Six tips for styling your garden this summer

Six tips for styling your garden this summer

Thanks to the lovely warm weather, we’ve been enjoying spending a LOT more time in our garden this year – and I don’t just mean with the hosepipe and sprinkler.  Styling your garden for summer needn’t cost a fortune though.  A combination of DIY and some new garden accessories* are among the quickest and easiest ways to add some sparkle and style to your outdoor space.  Here are a few of my favourite tips.

Table and chairs

Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, somewhere to sit outside and relax is a must.  Bistro-style tables are perfect for compact areas and can give your space a real Mediterranean holiday feel.  If you have more room, then a larger table with concealed leaves and chairs is brilliant for relaxed entertaining. True story alert: we didn’t realise our table had concealed leaves at first. Then six years later we had to move it when we had our new patio laid… et voilà!

If you have some furniture already, it’s easy to update.  Give it a quick hose down and scrub, and if it’s wooden you can restain or paint it a vibrant colour.  Don’t forget to add a few comfy cushions and throws for the evening (y’know, just in case the heatwave goes away).


Nothing says summer in the garden to me more than lights that come on at dusk.  We have some electric spotlights but my favourites are our range of solar lights.  I particularly love our solar firefly lights that look beautiful in our trees.

Our solar globes and spikes dotted in and around our flower and vegetable beds are a little intermittent now, so will probably need replacing next year.  I have my eye on a few of these rather fabulous flamingo solar spikes 🙂  And I really want to buy some fairy lights for our table parasol too.

Water feature

We’re lucky to have a pond in our garden and, now the tadpoles have all hatched, we can turn on the plumbed in circulating water feature.  Listening to running water is always very soothing and relaxing but it also serves to oxygenate the water too – win, win.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a pond, then a stand-alone silver ball water feature would make a striking and lovely addition to any outside space.


When you’re sitting out in the sunshine, it’s lovely to have some scented plants nearby.  I sowed some fragrant annual purple petunias this year and our perennial honeysuckle by the back door is also wafting its heady perfume.  Plus the soporific droning of the bees is great for encouraging afternoon siestas at the weekends…

A good plant for throwing fragrance out after the sun goes down is annual night-scented stock – I have this in planters by the back door where we can appreciate its heady clove-like aroma.


Regular readers of my gardening posts will recognise our Tiger in the orchard, our Skeleton on the bench, our Komodo Dragon on the patio, plus a whole host of other smaller but no less quirky accessories. Our latest addition to the menagerie is this rather lovely Peacock from T J Hughes*.

We saw some peacocks on holiday recently – at a riding stables, would you believe – so this beautiful metal sculptured ornament serves as a great souvenir.  And I think he goes rather well with our Tiger, giving a slight India vibe to our orchard.

Flora and I are divided on what to call him though so I’d like to enlist your help.  Which name would you vote for?  Let me know in the comments, please!

01. Geoffrey
02. Percy
03. Orlando

For the kids

No list of summer styling suggestions would be complete without a few ideas for the kids.  Flora is lucky enough to have a trampoline and I’ve been using it recently too – not for bouncing, that would be unimaginably tragic to witness – but for sunbathing.  It’s so much comfier than a sun lounger, I don’t know why I didn’t try it before.

When she was younger, we constructed a DIY wigwam under a tree in the orchard (try looking on Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration if you’re not sure how to make one).  If you don’t have space for a trampoline or a wigwam then our other fail safes are chalking on the patio or water pistols.  Both always go down a treat on play dates with friends, and with Alan, haha.

So these are my six suggestions for styling and enjoying your summer garden.  Have you used any of them?  If not, which tip(s) do you think you’ll be trying first?

* This is a sponsored post meaning I received items and/or payment in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.

