A Bullet Journal for a Beginner – Write on It review


My blog turns one year old this month – whoop, whoop!  And what better way to celebrate becoming a fully-fledged blogger than starting my own bullet journal?  As previously mentioned, I was gifted some beautiful stationery goodies by the very kind girls at Write on It* in January.  One of those items was a bullet journal – serendipity or what?

Write on It

Sara and Gillian love spending time researching unusual stationery items (stickers, clips, magnetic pencils, 4-way elastic bands) as well as some truly beautiful notepads.  They test their products thoroughly to find the perfect elements for their own brand products.  You can be sure the paper in their pads won’t allow ink bleed through from biro, gel pen, felt pen, pencil, or highlighter pen.  Not only are all their papers 100% recycled, sourced sustainably, chlorine free bleach and EU Eco label, all their line ruled and dot grid papers are printed with vegetable based ink too.


So what did I get?  I was able choose and personalise my own bullet journal notepad, and I also received a daily/weekly desk planner, some coloured pens, and super cute coloured cat paperclips. For the A5 bullet journal, I chose dot grid paper, which is printed in a pale grey, with a black spiral binder. The 50 sheet/100 pages planner also comes with some useful transparent plastic outer covers to protect the printed covers.  Although somehow I’ve still managed to spill my tea on the front cover when the plastic wasn’t in place (HOW? WHY? SOB.)

My Bullet Journal

Anyway, after feeling daunted rather than inspired by all the beautiful BuJo pictures on Pinterest, none of which seemed to suit an artistically challenged beginner, I decided to just get a pen and ruler and start one evening before I lost my nerve.  So here are the first few pages from my new BuJo.

February monthly planner and blogging schedule

As you can see, it’s pretty basic, I’m not at all artistic, a trait that fortunately Flora has not inherited from me.  But I think it’s going to help me with my blogging.  The left page has my month laid out with key dates like Pancake Day <grin> and birthdays.  Also the Bloggers Comment Swaps that I will try and join.  Weekends I want to try to keep clear for family time.  I’ve also decided to track my stats from the 1st of the month and again at the end of the month, along with my DA (hopefully it will keep rising), my views, and my most and least popular posts for the month.

The right page is my blogging schedule.  There’s no key symbol for showing when I’ve half-finished or carried forward something, I’m just using a basic tick list.  Maybe I might create a key in time but for now, because I’m new to this, I don’t want to overly complicate my life.  The whole idea of starting a BuJo was to help me be more organised, not to have it take over and be one more thing I have to try and shoehorn into my day.

2018 books to be read

I haven’t got many books on my TBR list yet but I have a lot on my shelves that I’m going to go through and transfer to these pages.  I’ve never kept a written record of books I’ve read before and I think it’ll be interesting to look back and see just how much I did read in 11 months – as well as whether or not I liked them.

Flower and vegetable seeds to buy

As some of you know, I’m a keen if clueless gardener, so I’m going to keep a pictorial record of what seeds I buy.  Then, later in the year, I’ll try some sort of grid to show whether they grew successfully, if I liked them, and if I’d do anything different next time.  I don’t know if bullet journals can incorporate scrapbooks as well but mine is going to.

Blog post ideas

At the back of my BuJo I’m keeping a list of possible future blog post ideas.  Not much else to say about this really, but hopefully as things occur to me in future, I now have one place to jot them down instead of several Post It notes that I promptly lose.

What I find really useful about this bullet journal is that I can open it out and lay it flat, there’s no trying to flatten it like you have to with a glue bound notebook, there’ll be no spine damage and the pages remain intact.  The paper feels really smooth and inviting to write on too, the Schneider ball point pens, and my own coloured pens and highlighters, all write beautifully on it.  And I can also very easily rip pages out when I make mistakes…

Desk Planner

Funnily enough I was thinking about getting myself a desk planner to try and keep track of which clients’ posts I need to write on which days.  Since going freelance back in May, I’ve been incredibly lucky to start working with some really lovely clients and I don’t want to let anyone down.


This lovely A4 ring bound planner has bright and smooth white paper that doesn’t allow ink bleed through, plus I have the ability to rip pages out again.  Colour coding helps me remember what I have to do when.  Although I wouldn’t normally try and cram everything into two days, I’m going to have to this week as it’s half term and I want to take some time off to spend with Flora!

Going forwards

Because this is my first time with a bullet journal, of course I’ve made some mistakes in my layouts already, so those pages have been ripped out.  I haven’t set up an index yet either, I’m keeping a note of what pages I fill in on a loose sheet of paper in the meantime.  And I’m finding the cat paperclips very useful for keeping all my ripped out loose sheets together, and also as bookmarks.  Obviously, I’m never going to be an artistically gifted doodler but I’m enjoying using my coloured pens and highlighters where I can, and I’m going to continue to scrapbook too.

So what, if anything, have I learned from starting my own bullet journal?  Well, I’d like to share these three thoughts with you:

  • Get a pen and ruler and just make a start.  Looking at a blank notebook (and Pinterest) is so daunting but it’s like writing a blog post, sometimes getting started is the hardest thing and once you do, things start flowing.
  • You will make mistakes, unless you are supernaturally gifted and perfect, in which case you are very lucky.  But it doesn’t matter, this is your bullet journal and it only has to work for you, no-one else.  This is where the ability to rip out pages easily is brilliant for confidence building.  No-one else need know that it took you five tries to crack your monthly planner and blogging schedule layout.
  • It is fun. Really. I wish I’d started one months ago.

