Ten more things that say Christmas to me


Lydia from MademoiselleWomen very kindly offered me the opportunity to write a guest post for her Blogmas series (Ten things that mean Christmas to meyou can read it here). I had a lot of fun writing it but, of course, as it was written in advance, I’ve now thought of ten more things that say Christmas to me. So here’s my follow up list:

  1. White Company candles
    Specifically, the Winter fragranced one. The heady aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and orange has enveloped me in the Christmas spirit since 1st December.
  1. Cava cocktails
    I’m not a fan of prosecco (shocked face) but I do like Cava. It’s creamier and lusher than prosecco and a Cava Kir Royale or Cava Bellini is always welcome on Christmas Day.
  1. Pfeffernusse
    I first came across these in Germany years ago but you can buy them in any supermarket these days. They are little gingery cakes/biscuits covered in an icing sugar glaze and they are YUMMY. I could eat a packet of these in one sitting if left to my own devices.
  1. Christmas carols on the radio
    As soon as it was 1st December, I switched the radio to Classic FM all day. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is my favourite carol, although Come All Ye Faithful runs a close second.
  1. Hot chocolate with Baileys
    I tried this at the Bath Christmas Market one year and OMG it was GORGEOUS. I’m not a fan of mulled wine so this is my go-to. And it’s chocolate, of course…


  1. Homemade decorations
    I’ve been saving all our jam tart cases and Flora and I spent a happy couple of hours turning them into decorations. Cheap and cheerful and lots of fun.
  1. Wrapping presents
    It’s not my favourite job but it’s also an indicator that 25th December is not so far away. I’m usually quite organised with buying things in advance, but sadly this doesn’t extend to wrapping them.
  1. Christmas cards
    Both giving and receiving, and I’ve absolutely loved getting cards from all my new blogger friends this year <3
  1. Christmas front door wreath
    Every year I say I’m going to make one and every year I realise that it’s rubbish and have to rush out and panic buy one. I don’t expect this year to be any different.
  1. Putting Flora’s stocking at the end of her bed
    In the sure and certain knowledge that she’ll be dragging it into our bedroom shortly after 5.00am on Christmas morning… #SpiritofChristmas.

So these are my ten more things that say Christmas to me.  What says “It’s Christmas” to you? (Warning: if you say “Noddy Holder” or “Slade” we can’t be friends).


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Jenny in Neverland

I am yet to sniff a White Company candle but I heard they are rather glorious! Maybe I’ll invest in one in the new year! I love our front door wreath too – I always admire it! I also love wrapping presents… to a degree. After 15 or so presents I can thoroughly fed up and for some reason, this year, I’ve ended up wrapping all my mum’s presents up too! INCLUDING MY OWN. Because she couldn’t be bothered hahaha! So I’m all wrapped-out right now xxx

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

I’m pretty sure Christmas music started playing here in November. Great list! My mother in law always makes us a Christmas wreath and it smells amazing!

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


What a lovely post! It’s the candles for me and the hot chocolate!! xx

Lisa Dimaline
Lisa Dimaline

5am Christmas morning ??oh my I bet Flora is a bundle of energy ?


Hi, this is a great list, I love listening to traditional Christmas carols, but I am bored of the regular festive tines as they are played far to much. I Laos love handmade decorations that come out every year.


I love the homemade decoration idea! So simple yet effective my son would love making these ?


I adore Christmas cards! I have a massive storage box full, and it’s so relaxing to start writing them. I also enjoy when our decorations get put up, they make me feel so festive ?


Just had to google Pfeffernusse and yes, these are delicious and always remind me of Christmas! I want to eat some now! I also need to check out these White Company candles too! Lovely list Lisa! xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

Lena Dee

Oh Lisa your blog is just lovely and all of these things do scream Christmas festiveness to me! I love making Christmas cards and decorations too!

xx Lena https://lenadeexo.com/


I totally agree with the White Company candles! My mum’s friend gifts her one every year and it just smells like Christmas to me. Christmas music on the radio is a big thing for me as well but I’m all about Christmas pop, I can’t get enough of Last Christmas or Step into Christmas

Ms Via

Everything is sweet and lovely in your list. I love hot chocolates too 🙂


So many lovely things that come with Christmas! I love buying people gifts and making all the presents look pretty as I wrap them with ribbon and bows too! I do like Christmas music although not when I start to hear all the same songs over and over again haha

Ellie x