All the tea in China – drinking tea like the Chinese with Capacitea


Do you drink tea?  If so, do you take it black, with lemon, sugar, or with milk?  Do you prefer caffeine-free tea, herbal tea, or a good old-fashioned builder’s brew?  There are so many varieties of and ways to drink tea.  Much as I love it though, especially with a good book in hand, I’ve never tried to drink it like the Chinese do.  So I was very excited when Capacitea * offered to send me a few of their blends and teaware to try out.


Capacitea was founded by young tea enthusiasts in London, who are passionate about premium quality loose leaf teas and classically inspired modern tea wares.  Influenced by China’s tea heritage, the founders aim to enlighten people that quality tea isn’t only a beverage, it’s an experience in itself.  And using the correct teaware is also important in bringing out the best flavours, as well as the right quantity and brewing times.

According to Wikipedia, tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking.  For me, the idea of Chinese tea conjures up elaborate ceremonies and an almost reverential appreciation of the drink.  And not a cucumber sandwich in sight.

Gift set

With so much choice available, I opted for one of Capacitea’s best sellers, the Dark & Black Tea Lover loose leaf gift set.  This retails at £28.80 with free delivery and contains three 50g sachets of tea and a very stylish glass infuser mug.


If you’re not a dark tea fan, you could go for white, yellow and green tea varieties, or even a touch of the exotic with some fantastic flowering teas (which really do look just like flowers when they’ve brewed).

Infuser mug

The mug comes with a drop-in stainless steel infuser and cap.  All you do is add your loose leaf tea or tea bag into the tea infuser and steep until your desired strength is reached.  Then simply place the strainer on your cap to avoid any drips.

I like the mug, it feels comfortable to hold, and is practical as well as stylish.  It’s been designed for on the go drinkers, as well as those who prefer to sip at their desk, or from the comfort of home.  Fun fact: when you invert the steel infuser and run water over the bottom to rinse it, it “sings” – really!

Captain’s Breakfast

“The tea’s fruity, caramel and malty flavours are balanced out with a light tannic finish.”  Originating from lapsang souchong, black tea has developed into a rich family of different teas over the years from its distinctive smoky ancestor.  Not only that, this tea is a Great Taste award winner too.

Sniff and taste tests

On opening the bag, there was a lovely malty and smoky aroma, which I always associate with lapsang souchong.  And very reminiscent of the tea I used to come home to after a walk along a wintery beach.  The flavour certainly lived up to its description, and it’s one I’d have no trouble drinking at any time of day.  Alan enjoyed this one as well.

Imperial Pu-erh

“Its rich forest foliage scent enhances its full-bodied and well-rounded earthy flavour.”  Unlike most teas, Pu’erh retains both its flavours and antioxidants with time – rather like a fine wine 🙂  A fermentation process causes the leaves to darken and the flavour to become smoother.  So the taste can transform through various stages of being fruity to nutty, grassy, herbal and earthy.


Sniff and taste tests

Despite much sniffing, I couldn’t detect any forest scent when I opened the bag.  To be honest, I couldn’t make out much aroma at all.  But the flavour was definitely on the grassy side and this was a much lighter flavoured tea, despite my leaving it to steep for a while.  I wasn’t as keen on this tea but, considering its health benefits, I think it might make a useful addition to my attempt at a healthier lifestyle.  Alan quite liked it as he drinks a lot of green tea anyway.

Dark-rose Waltz

“A delicate rose scent follows through to a full-bodied and earthy tea.”  Although today jasmine-scented teas are better known, the rose can claim a longer history as the first flower to be used in Chinese tea.   And this one’s another Great Taste award winner as well.


Sniff and taste tests

The fragrance when you open the bag is wonderfully floral and rose-scented.  My quibble with aromatic teas is that they never live up to their smell but not this time.  This tea is absolutely gorgeous.  It has a delicate perfume but not too overpowering, you certainly don’t feel like you’re drinking rose water.  I would happily drink this all day, and so would Alan, which I think speaks volumes.

Would we buy again?

You’d think that 150g of tea wouldn’t last very long.  Well, you’d be wrong in this case, because you can use these leaves at least three times – just increase the steeping time accordingly.  So your 150g of teas are going to last you a good long while.