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Quirky Writes

I love the idea of having a peacock! All of these options can make the garden look unique. Awesome tips! BTW Percy seems like a nice peacock name. 🙂


I love your garden Lisa! You have so many beautiful features, I especially love the solar firefly lights, I imagine they look so pretty at night. The photo of your cat waiting patiently at the table is the cutest! The tiger and peacock look great together, loving the oriental vibe. I vote for Geoffrey, as he looks like a Geoffrey he he. Also, sunbathing on a trampoline sounds dreamy, I like your thinking! Great post lovely <3 xx

Bexa |

Lisa Dimaline
Lisa Dimaline

Lisa this is so inspiring I’m by no means a gardener & certainly not a fan of having to tend to it but I do love the gorgeous items you’ve chosen. You always have such gorgeous pictures ? my pick is Orlando xx

Lisa ?❤️?


Fabulous post! I love the different areas of your garden and the solar fire fly lights and peacock are just stunning! I’m glad I’m not the only one who fails to realise things; I had a dining room table a few years back and it was only when selling it after buying a new one that I realised it extended ?

Melanie |


This is fantastic!
We have some fairylights strung in a tree too, they’re perfect for when it’s starting to get dark.
Cora |

Gem Fletcher

Haha great pics love the skeleton chilling! How on earth is your grass still so green in this heat, my lawn is seriously suffering. I think the peacock looks more of a Geoffrey

Sunkissed Scribbles

I love your posts about your garden, Lisa. I’d love to have a pond and tadpoles in ours. We have resident frogs and toads but not seen many this year as our new neighbours filled in their pond (why move to the country if you hate wildlife in your garden?!) I’ve also planted petunias this year but they’re shop bought ones. I grew pansies, lobelia and begonias from seed and they’re all thriving to my astonishment – the pansies have a lovely sweet smell. And I need one of those peacocks, so gorgeous! I vote for Orlando for your tiger’s… Read more »


I love love love the skeleton on the bench! Such a quirky unique garden! We have just had decking put in and we are still working out our styling etc. We need lights and a parasol as a priority but there are so many pretty things out there! I love your insight into your garden and may check out TJ Hughes for their touches 🙂


Oh your garden looks amazing! Sometimes I wish I had garden and then I remember what a work it is, especially compared to a balcony. Though, outing with a toddler when I don’t necessarily feel like going out would definitely be easier with one haha 😀

lots of love, Jasmin


This is a great post, your garden is so beautiful! I love your peacock and think you him Orlando! I love garden ornaments, we have a flamingo and an emoji!


You garden is adorable, I love eating outside so somewhere to sit out and eat is essential to me, I don’t have a water feature but totally agree that the sound of water is so calming! Your lights are so cute too, looks like a lovely set up to sit out in in the Summer!
Sophie – x


How beautiful! I love the idea of adding tables and chairs to a garden – you picked out really ones too! I also like the idea of adding the peacock :3 In my old city, peacocks were so abundant, you’d have to stop your car and let them cross the street first!

cabin twenty-four


The skeleton guy is so awesome! I love gardens (I unfortunately live in a block and don’t have even one square meter of green). My favourite part is planting (I even plant in my flat, cause why not?) and I love gardens with many flowers. Also, your table set is very nice.


Ahh love the peacock and the tiger, such great features to your garden! We don’t have a garden sadly but I just look at yours in envy

Kate xx


Lisa, I never fail to be impressed by your beautiful garden! Your purple petunias are gorgeous and such a vibrant colour! The water feature is simply lovely too, the trickling sound of the water must make you feel very serene! Your new peacock addition works so well, especially with the tiger! I must say that my vote is for Percy for a name! I absolutely loved having a trampoline as a kid so I’m really happy to hear that Flora loves hers too! And you’re absolutely right, they are amazing as sun loungers! Your skeleton chilling out on the bench… Read more »

Megan Harrison

Lovely post! Your garden is very impressive! Lots of great tips here which I will take on board in my journey into adulthood, and hopefully, one day having my own garden. Totally agree. Lighting and water features make gardens magical and relaxing, and a large garden table is a must for socialising.
Megan xxx

Ms Via

Your garden is so dreamy and desirable Lisa. Everything here is beautiful. the flowers, water falling but I am scared of frogs. Trampoline is a great addition to have. I’d love bouncing on it though hehe. Name for the tiger I would go with Orlando hehe. 🙂

Via |