I’ve really enjoyed setting up my bullet journal and I’ve got lots of ideas for it going forwards.  I also think my desk planner is going to be a massive help to me too, so a big thank you to Write on It for sending me such lovely stationery bits and pieces.  I know where I’ll be coming when I fill up all the pages in these two pads!


* I was gifted the bullet journal, desk planner, two pens, and cat clips for review but all other stationery, opinions, and photos are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.

Who do you know that would love some beautiful personalised stationery to inspire them too?


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Jenny in Neverland

Wow, they’re SO Eco Friendly – that’s amazing that they go through that much effort on their products. I started a bullet journal… I use the term loosely because it doesn’t look like one at all, I have no idea if I’m doing it right, it’s basically just a glorified diary haha but I’m enjoying colour co-ordinating my posts so month by month I can see what type of posts I have up and can avoid having too much of one thing up in one go, if that makes sense. Anyway, fab post, as always! xxx


Congratulations on nearly a full year of blogging, what a fantastic achievement! How appropriate to your blog name that you have been sent such a fantastic bullet journal notebook, I’m really impressed at the ethical sourcing of the paper and all of the pages look really well thought out from a design perspective! Colour coding is an excellent idea, and your advice just go for it is golden! I really want to start a bullet journal now!

Abbey x


I wanted to start bullet journal for so long. I really like the whole concept of it. This post was very helpful. x

Antonia || Sweet Passions


This is awesome! I’ve wanted to start a bullet journal for ages, but I’m always turned off by all the people that make theirs look really pretty. I like how simple, yet affective the way you have done this!
Plus I am loving your flat lays!

Ciara | http://www.teatimewithciara.com


This is a gorgeous post, and inspiring – I’ve just started bullet journaling for my spending. I’m really enjoying it, and very curious to see what others do! And thanks for the recommendation of a new place to buy supplies as well!


Love a great stationery post! Love the desk planner, I have been thinking about getting one myself. Thanks for sharing ?

Melanie | http://www.frasersfunhouse.com


You have such a cute BJ! I’ve been wanting to start my own for ages but haven’t found the time, I’ll definitely keep this post in mind for when I do though!- https://sophhearts.com x

Creative Nails

Love the look of your bullet journal and the desk planner! It’s great that you got to customise it too. I’ve read quite a few posts recently about bullet journals and they look so good – it’s really made me want to get one but I wouldn’t know where to start so your post has been so helpful! Maybe I’ll get one sometime soon and play around with things and see how it goes 😀


Sunkissed Scribbles
Sunkissed Scribbles

I’ve been hearing about bullet journals for the last couple of months and had no idea what they are. Thankfully, I now know! They sound like a great idea ?


Your bullet journal looks so nice! Might have to check out write on it later!


I do love looking at bullet journals! Your journal is so neat and well organised Lisa! The blog post ideas section is such a great suggestion, I need to write one of these soon. Writing down all the blog comment swap times is brilliant too. Good thinking! Also how cute are those cat paper clips, I love them! Fab post! Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


I loved reading this post Lisa. So lovely to hear how your bullet journaling is going and how you use it! It’s so nice you got it personalised too. I like using my blogging planner for brainstorming ideas and keeping track of my stats 😀 xx

Lena Dee

Ok I think this has me very excited! It’s basically cat themed and I mean who wouldn’t love to design their journal using cat stationary ??? bullet journaling honestly takes time to master when it comes to layouts. The best part is that you can understand your mistakes and doodle all over it lol. Have fun lovely! Write On It is doing a great job with their stuff. Thanks for sharing! ?

xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


I’ve started a bullet journal this year! I totally agree it’s lots of fun and I’ve made plenty of mistakes already ? yours looks lovely! I think I need a desk planner, as I’m starting to become very unorganised!!

Sarah | http://www.justbuttonsblog.co.uk


I love the setup here. I’m obsessed with posts like this right now. My creativity levels are limited so I need all the inspiration I can get ? x

Gigi Kiersten

I’m a notebook junkie, I got more notebooks then I know what to do with. This totally inspired me to make them into bullet journals! Thank you so much for sharing this post.

Hayley beth

I’ve just started my bujo too!!! I’m obsessed with using stamps and stickers to make it look a little more artistic!



I really enjoyed reading this post, in particular as you have the photos properly optimised 😀 I have to ask, though: do you find yourself spending too much time on bullet journalling, or the notebook becoming messy? I had a bullet journal, and I stopped as it became like this 😀


First of all, I’m so, so sorry if forgot to comment on this at Teacup last night ?
Secondly, I love your journal; it’s super pretty and colourful, and also I love your photos in This.
Amy xx

Ms Via

First of all congratulations for your one year of blogging. 🙂 I loved your Bullet Journal Lisa. I am not sure if I can ever maintain one, but I need to try. The different colors you used make it more interesting. I love to write on a new book with some gel pens ahaa.. Inspirational post and loved the colorful pictures. 🙂


Congrats on the one year Lisa! I love all the eco and environmentally friendly side of their items, that’s fab! I haven’t started a bullet journal yet but I do love reading people’s posts on them and getting some inspiration. Thanks for sharing Lisa xx

Nerds, Numbers and Natterings

My girlfriend has just started her bullet journal, and she’ll love some of the tips from this post. I’m excited to be able to have suggestions for her because I’m normally awful with creativity