Origins Original Skin Moisturiser and Primer review

Origins Original Skin Moisturiser and Primer review

As some of you may know, I have a very long standing love affair with Origins. I’ve been using their skin care products for over 20 years and my husband is very lucky because he always knows what to buy me for Christmas. So of course when their new Original Skin™ moisturiser and primer came out, I just had to try them.

Why Origins?

“Powered by nature and proven by science” is Origins’ ethos and they’re vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free too. I love everything about this brand (with the exception of their Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom range which I think smells vile, sorry Origins).  I’ve never had a bad reaction to anything I’ve used, which over the course of 20 years is saying something. In fact my skin has always responded really well to anything I’ve tried, as my Origins go-to night-time skincare regime will testify. And anyone I’ve recommended the brand to has become a convert too after trying them.

What is Original Skin™?

The Original Skin range uses Willowherb, a plant found in Northern Canada, which is the first to grow after fire has scorched the ground. Rather depressingly, skin starts losing its glow in our 20’s so these products aim to fight the appearance of dullness. Apparently, Willowherb helps inhibit a protein change that can result in dullness and discolouration, and helps restore radiance to skin. The range is suitable for all skin types too: dry, oily, combination, and normal.

I’ve already been using the Original Skin Renewal Serum and the Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay for a few months now and I do think they’ve made a difference to my skin’s texture.  It seems smoother and more “glowy” (or maybe my husband just knows the right things to say to me after 25 years). Let’s see if the new products measure up.

Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer

As I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, I’m always looking for a lightweight but hydrating cream (which is why I’m a big fan of serums).

This pale pink water cream moisturiser has a lovely, light, gel like consistency and melts into my skin straightaway. It smells gorgeous too, somewhat citrussy, albeit slightly reminiscent of the Extra Tail that I used to wipe on our horses in summer to keep the flies away <grin>. My skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated, and not at all overloaded. And, yes, I think it looks glowy as well.

I’m also pleased that it hasn’t triggered any adverse skin reactions either. So I think it will be a good product to take on holiday as it won’t clog my pores and it’s lightweight enough for hot weather.

Original Skin™ Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer

I haven’t yet found a primer that can reduce the shine on my oily T-zone and minimise the look of my pores for more than a couple of hours. The blurb for Origin’s first ever primer claims it should leave skin looking pore-fect, so I have high hopes.

It’s an airy mousse formula with a slight flesh tint and when they say “cooling” they are not joking. It is really cold, a proper wake up in the mornings! You don’t need much and you need to be fairly speedy when applying it but it goes on easily and really does visibly minimise my pores. It helps my make up go on more smoothly too. I’ve even worn it on its own on no-make up days because it seems to blur any minor skin imperfections.

Once again there were no adverse reactions, although it didn’t win the battle with my oily T-zone, sadly, I still needed to apply blotting powders by lunch time. To be fair, Origins never claimed their new primer would control oil production so I’m not really complaining.  The mousse matches my skin tone perfectly but although it’s only a primer, I do wonder whether it would work for women with different coloured skin. I’m not sure how it will look on mine once I have a tan (YASS, holidays are coming) but I guess we’ll see in due course.

Final thoughts

I have to say I’m extremely impressed, although TBH I would have been very surprised if I didn’t like them, based on what I’ve used and loved in the past. There’s something about Origins’ products that just consistently work for me, in a way that no other brand has yet managed to do. I know I’m probably boring you by now with these continual eulogies, but I’m just so thrilled to have found some more gorgeous and effective products to add to my happy Origins family of skincare favourites.

Have you tried any Origins products before? Are you tempted to try any of the Original Skin range?

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I’m still yet to try anything from Origins (other than a few little samples). So many people seem to love them (even the stinky mushroom range). I really need to get to a counter and have a proper look. I really like the sound of the primer x



This sounds like a really lovely brand. The colour and design of the packaging is gorgeous. I especially like the sound of the moisturiser as it seems so light and hydrating. Also, it was very interesting to read the science behind Willowherb – I’m always learning something new from your blog Lisa – I love it! ? xx

Bexa |


I’ve heard such good things about Origins and the products are so pretty!

andthenzen ✨

I love the sound of the moisturiser – I’m a matte finish kinda gal, but with a very oily face in general so I love the sound of this, but I may have to steer clear of the primer for that reason! ?

Perrine - Ola Banana
Perrine - Ola Banana

I feel like I shouldn’t have read this post, now I want these products lol I’ve been given the Origins’ Modern Friction Gentle Dermabrasion, and I love it. This has actually made me want to try more of there products but don’t know where to start. Will have to pop into one of there shops and get advice next time I’m in the UK 🙂


A Cup Of Wonderland

Unfortunately, as I’m on a new skin prescription of moisturises I won’t be ab;e to try this but my Mum has been looking for a cruelty-free moisturiser so will be showing her this later as it seems like right up her street! Thank you!


I’ve never heard of this brand, ptobably because I’m rubbish with make up, but I’m glad you enjoyed the products and your ohotos are lovely, as always ?
Amy xx


Your photos really do the product justice! Looks like it’s something worth using, it’s good when you have a brand that you know won’t disappoint. X

Emma x

Kate durston

I have been looking for a tinted moisturiser for ages as I’m not really a fan of B.B. creams but the Origins primer sounds like a good bet. I like the idea of it being pore minimising whilst having a little tint for when I want to be make up free and give my skin a rest. Thank you for the recommendations x x

Lady B.

Great write up Lisa! I have very sensitive skin so I’m always looking for natural and gentle skin care products. A 20 year relationship is a long and loyal one! That definitely says something about the quality and consistency of their products. Thanks for sharing with your readers!


OOH this primer sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for a great cruelty free primer, so I’ll have to give this a go. I’ve never tried anything from origins before, but it’s great to hear that they’re cruelty free and vegan too!
Hayley x

Jenny in Neverland

How convenient, I’ve just run out of moisturizer! I haven’t actually heard of these, I don’t think but they sound great and I love the packaging too. Always a bonus when a brand is Vegan and CF!


I have heard a lot of really good things about Origins. How pretty does that moisturiser sound though? I too have a T-Zone, so I’ll be looking into that matte moisturiser. Thank you for sharing Lisa. x

Ms Via

Oh yes Lisa this is surely tempting. As you know I have tried the face masks by Origins which I love. Both of these sound great will definitely check them out. I wish the primer would control oil as well. My skin is way too oily. 🙂

Via |


The moisturiser sounds perfect! I’ve tried a few samples from their beauty bar in John Lewis before but still haven’t actually bought any of their products.. maybe I should having seen your love for them though! 😀 Also great that they are cruelty free too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these Lisa xx

Rebecca |