November in my garden

November in my garden

Although it’s been unusually warm and sunny this Autumn, I know it’s November in my garden because of the changing colours.  There’s been a real shift from purple to deep vibrant red, like the beautiful rose in my cover picture.  But she’s not the only one, so what else is giving my garden its seasonal glow up this month?

What’s flowering now?

There are still some glimpses of purple, like the lavender by our front door, which stands out beautifully against the acid green flowers of the euphorbia oblongata.  This is such a brilliant foliage filler in a vase, it really shows off the main flowers so well.  I grew both these perennial plants from seeds, the lavender last year, and the euphorbia about five years ago.  All I do now is prune them from time to time then leave them alone.  Word of warning though: euphorbias leak a milky sap which is a well-known skin irritant so always wear gloves unless you want red balloons for hands.


And the pretty little purple geranium nodusum underneath our conifer hedge has just started flowering again too.  It’s a very easy plant that grows in nearly all soils and conditions (under our hedge is dry and shady) and it’s a welcome splash of colour.


The recent frosts have finally blackened the foliage on all my dahlias.  It’s time to cut them down and leave around four inches of stem.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said this but I never lift the tubers and store them over winter.  It’s too much faff so I mulch heavily with a very thick layer of compost instead.  If they die, I’ll just plant some new ones instead.  Gardening should be fun, not a major headache, at least, that’s what I believe.

I mentioned the colour change from purple to red – and that’s very evident when you look at the fuchsia buds and the skimmia.  Both shrubs are perennials and their blooms stand out brilliantly at this time of year.  I only got into shrubs fairly recently but now I’m a huge fan.  They really are so easy: all they need is a little pruning and feeding once they’re established.

Speaking of foliage, I’ve been amazed at the gorgeous red tones on our two blueberry bushes.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t do this last year but they look stunning against the wall behind the vegetable bed.  And the creeper-whose-name-I-can’t-remember winding her way through the bush-whose-name-I-can’t-remember stands out beautifully too.

Despite what I said last month, I won’t be planting any more bulbs this Autumn.  We have so many scattered through our garden and orchard (something I never thought I’d admit to!) that I’ve decided to give my osteopath a break this year.

What’s fruiting now?

As you might know by now, I don’t grow many vegetables, just fruit, which I personally find easier and less maintenance.  So there’s not much to harvest any more, apart from the cut and come lettuces from Flora’s July Mud and Bloom box which are still quite happy in the greenhouse.

The Indian summer we’ve had over the last few weeks must be responsible for the few wild strawberries hiding in our vegetable bed.  I’m surprised the mice haven’t had them though, as they’re still very sweet.

Despite the prolific crop of grapes (thanks to this year’s summer heatwave), Alan has not been keen to attempt wine making.  Sadly, Chateau Willows is not to be.  On the bright side, the birds will have a feast for some time to come.

Jobs for November

Our greenhouse is virtually empty now so this month I’ll need to wash the glass, both inside and out.  Tip: wash the outside when it’s raining, it’s much quicker and you won’t need to rinse.  Although I’m not planning on using it to grow anything this Winter, if I were then this job is really important to maximise light levels.  But I will be using it to store some tender plants like our geraniums which aren’t frost-hardy.

Although our plum tree only managed three plums this year after its long overdue Spring prune, I’ll need to protect it from the wingless female winter moths.  They crawl up the trunk and lay their eggs, which hatch into very hungry grubs that devour leaves, blossom and fruit.  Tying sticky grease bands around the trunk will go a long way towards stopping this.

And I’ll be feeding and mulching all our flower and vegetable beds soon.  The nutrients in the soil will be pretty much depleted now, especially after working so hard this summer.  Digging in some chicken manure pellets before Winter will give any new seeds or plants next year a really good head start.  An additional bonus is that as chicken manure STINKS, our cats are deterred from using my beds as a deluxe toilet.  At least they were last year, so fingers crossed for this year too…


Last, but not least, at the end of this month it will be time to clean and sharpen all our secateurs, loppers, spades, trowels, and other garden tools.  And give them a quick spray of WD40 to prevent any rust forming over Winter.  Think of it like cleaning cutlery before you put them away in the drawer.  And because pruning needs clean and sharp tools to avoid bruising or otherwise harming your plants.

Flora’s garden

As you may recall from last month’s gardening update, Flora now has her own little patch of garden too, behind our summerhouse.  Recent additions include a pond (with an ornamental frog for now), a delphinium, some cyclamen in a pot, and some snowdrop bulbs from her October Mud and Bloom box.  And some gravel so she can walk up and down in admiration without getting too muddy.


We’re just waiting for bare root raspberry canes to come into stock and then we’ll plant one on the patch of mud at the end in front of the fence.  I’ve warned her not to expect fruit for at least a year but I don’t think she’s listening…

November in my garden

Sadly, there’s no more Gardeners World to enjoy on a Friday evening now, Monty Don & Co won’t be back on our screens until the end of March.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t still have plenty of jobs to do over the weekends ahead.  What will you be getting up to in your garden or outside space this November?



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Cordelia Moor

That rose is possibly the most perfect specimen of a rose I have seen in quite a long time. The colour is SO gorgeous, and it’s just so so pretty. Your garden posts are always such a delight, and the best way to start the month.

