Date Night at Bar + Block Bath – Review

Date Night at Bar + Block Bath – Review

Recently Alan and I went out on our own on a Friday night in Bath. Yes, we had an actual date, which is has been a carry forward on far too many of my monthly goals posts in the past… And we were lucky enough to be asked to dine at Bar + Block Steakhouse in Bath* to boot. I can’t tell you how just much we were both looking forward to that evening, so without further ado, let’s see what we thought.

Bar + Block

Bar + Block Steakhouse in Bath has been open for just over a year, keeping company with sister restaurants in London, Birmingham, Hampshire and – most recently – in Nottingham. The chain is owned by the Whitbread Group and, as you can probably deduce from the title, specialises in steak.

What makes Bar + Block unlike any other steakhouse I’ve eaten in is the way they treat their beef. It comes from British breeds of cattle reared across the Pampas in South America. But instead of buying pre-cut steaks, Bar + Block have the whole carcasses brought back and aged for a minimum of 28 days. They are then hand-cut on site, so you can have whatever type of steak you want and as big as you want it – 8oz right up to 20oz if you could manage it!Β  Fresh carcasses are delivered three times a week, and fresh fish and vegetables are delivered daily.

The Main Menu is available 11:30am – 10pm, an Express Lunch menu between 11.30am – 5pm weekdays, they open for breakfast at 6.30am, and Flora will be delighted to see that, thanks to the chain’s USP on beef, the Kids Menu offers steak as an option as well as the usual chicken and pasta fare.

Bar + Block Bath

Our waitress, Lucy, showed us to our table and left us with the most delicious beef-flavoured popcorn to munch on while we browsed the Main Menu for our starters and mains.

Of course we were both going to have steak, I mean, how could we not after hearing all about the provenance? Rather than cocktails (of which there are many intriguing sounding ones, including both a Popcorn and a Candy Floss Martini!), we opted for a bottle of wine. As a rule I don’t drink red wine because it doesn’t agree with me. But you can’t really have white wine with steak, can you? Lucy recommended a gorgeous Argentinian Malbec, which was sooooo smooth and delicious, I think I’m going to convert back to red again, at least when dining out.


I adore scallops and my Atlantic scallops cooked over charcoal in garlic butter and chorizo, topped with samphire were absolutely gorgeous. Tender and juicy, with not too much chorizo. And the samphire was slightly salty and crunchy, a lovely garnish.

Alan opted for Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid mixed with chilli and garlic, served with lemon and garlic mayo and a wedge of lemon. These had just the right amount of batter – it’s easy to over do it, I think, but not here. And the chilli gave a lovely little kick too


Fillet steak is my all time favourite cut so it was an easy choice to make. I went for a medium rare 10oz Fillet with a light oil-based Chimichurri sauce, as suggested by Lucy (I’m not keen on creamy sauces). The fillet was so tender, my knife just slid through it with no effort at all. And the accompanying beef dripping triple cooked chunky chips were absolutely dreamy. It may sound odd but chips can really make or break a meal for me – these were crunchy on the outside but meltingly soft on the inside, exactly how I love them.

As well as all the steaks, burgers, lamb, pork, fish, and a few vegetarian options, Bar + Block offer a Butcher’s Block special too. On this occasion it was 10oz chargrilled Picanha steak topped with Chimichurri (Picahna is a speciality South American cut which comes from the top cap of the rump). It came with those fabulous beef dripping chips, and a salad wedge (y’know, to be healthy) topped with blue cheese and crispy oak smoked dry cured streaky bacon. No prizes for guessing what Alan went for… and he polished off almost everything!


I was so spoilt for choice on the pudding menu. I could have had brownies, cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding but in the end I went for the Chocolate Churros Sundae because – shocker – I’ve never tried churros before. Oh my. Just look at what I feasted on: two cinnamon sugar coated churros, served with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel ice cream, brownie chunks, cream and chocolate toffee sauce. YUM. Alan went for a far healthier but (so he said) extremely delicious Fruit Salad featuring a mix of strawberries, grapes, apple, melon, mango and pineapple topped with coconut sorbet.

A very welcome Americano coffee and Earl Grey tea ended our meal nicely. We took our time over pudding and finishing off our wine and, although it was a Friday night and the restaurant was filling up, at no stage were we made to feel that we should hurry up. All the staff, especially Lucy, were lovely and accommodating, even when I was wandering around taking photos and – undoubtedly – getting in their way.

Final thoughts

We didn’t want our evening to end so we repaired to the bar for a couple more glasses of that lovely Malbec, which were also, very kindly, on the house. It’s been a very long time since Alan and I have (a) been out on a proper date and (b) had such a fabulous meal.

