear socks to bed, otherwise your bed will be full of dead skin too (yuck).  If you fancy trying one of these Oh K! peeling foot masks too, you can buy them from Amazon, Feel Unique, and even Oliver Bonas.

Have you ever used a peeling foot mask? If not, what do you think (if you’re still reading this far), are you tempted to try one now?

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I have been eagerly awaiting this post since you said you were going to give it a go! This sounds exactly what I need before I go on holiday in a few months time so will be bookmarking so I can come back and purchase when needed ? thanks for sharing Lisa great post!

Melanie |

Jenny in Neverland

Goodness me Lisa! How very graphic of you! Okay firstly, sorting out… the most therapeutic thing EVER for me. Maybe we can collab on that post? I recently had a massive sort out and threw like, everything I own away. I love it. Onto the post, I really want to take more care of my feet. I have oddly shaped feet which means I get REALLY bad hard skin which can get so, so painful sometimes. So I’m always sawing at them with a hard skin remover. But because I don’t have finger nails (I pick them to the point… Read more »


I love Korean skincare like sheet masks but this squicks me out a little! Not sure I could do it! <3

Alisha Valerie

This mask sounds awesome, I’m gonna check it out! Thank you for sharing ?✨

With love, Alisha Valerie x |


This sounds like a great product. And the title of this article had me a bit in giggles 😀

Ellis Woolley

Wooooooah I’ve always wanted to try one of these! I bet it was so fun & satisfying peeling all of the skin away from your lovely smooth feet! x x
Ellis //

what corinne did

Oh em gee! I had never heard of foot mask. Just the word “peeling” makes me want to puke ahahah! Such an interesting and fascinating yet gross experience. At least, you got perfect feet! xx corinne


Oh wow… I didn’t know such things existed! But this sounds like a very effective product; definitely one I’ll be bearing in mind come the summer.


This looks so cool haha I’ve never tried these but they seem interesting! I can imagine that I’d probably wet myself having to walk with these on ? lovely review though Lisa!

Rebecca |


I’ve never used one of these, and since on the sort of holiday I go (UK, and almost always to Northumberland as my parents and I and the dogs just adore it) I barely have bare feet, I don’t think I’d use one. It is always interesting to hear that these sorts of things exist though ?
Amy xx

Rebecca Elaine

I have never taken care of my feet (i probably should). Ive always kept my foot masks in the bottom drawer as well so maybe i should start cracking some out.


Oooo! I’d actually really like to try this, I love Oh K! products! Ha, bravo for sharing the “after” photo! Sorting out is SO therapeutic, it feels so good afterwards!
Hels xx


I am not at all sure as to what to think on reading this… I like the idea of face masks, but anything to do with my feet I can’t bare! (It’s an Aspergers thing-to do with sensory issues, I think.) But flip flop ready sounds good-maybe add a pretty layer of nail varnish to the mix?


When you spoke about how awkward these were I thought that this wasn’t for me but after seeing what a great job it did I might actually have to try it! I definitely need to get mine summer ready, I always ignore them over Winter haha!- x


He he, your posts always make me smile Lisa! The bambi on ice and hobbit feet comments amused me 🙂 I’m in two minds about trying this, the freezing feet part doesn’t appeal but having lovely smooth feet a week after sounds great. I’d worry about a piece of skin falling off during a yoga class or something ha ha. Great post as always <3

Bexa |

Lena Dee

???Bambi on ice…lol why did I just picture trying to waddle around in these. Honestly I need to take better care of my feet and this sounds like the trick. I need a deep treatment lol the only time I really deal with my feet is when I get spa treatments ? Honestly I had to double check that flatlay of dead skin cause I’m shook lol. I’d actually order this. When I try I’ll let you know…and def take your advice and not go anywhere. Thanks for sharing Lis ♥️

xx Lena |

Ms Via

I am the worst at taking care of my feet. Sometimes I am so regular and then I am relaxed and lazy to do anything. I have seen foot peeling masks a lot in the drugstores here, but have never tried even though have heard really good things about it. I was actually waiting to know your thoughts on this. This is very interesting. I will definitely be trying out. I have seen just single sachet of these masks available here (not the brand you have mentioned) . But tomorrow morning I will go and get the mask and try… Read more »


As gross as it looks I really want to try one now lol I take a lot of dance classes so my feet are basically horrible to look at and most of the time dry. I feel like this would really help! Thank you for sharing 🙂



I definitely did not think it meant your feet would peel either! I’m a training reflexologist so this is fascinating. We do case study swaps so I’m pretty sure my fellow students would not appreciate treating peeling feet (although we are all too polite to comment). Haha!

Miriam Hereza

I really want to try this! My feet always suffer and look terrible during summer, so I think this could help.
Just one question: Does it hurt?

Thanks for the review!

Miriam |