Would you rather…? CHRISTMAS TAG


Today’s post is another tag post – the lovely Lauren tagged me for the Would You Rather…? Christmas tag so, as I’m not doing Blogmas, here’s my contribution to some Christmas blogging!

Lauren’s questions for me

  1. Giving presents or receiving them?

    Giving them, no contest, because seeing Flora’s face light up on Christmas Day is just magical. And seeing Alan’s face crack into a smile is pretty exciting too!

  2. Christmas Pudding or Trifle?

    Erm, none of us like Christmas pudding or Trifle, so I’m going to say Christmas Pudding flavoured ice cream, which is weirdly delicious.

  3. ‘Home Alone’ or ‘A Christmas Carol’?

    “A Christmas Carol” but Flora will probably have all of her Christmas favourites on repeat again so I’ll have to go with “The Snowman and the Snow Dog” – although this one is actually pretty cute.

  4. Spend Christmas abroad or at home?

    Definitely at home, snuggled up with our three cats, and eating our body weight in food.

  5. Receive one very expensive present or a few not-so expensive presents?

    A few not so expensive presents – I’d be too scared to wear/use one very expensive present in case I wrecked or lost it!

I tag

Rebecca’s Reviews

Hello Bexa

Claudia Montano

Lisa Dimaline


My questions for you

  1. Blogmas or not?
  2. Wish lists or surprises?
  3. Shop bought or homemade presents?
  4. Online shopping or brave the crowds?
  5. Christmas Day with family or significant other?

Apologies to my nominees if you’ve already done this Tag but thank you again to Lauren, I had such fun with this post (as you may know, I LOVE doing tag posts).  I hope you all enjoyed reading it and don’t forget to let me know when you’ve posted your Christmas Tags too. Ho ho ho!


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This post was fun to read! Out of curiosity what is a trifle? Is it similar to pudding? And I feel the same way, wearing expensive clothes/ jewerly would make me feel nervous also lol


Being cuddled up to three cats, eating all the food sounds like my idea of Christmas perfection. A Christmas Carol is such a nice festive film with a lovely message! Great post Lisa and thank you for tagging me <3 xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

Bethany Jane

I totally agree with you on the giving presents thing – I get so embarrassed when people watch me open gifts but I love totally staring at them opening mine, haha! And your ‘at home’ Christmas sounds perfect – I don’t think it would feel the same if I wasn’t with family on the big day!
Beth x http://www.adventureandanxiety.com

Jenny in Neverland

I’m loving reading all these Christmas Would You Rather Tags. I agree with giving presents – I absolutely adore spending ages finding the perfect present for someone and seeing their face when they open it. But I often feel a bit awks opening presents and I get a bit sad and annoyed because despite saying I don’t want anything to my mum, she always gets me more than I want / need! So I just end up feeling bad to be honest haha! xxx

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Great post! I love giving gifts as well. I dont mind staying home for Christmas but I love when we have alot of family around. My inlaws came to visit this year, and our families great along great so it will be alot of fun. I would pick Home Alone though.


I love this tag! Love to find out more about people! xx


What a cute tag! Enjoyed reading your answers ^_^

xxx Nele | http://www.thenavigatio.com

Ms Via

These type of posts are so interesting to read. Loved reading all your answers Lisa. Even I love being with my family for the Christmas and enjoying my vacation together. Enjoy your Christmas. 🙂


I love the idea of this Christmas tag! I’ve only seen the main Christmas tag until this year but I love this version.

Ellie x