If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant that caters for office workers, couples, families, small groups, and parties – and is ideally located, right next to Bath’s Odeon cinema too – I think Bar + Block will take some beating.Β  There is honestly nothing I can criticise about the food, the service, and the atmosphere.Β  We had a truly lovely evening and I’m so grateful to have been invited to sample their Spring/Summer menu. We will be back for sure – and this time with Flora too!

* I was asked to review Bar + Block in Bath but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.


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Ahhh steak is my absolute fave and this restaurant sounds like it cooks and presents it perfectly! So lovely you got a date night Lisa, and time to yourselves. I love evenings like those, and even better that you got the opportunity through blogging! Lovely review (which has made me very hungry ha ha) xx

Rebecca |


What a great review! I’m so glad you two had such a lovely evening! πŸ™‚ x

andthenzen ✨

Beef flavoured popcorn?! That actually sounds crazy! Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid sounds incredible as well, I hate too much batter as well. Although the Chocolate Churro Sundae would have me rushing down my food, just to get to that.. ?


HOLY crap these look amazing! I mean, I’m not able to eat most of these but was looking at them with a water on my tongue. And now I’m hungry, oh well.
This sounds like an amazing restaurant πŸ™‚

lots of love, Jasmin


This was so informative! I don’t have one where I live but will definitely look out for one!


That restaurant looks so good! The food also looks amazing especially your main course! Love a good steak! Looks like it was a perfect date night, great post x


Wow all of the food looks incredible! I’m totally with you on that chips can make or break a meal. I love chips but they have to be done properly, the ones you had look delicious and just perfect. Such a brilliant review Lisa, so glad you had a nice date night! xx

Tiffany x

The Frozen Mind (Jen)

I just had lunch but I am now hungry again! The food and the atmosphere really looks amazing!

You can’t have white wine with steak? Why not? I drink dessert wine with everything! (I know I am such a rule breaker!)

You need to go out more often!

Sunkissed Scribbles

Brilliant review, Lisa. Glad you had a lovely time. It caught my eye as I recently stayed at Premier Inn in Birmingham which had a Bar + Block restaurant attached. I’m not a steak person and the menu didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t try a meal there. But I did get a dessert from the menu (Sticky Toffee Pudding) and now wish I’d tried the Churros – I’ve never tried them before either! Maybe next time ? x


Wow Lisa! What a fantastic meal and overall experience you and Alan had. That is such a lovely treat! I haven’t eaten meat for a while now but the way you described your meal did make my stomach rumble, he he! The desserts sounded amazing, I think I would have chosen the sundae as well, so many delicious ingredients! Sounds like you both had a wonderful time and your photos are brilliant! Thanks for sharing – I’ll have to check out the Hampshire Bar + Block at some point <3 xx

Bexa |


Looks like a lovely place. Everything looks so delicious!
I’m glad you two had a great evening.

Louisa |


All of this food looks fabulous! Of course, I find a ton of food posts when I’m starving… The beef popcorn sounds intriguing and yet quite terrifying lol! I’m glad you had a great night out! What a wonderful review too πŸ™‚

Sophie Wentworth

It sounds like you guys had a great evening! Very intrigued by the idea of a Candy Floss Martini. It all looks amazing x



Aw I love date nights and it sounds like you had a great one! I loveeee steak and the by the sound of those martinis this is somewhere I have to visit. I wish we lived closer to one but I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind for my travels so thank you for your honest review, they’re always so helpful! (I’m so hungry after reading this)
Sophie – x

Jordanne / Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

This sounds like such a great place! I love going to new restaurants tbh, the food looks super delicious, probably not a great idea to read this whilst i’m starving lol I would definitely order that stake, that seems to be my choice of food right now when ever I go out. I always love a good fruit salad after a meal, it seems to be a nice pallet cleanser.


This looks like an amazing restaurant Lisa! Is the one in Birmingham of the same name? I may have to visit it as my boyfriend loves both scallops and steaks!!

Molly xo


This restaurant looks incredible! I’m not a big meat eater but I’d be tempted to try their vegetarian options. Great review!

Tori |
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Prachi Maulingker Naik

Loving those pictures! Looks like you guys had a great evening ?


Everything looks so good! Nice experience! Wonderful post dear <3
Beauty and Fashion Freaks

Lena Dee

haha omg I would not lie your feature image totes caught my attention and I def had to click!! Food is such a weakness for me lol. I’m glad you guys enjoyed your date night, you can never go wrong with a Malbec! Nothing like a relaxing atmosphere and great food, I still think it’s pretty awesome you got an invite for there! πŸ˜€

xx Lena |

Ms Via

Oh Wow Lisa! Looks like you both enjoyed your evening together. It is so much fun and relaxing to go out alone sometimes. The ambience of the place looks great. Love the pictures. πŸ™‚

Via |


Man, that food looks good! I may have just finished dinner whilst typing this, but now I feel hungry!