I think one of the Gifts Sets would make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for any tea lover.  Or indeed for anyone who’s never tried traditional Chinese tea.  And the infuser mug is a brilliant inclusion, the mesh is so fine that not a single fragment of tea escapes to spoil your brew.  As and when our teas run out, I will certainly be repurchasing Captain’s Breakfast and Dark-rose Waltz.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Chinese tea experience and I’d like to say a big thank you to Capacitea for enabling me to enjoy their quality teas the way the Chinese do.

Have you ever tried Chinese tea?  Which of these three teas appeals to you the most?

* I was gifted these products in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review. This post contains also contains affiliate links.


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Mary White
Mary White

This sounds lovely Lisa.
I haven’t bought any tea bags for at least six months, and I use a couple of infuser pots (one of which is one-person size) with my lovely leaf teas..
I’ll look out for Capacitea.


This is the perfect gift set for any tea lover, you get such a good selection. He he, the thought of a singing infuser sounds very amusing! Dark Rose sounds so nice, I love the idea of a floral and rose-scented tea, I imagine that smells wonderful. Yum! The caramel flavour in Captains Breakfast sounds delicious too. I remember trying Pu’erh tea a few years ago and “earthy” is a very accurate description. It’s not my cup of tea (ha ha) but it does sound very good for you! Thank you for your great review Lisa, I really fancy a… Read more »


Oooh, this looks great! I love tea (in the traditional English sense ?), but I’ve never tried Chinese tea. The infuser mug is a fab idea because I think this is part of the reason I am put off so it takes away that worry. I love the fact a small amount can last quite a while, too! Super review as usual, Lisa xx

Bethany Jane

This set is so gorgeous! I’ve always been quite intrigued by all the ceremony and rituals around tea, as I don’t drink the stuff so I’m not sure about it’s appeal haha. The rose tea sounds amazing though, I love the scent of rose so this would be gorgeous to brew I can imagine!
Beth x


This would be such a good gift for Christmas! These teas sound lovely!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan

what corinne did

I love tea and I have been back at drinking so much of it lately! I had never heard of Capacitea before but loving the sound and look of it! The perfect gift set for any tea lover!


This is my kind of post! I absolutely love tea, Captain’s Breakfast sounds amazing, you’ve described them so beautifully and the photos are lovely, I’ll keep an eye out for this brand!
Hels xx


I haven’t used loose leaf tea before but many a variety of tea bag, you have me hunting for tea infusers & tea now! Haha


It was so interesting to read about these teas. They sound really nice and I love that you can re-use the leaves 3 times. This would be a great gift for a tea lover, or even for myself!



This sounds like heaven. I love tea and would love to play around with loose teas more. This looks like a great way to start x

Cathy Ulrickson

What a great gift that would be and I love the red box!

Sunkissed Scribbles

These teas look lovely, Lisa. I’ve never really used loose leaf tea but I’d love to give it a try. I do love a cup of tea! I’d love to try the Dark-Rose Waltz, it sounds lush! xx

Michelle Blackadar

great post lisa! I don’t drink tea myself, but a lot of my friends do and this would be perfect to get them as a gift! will definitely be coming back to this post when it’s time to start buying christmas presents! xx

mich /


Ooh the dark rose waltz sounds incredible and I totally know what you mean about teas sometimes not tasting half as good as they smell, that’s always such a dissappintment! This whole gift set would be perfect for the tea lover!

Soph – x

Jenny in Neverland

These would definitely make lovely gifts for tea lovers! I’ve tried herbal and fruity teas SO many times but I just can’t get used to them. I’m builders tea through and through with 2 sugars and milk! However I have started using soy milk in most things recently and I actually prefer it 🙂 xxx

Sophie Wentworth

This was fascinating. I’m not a big tea drinker, although I’d be happy to try the green ones! I know next to nothing about tea, and certainly don’t make my tea drinking an experience. It’s amazing that you can use the leaves up to three times though. It sounds like the sets are really good value for money. It would make a great gift x


Cordelia Moor

It took me entirely too much time to work out how to pronounce the name of this company! But their tea looks so gorgeous – I’m such a loose leaf tea snob and always have at least ten different varieties (varieteas?) on the go floating around somewhere, so this is right up my alley! The dark-rose waltz sounds utterly gorgeous, and I might have to invest for my tea loving friend for christmas!

Cordelia ||