Mud and Bloom Kids Nature, Craft & Gardening May Box – review

Mud and Bloom Kids Nature, Craft & Gardening May Box – review

As most of my friends know, Flora has been receiving her own Mud and Bloom subscription boxes (addressed to her!) since the beginning of the year.  This month was eagerly anticipated following the resounding success of the first four boxes, so was she still as impressed with May’s box?

Mud and Bloom

I love gardening but it’s sometimes a struggle to get Flora interested (although she’s perfectly happy to pick and/or eat everything in sight) so a monthly gardening and craft subscription box for kids is ideal. These boxes fit through the letterbox each month and come with at least one gardening and one nature craft seasonal activity. And you get full instructions, seeds, compost pellets, quizzes, and games too. Everything you need is provided in every box so you can get started even if you don’t have a garden.

The boxes also follow the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 national curriculum which is a real bonus. They’re aimed at 3 – 8 year olds but our neighbours’ twin 10 year olds love them too.  (Our January, February, March and April reviews are here if you’d like to see what we got in previous boxes).

May’s box

Here’s what was inside May’s box. (Pic courtesy of Mud and Bloom because I forgot to take a shot of everything when I was taking my blog photos…)

© Mud and Bloom

  • instructions for growing sweet peas (organic seeds and compost pellets provided)
  • instructions for growing pumpkins (organic seeds and compost pellets provided)
  • a crown and a mask template, glue, elastic plus instructions on how to make a floral crown and mask
  • some wool plus instructions on how to make a nature loom
  • a fact sheet and what minibeasts to look out for
  • and a quiz.

Sweet peas and pumpkins

I grow sweet peas every year because they are such amazing pollinators, incredibly pretty, and wonderfully fragrant. I haven’t tried this variety before though and I’ve never attempted a pumpkin! We haven’t planted our seeds this month because of an impending holiday and won’t be around to nurture them, but we’ll be doing this as soon as we get back home again.

Update from previous boxes – our four pea plants are now planted out and I have three nasturtium plants to plant out before we go away too. Our tomato seeds are also planted out and one has got some flowers already!

Nature loom and mask

We had three craft activities this month! The first was to make a nature loom with twigs, wool and any flowers, leaves, grasses we liked. The next two were a floral mask and crown. Flora decided she only wanted to do the mask so we’re saving the crown for another time.  I helped by winding the wool into the loom but she chose the flowers etc herself and wound them in and stuck them on herself.

Tip: when we come to do the crown we’ll probably press the flowers first, because that will make it easier to stick them on, and the designs will last for longer.

I think my favourite is the loom but she loves the mask – going for a cat theme, surprise, surprise!

Minibeasts hunt and quiz

Did you know that a slug has around 27,000 teeth? (no wonder so many of my seedlings don’t survive). Or that an ant can carry 20 times it’s own body weight – the same as an adult lifting car? Once again, Flora’s seen everything on the minibeasts hunt list, her favourites being the legions of woodlice that we always have to eject from inside the house…

Final thoughts

Flora loves these boxes and this month was no exception. It’s such a pleasure to be able to share something with her that’s fun, hands on and practical. The boxes are only £7.95, including P&P, which is amazing value when you look at everything you get.  If you struggle to entice your child away from the iPad then do think about giving one of these Mud and Bloom boxes a go. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to trial the first few through this blog, and I’m even gladder we subscribe now!

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You always find such great boxes, this one looks packed with fun products. I think those flower masks would make such a fun activity for children, I will definitely consider ordering one for me and my Niece to enjoy when she’s a little older. Great post as always 🙂

Kate |


This is such a cute box!

Jenny in Neverland

I love the cat / flower mask! Very creative. Good luck with the pumpkin growing when you get around to it!


Aww, I love the cat flower mask, Flora is so creative! What a fun garden activity for the both of you, especially now the weather is nicer. I love finding out what goodies are in each box Lisa, this is exactly the kind of thing I would have enjoyed doing when I was a child. Also, a slug has around 27,000 teeth? That’s crazy! Ha ha! I’m loving how educational these are too! Thanks for sharing lovely, looking forward to see what’s in next months box already xx

Bexa |


These boxes look fantastic! I hope the atttempt at growing a pumpkin goes well, and I love the mask you made (your photos are so pretty btw)
Amy xx

Jessica & James

This looks like a great sub box! Something that would defo keep me busy and find new creative things to do!

Jessica & James | /


That box looks so cool. I heard that pumpkins can become very very big. Wish I had some gardening magic to me. I’ve been growing red peppers that are doing pretty alright actually. So handy that they included the minibeasts to look out for. I am sure that’s where i went wrong with my basil ones 🙁
Be sure to take lots of pictures
I am curious to see 🙂

andthenzen ✨

I’m loving reading these posts and I wish there was something like this around for me when I was little, because I think I would’ve enjoyed it.. ? The mask making would’ve been my favourite, and Flora’s creation is amazing! ?


You’re always so crafty! These boxes you keep getting are all so interesting Lisa!

Kerry Thomas

I received mays box to it’s great me and my little girl loved it. X#teacupclub


Oh wow, this sounds like a lovely box! Would definitely want to try this out one day 🙂


I wish my Mum had known that these were available (if the company is that old haha) when I was a kid, because she loves gardening and I wasn’t that interested! I think its a kid thing, I’m sure they think that anything and everything that parents introduce them to is boring! I’m so glad Flora enjoyed Mays box!- – x


Another great post Lisa! I tried Mud & Bloom this month with Leo and our post is scheduled for next week! Love the update on your plants from previous months too and Flora has made a wonderful job of all three craft activities?

Melanie |


What a cute idea for a box, looks like a lot of fun!

xx Nele |


wow beautiful! I wish I was creative and what a fabulous thing to do together

kay xx


These seem like such a wonderful idea! My kids would absolutely love these!

Ellis Woolley

I swear you always find the most interesting and different subscription boxes Lisa! I have never heard of this one but what a fantastic idea! x x
Ellis //

Ms Via

These boxes are really really interesting. This is such a great way to learn about nature and growing plants. I have never in my life seen or grown tomatoes and peas. And now you have received pumpkin seeds as well. Its amazing and the best part is Flora must feel proud as these are addressed to her. 🙂 You enjoy so much with the real flowers. Great post as always.

Via |

Prachi Maulingker Naik

That’s such a cute box for the little ones ?

Sophie Wentworth

I love when you review these boxes! I’m ever so slightly jealous that you grow your own vegetables. Growing your own pumpkin?! Amazing! I’d love a post at some point on all the different vegetables you currently have growing in your garden x



This is such a fun idea for a box, my dad would love this, he is currently planting all kinds of flowers and veggies and he always finds new ideas and different plants to grow!!! So cool!!



What an incredible idea! It’s such a good way to make learning interactive and fun. I wish I had this as a kid!

Bethany Jane

I absolutely love that mask, the whiskers make me so happy haha! The loom is also very pretty, such a nice selection of colours you’ve picked. I’m excited to see how you get on with your pumpkin too. And sweet peas are the best, such a nice thing to get included!
Beth x