Cordelia ||


Wow, that red rose is absolutely beautiful, as is all the flowers in your garden Lisa! I love how you get such perfect photos of your cats too, they are such well behaved models all lined up along the flowerbed he he! Was there lots of treats involved? Aww, Flora’s garden is so delightful, I’m loving the little pond (with ornamental frog) and the gravel path, it looks like it is all coming on nicely. I always love reading these posts, it is so interesting to see what different plants and fruits grow at different times of the year. I… Read more »

Erika Reva

Ok so first off your garden is beautiful! Seriously, spring 2019 goals!
I had my first fuschia earlier this year and she really struggled, can you give me a few pointers on having her thrive next season? She’s outdoors, though not anymore as it’s too cold now, but she hung in a covered area of my garden, morning sun and afternoon shade…


You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. This rose is just so pretty. x

Antonia || Sweet Passions

Quirky Writes

That rose stole my heart. Your garden is really pretty at this time! Amazing pictures, btw. 🙂

what corinne did

Are you actually getting strawberries in NOvember?! That’s amazing! I wish I had a garden! I love gardening!


Shame there’ll be no Chateau Willow!!! But garden looks and sounds beautiful! Much better than my garden boxes on the balcony which have this summer only yielded lettuce!!!

Jenny in Neverland

I love lavender! My next door neighbours have a huge planter outside their house which is crammed with lavender – but it’s all dead now (clearly they’re not as good at gardening as you are!) but in the Summer it’s a HIVE for bees, there’s literally hundreds of them. I love fuchsias too. It’s so cute that Flora has her own spot – maybe she could do a post or two throughout the year about her progress? That’s be super cute! 🙂

Rums the Reader

This is such an interesting post! I love seeing pretty flowers and your garden looks amazing. I really want to get into plants and gardening more – especially seasonal plants so this was a great insight. Thanks for sharing! x


so beautiful, Lisa! how lovely to be waking up to that garden every morning 🙂

Emma B


We’ve still got some strawberries in our back garden, and I’m absolutely loving it! They’re so sweet!

Love, Amie ❤
The Curvaceous Vegan


Your garden is so lovely! I feel bad for completely neglecting mine this year haha I mean for the most part it takes care of itself but it could use a bit of pruning. Maybe next spring i will give it a complete overhaul like I have been meaning too for the last 2 years.

I absolutely adore your lavender and the colors in your garden, it’s very inspirational!


Wow that rose is literally perfect! Its interesting that you have such gorgeous looking lavender, ours is still dried out from over Summer and pretty dead looking unfortunately! I’d love my own greenhouse but I don’t think I’d be as good as keeping up with it as you are!

Soph – x

Ellis Woolley

A deluxe toilet :’D that really made me chuckle! I always love seeing into your magical garden wonderland, I think I could spend ages in it with a cup of tea and admiring all of your hard work 🙂 x x
Ellis ||


I love the changes in colour, the reds are so beautiful. My mum loves lavender but I can’t stand the smell. Your roses look incredible! It’s so cute that Flora has own little patch of the garden too x



Red roses are my favourites so that is just goooorgeous! I was surprised to see strawberries in this post, though! I must confess, whenever I read this posts from you, I just want to pop round with a bottle of wine, sit in the garden and have a natter! 😂


The grapes look fab! I like all the flowers too. You have a really nice garden.


Gorgeous photos of all of the beautiful flowers in your garden! I particularly love the shot of your cats in the garden, that made me smile how they are all lined up like that! I’m going to guess that a little bit of coaxing with treats was necessary! 😉

That’s so lovely that Flora has her own patch of the garden. Such a nice idea!

I always enjoy your garden posts, Lisa. Can’t wait to see your next garden post already. Thanks for sharing. ♥

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

wow, it’s so cold here and your garden looks so pretty. I love seeing the cats.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Ann Marie Ruby

Love gardening, even throughout the winter. Nice read! The flowers look beautiful.

Blessings from Seattle,
Ann Marie Ruby |


Your flowers all look incredible, especially the rose! Flora’s section of the garden looks fab, and what a lovely idea 😊.
Amy x


All of the flowers in your garden are absolutely beautiful Lisa! We currently live in a flat which whilst I love it, I do sometimes wish we had a house with a garden to sit outside in during the warmer months. Posts like this inspire me for the future though! The rose is stunning, they are always my favourite flowers. Gorgeous photos and wonderful post xxx

Tiffany x


What a lovely post! I’m all about nature and loved seeing what you’ve been up to in your garden. I have a purple flower by my front door too, I’m not sure what it is but it’s a lovely pop of colour for autumn. Great tip about washing the greenhouse whilst it’s raining, I’ll have to try that! Mine is virtually empty too, just a few little cherry tomatoes hanging on. I always move the plants which can’t cope with frost into the greenhouse when its empty. Seems to work!

Samantha x

Via Singh

I love your regular garden posts Lisa. The flowers and OMG strawberries and grapes. Everything in your garden is looking absolutely beautiful Lisa. I just love love love that beautiful and perfect rose. I don’t think I have seen a perfect rose in a long time. It looks so crisp and fresh. I can see how much hard work you must be doing to maintain that lovely garden. 🙂

Via | http;//


How lovely is this post! I really like reading things like this and seeing a little glimpse into someones home and garden. You must take so much care and work of everything – it’s really love to see and how cute are the cats, absolutely gorgeous!

A really interesting read so thank you for sharing!

Really loving your blog so can’t wait to see more posts like this from you. 🙂

Layla x


Wow, that rose is stunning! I love reading your gardening posts Lisa, the photos are beautiful. I miss tending to a garden myself.