Why is my seven year old more stylish than me?

Why is my seven year old more stylish than me?

We all have that one friend (or maybe more than one?) who is effortlessly stylish and looks amazing in just about anything they throw on.  This was brought home to me at a recent Wine and Frocks evening to raise money for CARE for Syria.

A stylish friend

A group of us were in the changing room (OK, back room of the village hall) and after we’d tried on several items and then put them to one side, our slim, tall friend swooped and tried them on, one by one.  And, yes, THEY ALL SUITED HER and she looked fantabulous.  Cue gritted teeth, gulp of wine, and the muttered mantra, “It’s fine, it’s all for charity …”.

A stylish daughter

But that’s life and probably only to be expected.  What I didn’t anticipate, however, is to be outstyled on a regular basis by my seven year old daughter.  While it’s true that I buy her clothes (90% second hand from eBay to be sure) what I have no hand in is how she puts her outfits together.

Where did she learn to tie a scarf just so? How does she manage to co-ordinate her tops and bottoms with such panache? Where does she get her instinctive sense of colour co-ordination from?  How humiliating is it to feel envious of my own daughter?!

Her own style

And this is not a recent occurrence.  Over the last two years, she has regularly dressed herself (I stopped laying out outfits for her shortly after her 5th birthday when she made it quite clear that she had her own ideas). But with a mummy who lives in jeans (or denim skirts or shorts when I have a tan) and Fat Face, H&M or Boden tops, I’m at a total loss as to where or from whom she draws her inspiration.

Of course, I’m thankful that she does have her own style, one that in no way do I want to squash or try to influence. So, as I prepare to go back to working in the real world occasionally instead of cocooned in my home office, perhaps I should start asking her advice on how to dress.  And if I do, I just have to hope that any new client likes unicorns …

Are any of your children more stylish than you? (!) Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below, thank you!



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