Garden design tips for camouflaging your heating oil container

Garden design tips for camouflaging your heating oil container

When we were looking to move out of Bath a few years ago, our favourite house was in a village that wasn’t (and still isn’t) on mains gas. Everyone used oil tanks for their heating instead. At the time, this put us off because we didn’t know anything about it, and didn’t fancy a huge heating oil container in our garden. But now the popularity of heating oil appears to be rising in the UK. So although we’re not moving again any time soon, it’s given me food for thought.

How do you hide your heating oil container?

Few would argue that a clunky, cumbersome domestic heating oil tank is an unattractive feature in your garden.  If you’re one of the 1.3 million homes in the UK which rely on heating oil, you’ll know all about how hard it can be to camouflage your container. Added to this, oil and gas tanks need to be sited within easy reach of a road so your heating oil supplier can deliver the goods.

To help with this, I’ve teamed up with Rix Petroleum * to put together a handy list of gardening tips for disguising your heating oil tank, without compromising on accessibility. If you’re looking for a heating oil quote this summer to keep the costs down then why not check out what they can offer? In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few ways you can cover up your tank.

Plant and Protect

For me, flowers are the most attractive and natural-looking of options to climb, crawl and cover your heating oil tank. Think roses, wisteria, clematis, jasmine, and honeysuckle, which will all scramble over fences, trees and unsightly features (like a great steel or plastic tank!). Plants with thorns can also double up as protection to deter thieves looking to steal your supplies. And if you’re careful, you can grow plants together that will flower at different times or are evergreen, so you’ll end up with year-round colour as well as coverage.


Using gravel, crushed stone and other rocks to enhance the look of your garden is a modern landscaping trend. While grass is the usual favourite, it’s extremely high maintenance to retain its green appearance (as my husband can testify). If you go for gravel around your heating oil tank, not only is it easy to care for, but the crunching underfoot will alert you when trespassers are near too.


Fencing off your heating oil tank is the quickest and easiest solution to ensuring your container is concealed. A clearly defined boundary should protect your container and act as a theft deterrent. But you need to choose your fencing carefully to enhance your garden space. For example, trellis fences provide a stable platform for plants and flowers to climb – but do bear in mind that your heating oil supplier will still need to be able to reach the opening valve!


If fencing isn’t what you’re looking for, why not consider hedging as a more natural alternative? The drawback is that it will take time to grow to fully cover your container and it will need annual maintenance (clipping and trimming), but the right hedge can be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Final thoughts

According to Rix, more and more people are turning away from gas towards more alternative heating methods. Heating oil is clean, sustainable, eco- and family-friendly as everything is contained in a tank away from children. And any of these concealment suggestions would not only hide your tank but also add colour, form, and interest to your garden. If you’re interested in finding out more about the cost and environmental benefits heating oil offers, then do get in touch with Rix. Having just paid our recent gas and electric bills, I wish I’d known a few years ago what I know now, I might have saved myself some money!

* This is a sponsored post.

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I have no idea about the oil containers. I always thought every household has the automatic heating system and there is no need to bother about anything. 🙂 I can totally understand how it can affect the aesthetics of the garden. Hiding it behind the plants with lovely flowers is a good idea. 🙂

Via |


Heating oil sounds like such a good alternative to gas heating!


Wow, I didn’t know 1.3 million homes relied on heating oil. That’s a huge amount! I always learn something new when I read your blog Lisa! Using plants to protect and camouflage the tank is a clever idea. It sounds like an economical solution, maybe everyone will have these in the future! Great post! <3 xx

Bexa |