Four must-know tips on buying new appliances for your home *

Four must-know tips on buying new appliances for your home *

The right appliances can really transform a home.  If you choose carefully, their added convenience can even make everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking more enjoyable, especially when moving to a new house.  If you’re in the process of buying new appliances, then here are four tips on buying the best ones for your home.

Enjoy the search

Buying appliances isn’t something you want to do on impulse.  Just because there’s a sale on toasters at a nearby retailer, doesn’t mean you should grab one solely for the special offer.  You still need to be sure you’re getting the right model for your needs.  I took absolutely AGES to choose our current toaster (and matching kettle) but it’s perfect for what we need and fits into our kitchen theme well.

So take your time and enjoy the process of choosing the right one to buy.  Thanks to the many resources now available online, even comparing toasters can be fun (!)

Turn to reviews

Choosing your appliances is certainly easier thanks to reviews and testimonials.  When hunting for the best vacuum cleaner, for instance, try visiting and read the reviews for top options to help you make an informed decision.

You’ll find one or two – or many – negative reviews depending on the appliances you’re comparing; but reading negative reviews is actually quite useful too.  You can learn from the mistakes of others so you can make the best decisions.

Try before you buy

With certain appliances, trying is how you get a better feel of whether they suit your house and your specific needs.  Take vacuum cleaners for example; you can either read the results of a vacuum cleaner test or, in some cases, you could try the model you want yourself.  Because if you have children, at some point you’ll have lots of glitter where you don’t want it…

If trying before buying isn’t an option, you still have other alternatives.  For instance, your local retailer may run demo days for certain manufacturers so it’s worth checking their website.  Or, if there’s nothing scheduled, you can book a demonstration for items such as a new stove or an oven.  Alternatively, you could buy from retailers that offer a good returns policy.

Understand the aspects

We tend to choose our appliances based on different things.  Some of us prefer to focus on looks and design, while others will go for appliances that function really well.  There’s nothing wrong with either approach, and you could always choose a happy medium between the two as well.

But you should take all the necessary factors into consideration before making your purchase.  You need to think about power efficiency, features, and warranty coverage, as well as price before choosing your new appliances.

And it’s essential that you adhere to the warranty terms by using new appliances the way they should be used to protect your new purchase.  Teddy bears don’t belong in ovens.  True story.

So these are the must-know tips about buying appliances for your home.  What do you think?  How do you go about choosing and buying new appliances?  What’s been your best buy?

* This is a sponsored post.

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Great post, Lisa! I absolutely love the kitty picture 😀 I’m a review checker – anytime I’m going to buy something, I’ll have a quick nosy and check out the feedback. Other than that, I leave buying appliances to Neal because I’d only get it wrong ? xx

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Great post! The glitter made me laugh, my struggle is playdoh.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


Excellent tips. Appliances are such a big investment that it’s definitely not something to rush in to. We recently bought a new stove, and while I had been researching them for a while, we decided to replace it quite suddenly because our old one became a fire hazard, so all that previous research paid off when making a purchase the day we decided to replace it. Reading reviews also help make those purchases less stressful.

Creative Nails

That first picture with the cat is super cute! I haven’t had to buy any appliances for myself just yet, but will definitely remember these tips you have suggested for the future. I remember helping my mum look into products before, and showing me what she was looking for – it definitely seems like it’s a lot of work to find the right one! I think it’s really interesting that companies allow you to test some of the products before you buy – that’s great!



This is a really useful post Lisa! I never actually knew you could test things out before you buy them, hoovering up all that glitter looks strangely satisfying ha ha! I’m a bit impulsive when it comes to buying things, I brought a kettle purely based on its pastel green colour once and a Roomba that does the cleaning for you, but sadly is no more. I think I need to take on board the advice in this post and check review sites more often. Thanks for sharing lovely! And yay for cute cat photo! <3 xx

Bexa |


Great post Lisa! Reviews are my best friend when making any purchase especially those pricey ones like appliances. I would rather wait until I find something perfect that does the job than buy something short term. Equally I have learnt over the years that more expensive items aren’t always the best!!!

Melanie |

Mariann Yip
Mariann Yip

Great tips for future homeowners out there! I hope I have a chance to use your advice soon!

Quirky Writes

Great tips! I think it’s best if we read reviews about the product very well to know about the product from actual people who have tried them. Because a lot of times you don’t get informed about the possible things that might be a negative for you. 🙂

Quirky |

Ms Via

Great post Lisa! You are absolutely right about the sale part. These appliances are with us for such long time and we should definitely consider every aspect before purchasing. The best part of the online world is that we can check reviews about products that we want to buy. There are website that review and rate top ten appliances/gadgets in every category which I love to explore before purchasing any pricey gadget for home. The glitter part is so true. Now a days it is less in my home as less art and craft is done haha!

Via |