Bath Christmas Market – my favourite stalls

Some of you may remember that one of my November goals was to visit the Bath Christmas Market, which opened on 23 November. Our lovely Scottish friends were visiting, so it was the perfect excuse to go and have some more hot chocolate and Baileys, mmmmm! Warning: this post is going to be quite photo-heavy but here’s a round up of just some of my favourite stalls (as there are over 200 exhibiting this year and I couldn’t fit them all in).

Food and drink

@GinAusten – I never need an excuse to try fruit gins, although I had to wait a while due to all the yummy mummies in front of me…

@LicktheSpoonUK – yes, that is a roasted cocoa bean with pure chocolate, YUM!

@Fusselsrapeseed – healthy and yummy rapeseed oils and flavoured dressings

@TeaPeopleLtd & @GreatBritishBee – tea and honey, a match made in heaven

@bigcheesemaking – want to make your own cheese? Here’s your ideal starter kit

@chiefchoclady – luxury chocolates and handmade in the next village to me #winwin

For the Garden

Garden Treasures and @ChiAfricaMetal – we bought a heron πŸ™‚


@DIJewellery – these are so pretty, they look just like boiled sweets

All things nice

KAT Aromatherapy – bath melts, soaps, salts, they look and smell beautiful

@SarahBellis1 – incense and candles and @HiveOriginals – beeswax and honey skincare (I bought the most gorgeous lemongrass handcream)

Christmas decorations

@paperstarlights – the most beautiful lanterns – not just for Christmas, ours is out all year

Amica and Bits & Pots – cute felt and wooden Christmas decorations

More market details

I hope I’ve given you a flavour (no pun intended… oh, go on then, I’m laughing anyway) of some of the fabulous stalls at this year’s Bath Christmas Market. It runs until Sunday 10 December so you’ve still got plenty of time to visit. I’ll definitely be going back again before it ends – will I see you there?

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I have the same red star lantern and it’s perfect for xmas but also for all year around!! I need to get more colours!! x


andthenzen ✨

I guess this will sound silly, but I didn’t realise quite how big the market was?! I would want to try all the food and drink stalls though, so I bet I’d be there forever.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Oh, this is all new to me. Looks like a great outing.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Jenny in Neverland

Ah Lisa I love all these photos! I”m hopefully going to a little Christmas fair / craft type thingy at my local library with my mum in 2 weeks and that would officially be my first Christmas fair. So I’m quite excited – especially to see all the home-made goodies that people are selling. I am instantly drawn to that cheese making kit…. I think my boyfriend and I would have a lot of fun with that! (And be very full afterwards too…)


This is such a cool post! I love all your photos – they’re so pretty. I love hearing about people’s trips to Christmas markets, I went to the York Christmas markets last weekend and they were great!


What a lovely post Lisa! Looks like you had a fab time at the markets, they’re all so festive and it’s great you got lots of photos too. I think I’d love to try the gin for sure! x.


Oh wow! I would spend an absolute fortune at that market…

Wait, I spend an absolute fortune at any market πŸ˜‚

Looks fab, thanks for sharing xx


Hi, I love Bath and would no doubt spend a fortune at this market.

Hannah Kaye

This is such a lovely post! I haven’t been to any Christmas markets yet but will have to go to my local one as well as York one soon! You can always find some good gems there.


This looks beautiful! I haven’t been to any yet, I don’t think the ones around me are up yet. I love that you’ve included the details of all the companies x



Looks fab! So jealous I travelled all the way from Carlisle to York for the Christmas market to find it was closed the day we were there !

Rachael Stray

Love the pictures. I love a good Christmas market gets you right in the festive period!!


I love love love Christmas markets, as well as the food on offer being delicious, you can pick up unique little items too. This was a great read, and great pictures too!

Holly x


I love Bath but didn’t know they had a Christmas market. It’s great you have so much knowledge of the stalls. This post has made me so excited for Xmas, thanks!

Monica @

Ms Via

First of all I loved the beautiful pictures you have taken. Everything is so beautiful here, looks like you had so much fun. I would love to visit such markets πŸ™‚


I absolutely adore Christmas markets! Everything always looks so pretty, and smells so good!
Your post has made me miss home a lot. There are no things like this where I am sadly.



Beautiful post! I was so hoping to get to this this year but I don’t think I will have time now as so much going on, I must get there next year! xx


This looks lovely! I’ve never been to bath before but this would be a good excuse to go!

Ellie x


This has made me feel SO festive!


Yay! I love this! I was wandering around on Wednesday night. There are some beautiful finds at the Bath Christmas markets!

Claudia xo

Bethany Jane

200 stalls?! Oh my lord that sounds dreamy haha! I would’ve been all over that gin stall, and the jewellery you posted is lovely. But the best bit for me would be a lemongrass handcream – lemongrass is one of my favourite, desperately underrated, scents! I’m so envious haha.
Your photos are stunning, I hope you had an excellent day at the market!
Beth x


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