Creating a feature wall in our kitchen/diner with Photowall

Creating a feature wall in our kitchen/diner with Photowall

We’ve been itching to redecorate and revamp our kitchen/diner for what feels like FOREVER, so when Photowall * got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in one of their canvases or murals, you can imagine my excitement.  If you follow me on Twitter you might recall my tweeting about how thrilled I was that a certain brand had contacted me?  Well now I can share the stunning picture with you, which we think has transformed our kitchen/diner wall.

Who are Photowall?

Photowall are a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. They offer environmentally friendly, fire-retardant, wall murals, photo wallpaper, and canvases which can be made to fit to your desired size.  The murals and paper come supplied with wallpaper paste, ready to hang.  And if an entire wall is a little too much, then you can choose one of their cotton canvas prints, unframed or with a DIY frame assembly option.  If you can’t find an image from their gallery of over 3,000 motifs, you can ask for one of their images to be customised to suit, or even upload one of your own pictures and create a personalised mural or canvas instead.

What did I choose?

Despite spending a happy hour browsing their gallery of images, I knew almost immediately which one I was going for. I’ve always loved riding and was lucky enough to have my own horses as a child so the Arab stallion was perfect for me.  Flora would have preferred a shark and Alan would have liked an aviation picture but, Mummy’s blog, Mummy’s choice.  And I also went for a canvas in the end, because our kitchen/diner wall needs replastering before we can hang any wallpaper, and I’m too impatient to wait that long.

The ordering process was so simple, I kept double checking in case I’d done it wrong!  And my goodness, it was FAST.  I ordered my canvas on the Friday night, and it was with me the following Thursday.  All the way from Sweden.  Honestly, I can think of several UK companies who could take lessons from this delivery service. My Hermes, anyone?

Assembling our canvas

Since I’d chosen a 150 x 110 cm canvas print with the DIY framing option, the package was fairly heavy.  Photowall sent full assembly instructions and a link to this helpful video, but as I’m a scaredy cat, I decided to wait for my husband to come home so I could blame him if it went wrong 🙂

As it happens, I’m glad I waited.  I’d ordered a 150 x 110 cm print and although the canvas was the right size, the two side struts were only 100 cm, so we had to measure and trim 10 cm off the bottom of the canvas with a Stanley knife.  Although this was a shame (and I’d have been rather disappointed if I’d paid for the print) fortunately I don’t think it made very much difference to the horse overall.  Tip: if you choose a canvas that’s too large for your table (like me) remember to put a sheet down first, so you don’t get your print dirty when you put it together on the floor.

Once we’d trimmed our canvas to fit, the rest of the assembly was quite straightforward. There’s no drilling involved, just sticking the frame pieces to the canvas, folding those inwards, and screwing the supplied brackets into the pre-drilled corners to maintain rigidity.  Voilà, all ready to hang.  I chose a continuation of the picture over the edges (the bits you see at the sides) but you could also choose black or white edges if you prefer.

Final thoughts

I don’t think I can fully describe just how much I love this picture.  Our kitchen/diner has been transformed with its own feature wall, and I absolutely adore my stunning new horse canvas.
If you’re thinking about redecorating or refreshing any of your rooms, or simply looking for an unusual and lovely gift, I’d really recommend heading over to Photowall for a browse.  The choice, quality, and service are amazing – huge thanks again to them for our gorgeous wall hanging.  They’ve very kindly supplied a discount offer code too, valid until 14th April 2018, which will give you 20% off any canvas or mural in any size, including one created from your own photo.  Just quote LisasNotebookCampaign2018 on checkout – and don’t forget to let me know what you choose!

* I was gifted this canvas print in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.

Who do you know that would love a beautiful wall hanging to transform their space?

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Jenny in Neverland

Haha Mummy’s blog, Mummy’s choice. Damn right! I love the image you chose – although I’m not and have never been a horse person (in fact, I’m a little scared of them!) I think it’s a really powerful, soothing image. Brilliant choice, much better than a shark above your kitchen table haha! This company have an amazing blogger outreach and I’ve never heard a bad word about them. And guess which numpty turned down the chance to work with them? Yep… me *face palm* Great post! xxx


What an absolutely stunning piece of artwork- you can really feel and see the movement of the horse ❤️ It looks wonderful above your dining table. Great review Lisa ?

Melanie |

Alisha Valerie

This is such an awesome idea babe, and a great DIY! ?✨

With love, Alisha Valerie x |

tia teilli

Wow! It looks amazing above your dining table. Great post! xx


I love that print of the horse! I love horses so this would be perfect for me! I really want to get some more prints done as I feel my wall is very bare!

Ciara |


Wow! That is a gorgeous canvas Lisa! I love the picture you chose – mummy’s blog, mummy’s choice indeed! The black & white makes it even more stunning and eye catching. I totally agree, Photowall provide such excellent service, I couldn’t believe how quick it arrived from Sweden, much quicker than some UK delivery companies for sure! Such a detailed and well written review xx

Bexa |


I’ve never heard of Photowall but this canvas is gorgeous! It’s definitely very striking and looks gorgeous in your room!- – x


Mummy’s blog. Mummy’s choice, brilliant! I like that you opted to tell us what they would have chosen anyway though. Photowall are such a great company. The canvas quality is amazing. It’s a shame you had to cut yours down though! Lovely image too x


Wow this picture is absolutely beautiful! I definitely would have waited for some help with a DIY frame too, I’m rubbish at things like that! What a lovely picture to put up!

Sarah | xx

Lena Dee

OMG this picture is perfect! I love horsies! The contrast and the level of exposure on this is fantastic. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Photowall and I keep seeing fab posts like yours Lisa and I’m more and more convinced that I need to buy something from them! I love that it’s a little DIY project too. Wonderful review Lis! ??

xx Lena |

Ms Via

I have read a few posts on Photowall. Love your choice. Black and white stands out so well and it feels pleasant to look at. I liked mummy’s blog mummy’s choice hehehe. 🙂

Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

What a beautiful canvas! And it’s such a striking photo, perfect! It sounds like a really good size and easy to set up. I’ve wanted one of Leon and I so I may look into This!

Jordanne ||