Ms Organised box from Artemis & Xena – review

As a freelancer, I always need all the help I can get to stay as organised and stress-free as possible. So when I saw the newest Artemis & Xena Ms Organised box, I knew I had to get it. I’ve loved their previous beautifully curated subscription boxes and I was sure this one with its gorgeous stationery bits and pieces would be no exception.

Artemis & Xena

Artemis & Xena boxes are aimed at teens and women, and focus on well-being, comfort and positivity.  And I particularly love the fact that the company donates 10% of their profits to a women’s charity.  This box cost £19.99 plus P&P, which I think is a bargain bearing in mind everything that’s inside it.

Ms Organised box contents

My favourite item, and the one I think I’m going to find most useful, is this Rachel Ellen Designs “My busy, busy life” organiser. It’s got four sections inside plus a range of cute stickers at the front. Behind the sticker sheet is a little cardboard pouch, perfect for keeping receipts and such like in until I can transfer them to my expenses box. The four sections include: Things to do, Meal Planner, Ideas, and Notes.

I particularly love the wire spiral binding because that means the pages stay flat when the organiser is open. And the elastic band holds everything together securely when it’s in my bag.  The pink Girl Power pencil will come in useful too – I never write in my diary or planners in ink, y’know, just in case…

Next up are some more cat-themed Rachel Ellen Designs goodies: a postcard, notecard, and 180 (!) useful sticky notes. Plus a plain paper notebook from Sadler Jones Luxury Papergoods to write down my goals (or aspirations as I prefer to think of them). There’s just one problem: I’m not sure I want to use the sticky notes because they’re so cute 🙂

Artemis & Xena always put their own planner cards and self-care sheets in their boxes, which is a lovely touch. This time we’ve got a positivity journal as well, to fill in each day of the month with positive thoughts.  And they’ve put in a self-love card, where you write down good things about yourself, based on their prompts. Then you cut them out and put them in the last Rachel Ellen Designs item, this pretty Love tin, and take them out to review whenever you’re feeling low.

My box has not one but two beauty-related treats: a travel-sized Tarte Beauty mascara and a very pretty English Rose artisan soap made with natural butters, silk and a real rose bud! I’ve seen so many rave reviews of Tarte Beauty products; I can’t wait to try this mascara as soon as my current Benefit one runs out. And the soap smells absolutely wonderful.

Lastly, we have a Make Your Own Felt Pug kit. But, as I’m not especially crafty (much to Flora’s chagrin) I’m going to regift this to a penfriend who I’m sure will love it.

Final thoughts

I didn’t think Artemis & Xena could top their Woodland Adventures box but my goodness, this Ms Organised box is lovely. I’ve guesstimated the retail worth of everything at around £60, so fantastic value as well as really thoughtful and useful. As a side note, the delicious chocolate gold coins and truffle were included in the box and they didn’t last very long!

I think Ms Organised may have sold out now but you can always console yourself by choosing something lovely in Artemis & Xena’s online shop. I absolutely love my box of stationery treats, I’m sure they’re going to help me plan my time better so I’ll be less stressed. And now I can’t wait to find out what’s in my next curation in July 🙂

What’s your favourite item in this quarterly Ms Organised box? What do you think would help you the most?

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I really like this box, although I think that in case of organisation it is always better to do things my own way, cause otherwise I might spend too much time looking at all those cute elements!


This looks so cute!!

Ruth |


This box looks epic 😀 Thanks for sharing with us



I’m a HUGE stationery aficionado so I love the items in this box, especially the cat-themed items! I love cats so much, it’s ridiculous how many pieces of cat sticky notes I have laying around. Thanks for sharing Lisa, this made my day!

cabin twenty-four


Wow what a cool box that is, full of so many exciting goodies! I love opening these type of things and seeing what’s inside. I love the sound of the soap and the positivity journal too xx


Oh so cute!! Love it all!

Mónica Sors

Jenny in Neverland

I absolutely love the look of this box! It’s so damn colourful too, there’s literally no way you could overlook it! I like the sound of the positivity journal. Anything that aids organisation, I am all for!


this box looks fabulous, you get so much for your money! I think my favourite is also the planner- I am a little obsessed with buying them! Also like you I love cute sticky notes but I never want to use them and they sit in my stationery box unused ! I haven’t heard of this company before but am off to check out their site now. Great post Lisa or should we now refer to you as Ms Organised ?

Melanie |


Beautiful! It’s like self care and planning all into one. I love the colorful touches.
I bet you are really going to enjoy this one ^^
Seems like a great bargain too. I would buy it for this price 🙂


I love the look of this! I’m trying to pick my favourite and I just can’t. Probably the organiser because of the meal planner, but it’s a tight race. That box looks excellent for the price! And it’s amazing that some of the profit is going to charity too x


Ellis Woolley

I’m seeing stationery & can’t get enough of this cuteness! What an amazing idea for a subscription box to help keep people organised! x x
Ellis //


Such a cute box plus those stickers are adorable! If I had them they’d be stuck to everything!


What an awesome selection of goodies! This is exactly the kinda subscription box I would sign up for! Yay for all the cat designs, I need new sticky notes and cat ones would be absolutely perfect. I agree, they are a bit too cute to use though he he. The whole box is so bright and colourful and I love that it has so much positivity, creativity and chocolate! Fab post Lisa! xx

Bexa |

what corinne did

All the stationery and goodies! Look gorgeous. I had never heard of this box but it looks and sounds fantastic! everything is so cute!


Oh WOW! This is such an impressive box! That organiser is amazing, I can’t believe how much stuff you get in it! The chocolate is such a lovely touch as well!
Hels xx


These products all look super pretty and cute and I’m a stationary geek and love these!

Ayse x


This is such a wonderful box! Love the organizer. The colors are so vibrant and fun.


What a gorgeous collection of treats! The organiser sounds so handy and I feel like I need it in my life! I love how colourful everything is, and you’ll have to let us know how you get on with the mascara because I’ve heard good things too, but never tried myself- x


Wow this box looks Amazing, I am loving all the bright fun colours too:) I love that there’s a soap and mascara included too and the felt pug of course haha .. I’ll definitely consider buying this one 🙂

Kate |


This is such a cute box. I love the felt pug!

Ms Via

This planner is so cute and fun. I am so bad at planning things. I need to write down everything in my notebook in detail hehehe. But the stickers are so much fun. It will be like a craft book for me. I will decorate it and keep it haha! I just love to collect them. 🙂

Via |


I love stationary so so much, I’m drooling at your pictures! I always end up never using whatever I buy though because it’s all too cute to use…

Bethany Jane

This is such a lovely box, the colours and designs can’t help but cheer you up. I also love that they make a charity donation, that is such a nice touch and also alleviates my guilt from looking at yet more stationery…! The little bits like the mascara, soap and felt pug are also so cute. I also REALLY like that this is quarterly! Gives you much more of an opportunity to use it before you get overrun with stuff!
Beth x