Mud and Bloom Kids Nature, Craft & Gardening September Box

Mud and Bloom Kids Nature, Craft & Gardening September Box

Last month’s Mud and Bloom subscription box was such a hit, we got to make petal butterfly art!  I think it was my favourite activity so far this year, although Flora adored making the nature paintbrushes in July’s box too.  So, we were both really looking forward to getting out and about and seeing what we liked best in September’s box.

Mud and Bloom

In case you haven’t heard of Mud and Bloom before, they offer monthly subscription boxes for kids for £7.95 including P&P.  The letterbox-sized kits contain both gardening and nature craft seasonal activities and come with full instructions and kits, quizzes, and games.  The boxes are designed to follow the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 national curriculum (ages 3 – 8) and are lots of fun.  And you can read our previous Mud and Bloom reviews here if you’re curious about the other boxes we’ve been enjoying this year.

September’s box

Here’s what was inside September’s box:


  • instructions for growing lambs lettuce (organic seeds and compost pellets provided)
  • instructions for growing cress egg heads (organic seeds and compost pellets provided)
  • some paper tape and instructions for making seed shakers
  • some thread, ribbon, wooden hoop, plus instructions on how to make a nature mobile
  • a fact sheet and what clouds to look out for
  • and a quiz.

Lambs lettuce

You’ve probably seen lambs lettuce in salad bags in the supermarket.  It’s got a mild, slightly nutty flavour and is perfect if you’ve got a child who doesn’t like the cauterise-your-tongue experience that rocket can sometimes deliver.

We decided to use pots and fresh compost again and leave them in our greenhouse to germinate.  This time of year, I prefer growing salad under cover as less slugs and snails seem to find their way in – famous last words…  Assumng they grow undisturbed, we can look forward to harvesting some leaves in a few weeks’ time.


Once it gets really cold, we’ll bring them indoors and keep them on a window ledge.  Hopefully, we should be able to keep harvesting up to Christmas.

Cress egg heads

Flora loves cress (but not egg and cress sandwiches?!) so I knew this was going to be a good one to do.  An added bonus, it took me back to my own childhood too, I remember doing this with my mother, it’s a treasured memory. 


After carefully cracking four eggs, we washed and dried them.  She decorated four but, alas, one cracked beyond repair.  We put some fresh compost in the three that survived and sprinkled seeds on top before misting them with her water sprayThis is also when we realised she should have used permanent markers but c’est la vie …


Cress is super quick to germinate and grow so with any luck Flora can cut some in about a week’s time.  Which is lucky as we need our egg cups back for boiled eggs and dippy Marmite soldiers, haha.

Seed shakers

We decided not to do this task because Flora made lots of seed shakers at nursery and at school when she was younger.  She didn’t really want to do this again, but it would be a perfect fun activity for younger children.


Nature mobile

Flora has a pot of treasures that she’s scavenged from nature walks, beach trips, and just generally out and about.  At last, we have a use for some of them 🙂

I know this is labelled an Autumn nature mobile but actually it can be re-used at any time of the year.  The main purpose of the activity is to get children excited to collect bit and bobs and curate their own craftwork.  Here we’ve got some pine cones and bits of bark from Flora’s pot, together with some flowers from our garden.  And some feathers from the lawn where something either had a fight or met its demise the morning before we settled down to do our Mud and Bloom activities.


Clouds spotting, nature news and quiz

We’ve been keeping our clouds spotter sheet handy this month and Flora’s ticked off the first four cloud formations.  We’re still waiting on Cumulonimbus but as Autumn is definitely here, I don’t think it will be long before we complete the set.

The nature news came with a handy reminder about not picking up random mushrooms that you might see growing on lawns, parks, or trees as some can be very poisonous.  And we’re going to enjoy watching the swallows for as long as possible too, before they migrate to warmer climes for winter.  Needless to say, Flora scored 5/5 in the quiz – “Germinate means you grow and evolve.”  Clearly, there’s a lot of expectation riding on the lambs lettuce and cress seeds…

Final thoughts

Once again, despite choosing not to do one of the activities, we had a lot of fun with our monthly Mud and Bloom box.  I know I sound like a stuck record but I really do think they are amazing value: two craft activities and two growing activities, including postage for less than £10.  It really is a subscription box that keeps on giving too: we’ve only just finished the last of the tomatoes from February’s box of seeds!

What’s your favourite activity from this month’s box?



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Cordelia Moor

I might be well beyond KS2 these days, but I still love seeing your review of these boxes. The growing projects are perfect starters if you want to get your fingers a little green, and the nature mobile activity looks like the perfect excuse to go for a long walk and collect all the different objects! Lovely review.

Cordelia ||


Those cress egg heads are really cute! I love the idea of different planting activities in this box

Michelle Blackadar

this is such a cute idea!! such a fun way to spend quality time together and still get them out and about living in the moment and discovering the beauty of the world. sounds like you guys really enjoyed this months box. I love the little drawing she did on her eggs, talented little girl (: xx

mich //


Yay!! I’m always excited to see what’s in your Mud & Bloom boxes Lisa! Those egg cups are awesome and are perfect for growing cress hair! Floras Autumn mobile is so creative, I love all the little bits she collected. This looks like another fabulous box with so much to do and learn, cloud spotting sounds both fun & educational. Good luck with the cress and lettuce growing! Thanks for sharing! <3 xx

Bexa |

Sophie Wentworth

Lamb’s lettuce isn’t something I usually go for but reading this has made me want to branch out a little (I love rocket though). The nature mobile looks so cute and sounds like it would be fun to make too x



Aw my favourite would definitely be the cress egg heads! I remember doing this in primary school and always had so much fun and was really proud when it grew! I love the sound of the cloud watching too! I love learning about clouds and the stars!

Soph – x

Bethany Jane

Ahh I love these posts! They look like the most fun boxes to receive. I used to love making cress heads when I was a kid, there was always something exciting about watching the hair grow haha! I also really love the mobile, I’d actually love to make something similar myself!
Beth x


Very cute ideas! Remember doing some with my girls


This is great and the perfect way to encourage children to get involved with gardening. I love the contents of this box. I used to make cress heads out of egg shells when I was younger so that really brings back memories.