February in the garden


After a very long and fairly miserable January, February in the garden heralds the start of seed sowing and the beginnings of little splashes of colour in the garden.  Purple and yellow crocuses, snowdrops, pink cyclamen, and purple irises are all beginning to appear, and even a few early tete-a-tetes (miniature daffodils).  You may remember from my January post that I couldn’t remember where I’d planted my pink hellebores – whoop, whoop, I can now, they’re coming through beautifully!


One plant that really needs to be pruned now is buddleia.  We have two in our garden, a purple one in a pot (our vain attempt at controlling it), and a gloriously rioting white one against our orchard wall.  Both need to be hard pruned and reduced by about two thirds.  It seems harsh, but this will stimulate new growth and an abundance of flowers in summer, perfect for butterflies and bees.  And also for cutting and displaying in vases.  I love buddleias as cut flowers, they smell of honey and look amazing arranged with hydrangeas or dahlias.



You might think with frosts and snow that now isn’t a good time for planting but, as long as you pick a day when the ground isn’t actually frozen, that’s not so. Rhubarb crowns and new rose plants can both be planted now and, towards the end of February, so can snowdrops in the green. Planting in the green means once a bulb has finished flowering and just the foliage is left, they can be dug up, separated, and replanted in a new area.  Because they’re already established plants, they’ll get going much more quickly than if they were just bulbs.  Bluebells are also far easier to grow this way too – albeit later in the year.


Seeds to sow now

After a trip to the shed to see how many usable planters I have left (not enough, there are never enough) I also need to buy some seed compost for starting off our tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peas inside the house.  So no spare window ledges in the kitchen and utility for the next four months…

We’ll be growing Thompson & Morgan’s Rainbow Blend tomatoes again.  They come in pink, red, yellow and orange although of course, you never know what colours you’re going to get until the fruits ripen.  But they are the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever grown so I’m not changing now.  Sarah Raven’s La Diva cucumbers are also our favourite – sweet, crunchy, and unlike anything you can buy in the shops.


And, last but not least, Flora will be helping to sow the sweet pea seeds into Rootrainers, two to each tube.  Sweet peas generate a long root so the deeper the pot or tube, the less disturbance when you plant out.  In previous years I’ve used the cardboard toilet roll tubes instead of Rootrainers, and just planted the whole lot out in May.


Now’s also a great time to sow broad beans outside.  Pick a day when the ground isn’t frozen, dig over the earth, and plant your beans in rows, about 20cm apart from each other to allow them space to grow and fruit.  It’s a good idea to put some support stakes or canes in at the same time, so you can tie the plants in as they develop rather than stabbing into their roots later on (yes, I have done this, no, the plants didn’t like it).


Keep your bird feeders topped up and also make sure that any ponds or water sources have something in them (such as a Spiderman ball) to stop ice forming a solid sheet.  As I type this post, snow and freezing temperatures are forecast so this is a job I’m delegating to my husband (!)

Reading this post back, my February in the garden is really more of a February sowing seeds, but I’m so excited that the new growing season is underway at last.  What jobs have you got planned for this month?


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Seeing the early miniature daffodils poking their heads through the greenery always puts a smile on my face! They are by far my favourite spring flowers, they brighten up the darkest of rainy spring days! I definitely need to find a suitable place to put up a wild bird feeder around my student accommodation, our feathered friends need all the help they can get! Your tomatoes look absolutely delicious here, not surprised that you’ll be planting those again!

Abbey x

Ellis Woolley

Your plants are stunning, absolutely love the colours! Can’t wait to get back into gardening this year 🙂 x x
Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk


You have the most beautiful garden Lisa <3 #gardengoals Those tomato’s look amazing – so bright and vibrant, I bet they are so tasty too. I love that there is such a variety of colours. I’m looking forward to see more of your gardening posts and all the pretty flowers & colours. Lovely post xx

Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


Hi! My family have recently bought some woodland and we’re looking to plant some odd bits & bobs (native to the area). Do you know of any companies that sell wild (native) seeds for UK woodlands? X

Creative Nails
Creative Nails

We’re currently having our garden sorted out after moving and my mum can’t wait for it to be finished and to be able to plant some pretty flowers and sort it all out properly. It always looks so pretty when there’s some colour! Which sounds like it will be for you with your buddleia in the summer, haha. I look forward to reading and seeing more of how your garden is throughout the year 😀

Amy, Creative Nails


I’m not exactly at one with nature and I know next to nothing about gardening but not only is your garden beautiful, I’m so impressed that you’re growing some of your own food! I’d love to be the kind of person who did something like this. I imagine it’s quite rewarding eating something knowing you grew it yourself x



I hope you manage to achieve everything you want with your garden this month! I don’t really have a proper garden with flowers or plants, except one or two, but I always love reading these and seeing photos of yours
Amy x

Louise Nettleton

Your buddleia is beautiful. We have one at the back, and it attracts lots of butterflies. Unfortunately our cats think this is hilarious. :/ I spent last year chasing butterflies away waiting kitties.


I love homegrown tomatoes! But I don’t know a lot about gardening so this post is super helpful!- https://sophiehearts.net x


What a lovely post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers and plants but unfortunately don’t have the space or time to plant my own ones but maybe one day in the future! Your flowers and plants look beautiful! Ayse x


Sowing seeds always remind me that spring & the warmer weather will soon be here. Your photos are amazing by the way!

Tammy Breitweiser

Two summers ago our garden was abundant…last year it was a bust!
Thanks for bringing back these memories!


Those tomatoes are so cute and look delicious! Wish I had your gardening skills hahah x

Ms Via

Such a cute post. I would love to plant flowers and so many other things. The best part of gardening is when the plants start to grow it gives great happiness and feel like taking care of them. I have not seen the different flowers you have mentioned. The tomatoes are so tempting 🙂

Jenny in Neverland

I don’t think I’ll ever not be in awe of you and your gardening knowledge, Lisa! Also, those tomatos look really delicious. In a pasta dish would be wonderful! <3

Bethany Jane

Those tomatoes look unbelievable, I can’t believe you grew them! They’re making me hungry just looking at them… bit of mozzarella, perfect meal right there haha!
I really love buddleias! Such a pretty plant and I used to love counting the butterflies that clung to the one in my first garden. Also love sweet peas, what a simple but gorgeous plant. Cannot wait to see your garden in full bloom!
Beth x http://www.adventureandanxiety.com

Rebecca\'s Reviews

Very spring-like post Lisa, the colours in your garden look beautiful. I loved reading what seeds you are going for – I always grow tomatoes every year and end up with tonnes. Our bird feeders are always topped up too for our a resident Robin xx

Rebecca | https://www.rebeccasreviews.com