Life’s Little Treasures: December Birchbox review

After a rather meh November box (see my review here) I’m extremely keen to see what treats are inside my December Birchbox, with its beautiful, and suitably festive, red and gold cover.

December’s box

Birchbox have only gone and collaborated with British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson, for a festive flourish this month! The theme is Life’s Little Treasures, and the beautiful box design with jewelled flowers, kingfishers, and lizards comes from his luxe Treasure Garden print. So far so gorgeous, but what about the contents?

Baija Paris Caramelised Honey Body Scrub

I’m a firm believer that exfoliation doesn’t stop just because we cover up in winter so I was pleased to get this lovely smelling scrub. Apparently, it’s 97% natural with sugar, honey, and sunflower seed oil, although I’ll have to take Birchbox’s word for that because the labelling on the jar was so tiny I couldn’t read it. Anyway, it left my skin feeling smooth and soft, without any sticky or oily residue. I didn’t find it especially moisturising though so it was nice to try but at £14.90 full price I won’t be repurchasing.

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Clay Mask

Continuing the theme of party preparation, up next is this cult face mask. I’ve obviously been hiding under a rock because I’ve never heard of this brand, despite several beauty bloggers raving about how they couldn’t wait to try this product. The pink clay is supposed to detox, invigorate, refine and brighten your skin – quite a claim! It also contains Vitamin A so you’d need to be careful if you’re taking any supplements or using anything else with Vitamin A in it. Despite having only squeezed out the tiniest sample to try (my tube was full of air), my skin did seem smoother and brighter but no more so than when I use my beloved Origins face masks. I’m not tempted to buy the full price pot for £39.90.

ModelCo® Contour Stick

I’ve had Model Co pencils before and I know they’re good, although this is my first time to try any contour product. You stroke on a line just below your cheekbones and blend, to give the impression of sculpted hollows. It works but TBH I already use my bronzer for that, and at £13 I don’t see this as a replacement. I’ve read that one reviewer tried it as an eyeshadow but if I did that it would have worn off by mid-morning. Sadly this is another product that’s no use to me.

Spectrum Collections B04 Angled Blender Brush

This is the third Spectrum brush I’ve had from Birchbox this year and I’m quite happy about it. Although I don’t tend to use brushes (I prefer my fingers) it’s nice to have some good quality, soft brushes for those odd occasions when I make a real effort! And it’s a bargain price too, only £4.99.

LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick – Color Me Confident

I had a choice of this red LOC lipstick or a naturally tinted Pixi lip balm, and I’m really glad I chose LOC as I’m still in love with the amazing Arrow Boost from my September Birchbox so I didn’t need another balm. The LOC lipstick is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and very highly pigmented. Although it looks slightly dark and scary in the stick, it’s a great cranberry shade that goes on smoothly, doesn’t dry my lips, and has phenomenal staying power. Really, what more could you ask of any lipstick? And it’s a steal at only £6.50, well worth the investment.

Did I like December’s box?

Overall, I would have to give my December Birchbox 2/5 as there are only two products that I really like.  And that has confirmed the decision I made in November, namely that this month is my last Birchbox. When I signed up in February I was excited about treating myself to some lovely products each month. While I’ve had some really good treats I’ve also had a lot of products that I would never use. Sadly, I feel the magic has gone out of Birchbox, for me at least. Rather than rush into another subscription next year, I’m going to start writing about some of my hero products that I love, buy and use myself instead. Watch this space!

What do you think of Birchbox this December? Is the magic still working for you?

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I love the design of this box – very pretty! I certainly wouldn’t pay 39 quid for a face mask! I don’t care how clear it supposedly makes your skin, to me, that’s an utterly ridiculous price! 🤦‍♀️ The lip product is a nice shade although probably a weeny bit too dark for me and my fair skin xxx


Some great stuff in here. That body scrub sounds amazing. I love body care products with honey. The box design is beautiful too x



I’ve always wanted to try Birchbox but Just never gotten round to it! That body scrub sounds amazing

Lisa Dimaline

I love these subscription boxes as you get to try products you wouldn’t normally buy thank you for the honest review Lisa


Hi, I love the design of the box. It’s no longer for you hopefully you will find an alternative subscription box to enjoy. I totally agree with you an exfoliator should be used all year round.


The idea behind Birchbox is fantastic as long as you like the products inside. I’m not much of a make up expert so probably wouldn’t know what to do with half the products ha ha! The design is fabulous however and the matte lipstick you described sounds brilliant. Great post Lisa & I admire your honest feedback ❤️ xx

Bexa |


The box is absolutely beautifully designed, shame that the products inside weren’t so much to your taste! £13 for a contour stick is very pricey in my book, especially as you have a bronzer that already does the job very well! Origins face masks are a firm fave of mine too so I’m not surprised that you weren’t tempted to replace them with this Sand and Sky one! I’d love to hear about your hero products that you use regularly, excited for that series!

Abbey 😘

Lena Dee

😳😳 it’s a bit pricey so I really hope it works for everyone who decides to buy it and I’m in love with this box. I def feel like I need to start getting birch boxes. I sound like a kid who’s more excited about wrapping paper instead of a gift.

xx Lena

Creative Nails

The design on the box is sooo pretty! It’s a shame that it wasn’t that good again this time and didn’t change your mind and how you feel about Birchbox 🙁 I hope you find something nicer in the new year 🙂 that lipstick does look gorgeous tho, and it’s only £6.50?!

Amy, Creative Nails


Looks like you got some really nice stuff, its a shame you didn’t like the contour stick, I have the same one and love it! I use it alongside my bronzer-x


Aww birchbox what happened to you? 😢 I love the design of the box but as my mum would put it, it’s ‘all fur coat and no knickers’. If the stuff inside the pretty box doesn’t cut it then it’s just no good. By the way, I like the photo of the face mask, it looks like the little birdy is reading the label. 😁


Great post! I love your review:)


I find birchbox such a letdown there are ao many boxes that do it so much better i cancelled after last months being so terrible


This looks great! I don’t have any subscriptions at the moment but this has made me want one a lot!! xx


I absolutely love the design of this box! It’s so pretty. I loooooove spectrum collections brushes as well they’re my absolute fave!

Ellie x


It’s such a shame that such a pretty box didn’t have better things in it! I much prefer the Tili box on QVC, it has amazing value and you get to see what’s in it before you buy so if the box isn’t for you, you can just wait for the next!