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As some of you know, I’m the concierge for three cats who all have different dietary requirements.  And it’s usually a nightmare trying to find something they will all eat.  So when Pure Pet Food * offered to send over some of their new range of cat foods for my fussy two, eight, and fourteen year old mogs to trial, of course I said yes please.

Who are Pure Pet Food?

Pure Pet Food started up a few years ago when the founders, Dan and Mat, decided it was time that dogs were fed something better than the usual wet and dry food.  They took fresh high quality meat and veg and dehydrated them for storage.  And then individual portions could be served just by adding water to rehydrate.  So combining the goodness of fresh home prepared food with the convenience of traditional pet food like biscuit and tins.


Fast forward to 2017. Freeze dry technology and no preservatives give the goodness of raw food without the prep, and with no need to store in a freezer.  Pure Pet Foods contain no grains or gluten and are high in protein for healthy, balanced diet.  And, Pure Pet Food are certified by both the human and animal food authority, as well as approved by PETA.

As the dog food recipes have been so successful, Dan and Mat decided to it was time offer the same quality recipes to cats.  So, all of the above sounds really fantastic, but what did our three cats, especially my beloved geriatric, think of Pure?

Whisker Lickin’ Chicken and Surf & Turf

We were sent the starter pack of Whisker Lickin’ Chicken 200g and Surf & Turf 200g to test, which Pure say is suitable for kittens and adult cats.  The food is also suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs, and old cats as well.


Pure advise introducing their food into your cat(s)’ diets gradually so that’s what we did, starting with one meal a day at lunch times. One scoop of dry Chicken food mixed with one and a half scoops of warm tap water was left to stand for five minutes.  This produced what looked like a very normal looking bowl of cat food but much better smelling.  Not unlike something I might eat – although as it’s cat food after all, I probably wouldn’t.

Pure-Pet-Foods-catfood-review_www.lisasnotebook.com Pure-Pet-Foods-catfood-review_www.lisasnotebook.com

Our two year old, Spooky, sniffed it and walked away (this process was repeated throughout the week).  But he prefers dry biscuits and fresh mice so I wasn’t unduly surprised.

Our eight year old, Ginger, gobbled it up (again, no surprises there, he’s a greedy, fat boy).

Our fussy, geriatric fourteen year old, Jester, climbed up onto the dining table where I’d put it to take these photos because he was so keen!

Pure-Pet-Foods-catfood-review_www.lisasnotebook.com Pure-Pet-Foods-catfood-review_www.lisasnotebook.com

Out of the two samples we were sent to trial, the Whisker Lickin’ Chicken was definitely the favourite.  Ginger was the only one who scraped the bowl with the Surf & Turf.  But I was really surprised that Jester seemed so keen.  His enthusiasm did tail off towards the end of the week’s trial but, to be fair, it does with most food I try him on.  I normally end up rotating his food to try and keep him interested.

Would I buy Pure Pet Food for cats?

We still have some of the Whisker Lickin’ Chicken and nearly all of the Surf & Turf left. The Chicken one will be good to keep just for Jester if I have to medicate him.  It’s so nice to find something that’s healthy, balanced, good for him, and that he liked!


Although the £10.99 price tag might seem a little steep, one 200g box of Pure cat food will last a long time, especially if you don’t feed it every day for all meals, so I think it’s good value.  And if you do want to treat your cat (s), then Pure are kindly offering 20% off your order if you use the CAT20 on checkout.

I’d recommend heading over to Pure’s website (which is a fascinating read in itself, with lots of interactives and videos) to find out more.  We only trialled their cat food but they offer a much wider range of dog food for all you canine owners, and the testimonials seem to indicate that dogs love it too!

* I was sent these products for testing but all opinions are my own (and my cats’) and this is an honest, unbiased review.


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I’ve been a bit skeptical of the raw feeding craze for cats but this seems like a happy medium to me. If it’s well balanced and has the appropriate levels of nutrients for our beloved kitty’s, I think it’s an amazing idea. I love that whilst stored it takes up so little room but then when you add water it becomes a full meal, that’s brilliant.


Hi, I guess that this is a great alternative to the regular cat food and great that it is easy to store and that you can only use what you need, saves any wastage.

Bethany Jane

I love the idea of this – I know my two cats definitely prefer ‘wet’ foods but I just cannot cope with the smell/what they do to their stomachs so I only ever let them have it as treats. This sounds like it might be a much better option – I might get some for my cats as a Christmas treat (I’m not kidding, my older cat is sitting next to me tapping me on the arm as I type, I think she’s keen!)
Beth x http://www.adventureandanxiety.com


What a great idea! Glad the majority of your cats enjoyed it! My dog has strict dietary requirements due to medical things so unfortunately we can’t really test him out on other stuff.
Plus he’s on a diet haha! But this sounds really good for your cats and fairly healthy too! xxx


I’m so tempted to try this stuff for Peggy, but she’s such a fussy eater I’m about 80% certain she won’t touch it! If it’s not real meat/tuna or Royal Canin kitten food, she just won’t touch it!

Rachel || http://www.wordofrachel.com

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Oh, this sounds interesting! My cat doesn’t seem to enjoy any wet food. He’s a pretty picky cat.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


Ahh too cute! I have a kitty and she only eats biscuits, or will happily lick the gravy and leave the meat. The packaging is so cute too!! So fab that it’s a healthy meal and so well approved!

Claudia xo


Aw this is so lovely! I’m glad most of the cats enjoyed the food, they’re so cute

Ellie x


andthenzen ✨

I think that the most useful thing for me, would be how much easier it is to store and how much more compact it is too – I know that storing pet food can sometimes take up a lot of space! 🙈


This looks so fun, your cats are beautiful! xx